I'm bored so I'm making an evolution line for 2 pokemon....

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  1. PorygonX

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    First one is the evolution line of Purugly.....

    Glameow 70HP :colorless

    :colorless Slash 30

    :colorless:colorless Captivate

    Flip 3 coins. If one is heads the defending pokemon is now paralyzed. If 2 are heads all of your opponent's pokemon cannot attack any pokemon on your side with the name Glameow, Purugly, or Purugly Lv. X until the user of this attack is knocked out. If all 3 are heads your opponent can only draw a card for their next turn.

    Weakness::fighting:+10 Resistance::psychic:-20 Retreat Cost:

    Purugly 100HP :colorless

    Pokebody (need a name)
    All of your Glameow, Purugly, and Purugly Lv. X do 10 more damage for each Glameow you have in play. (You can't increase the damage dealt by more than 30.Also, after applying weakness and resistance)Also, each Glameow you have in play can use any of the moves this pokemon can use.(This power only works as long as Purugly has the nessecary energy required for the attack.)

    Scary Face colorless colorless colorless
    You may choose a pokemon on your opponent's bench and switch it with the target of this attack. The pokemon that switched out must discard all energies attatched to it.

    :colorless:Return 10x

    This attack does 10 damage times the number of Glameow and pokemon that evolve from Glameow you have in play.

    Weakness: :fighting:+30 Resistance: :psychic:-20 Retreat Cost: 0

    Purugly Lv. X 130HP colorless

    :dark::colorless Snatch

    Look at your opponent's hand. Choose 2 cards and your opponent must discard them. If you chose to make them discard an enery card you may draw a card. If you discarded a pokemon Purugly is now Poisoned.

    :colorless:colorless:colorless Copycat

    Choose an attack from one of your opponent's pokemon and Purugly Lv. X performs that attack. Purugly doesn't need the energy nessecary to use the attack.

    :colorless:colorless:colorless colorless Facade 80

    If Purugly is affected by a Special Condition(s) this attack's base damage is 150 instead of 80 and remove all special conditions from Purugly Lv. X.

    Weakness: :fighting:x2 Resistance: :psychic:-30 Retreat Cost: 0

    Please leave comments/criticizm! I want to make these GOOD! I got one more coming later after I think of what to make.
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  2. PorygonX

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    this has been up for a while now.......I want ratings
  3. Martainia

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    Not too bad. :eek:

    I, personally, find Scary Face and Facade to be terribly broken. :[
    I may think otherwise if you had the energy cost next to scary face, but Facade. 80 for 3?
    Lickilicky does 80 for 4 and can't attack next turn. :\
    Maybe just up the cost? I understand that it's a LV.X, but that's too much. :B

    So, I say three for scary face, and four for facade. That way you're still withing the oundaries.
    Heheh, hope I helped.

  4. meditite rox

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    The Nameless Pokebody and Return are broken together, you can do 60 for 1 Energy with 3 Benched Glameow

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