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    I once had bought a stock that went up 30+%
    Sell and protect your profit.
    That same stock later on dropped to pennies.
  3. Moss Factor

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    I know what I"m doing :D

    But thanks
  4. Weedler

    Weedler New Member

    Does this mean we'll be seeing Moss-themed wine-racks in the professor store?
  5. Moss Factor

    Moss Factor New Member

    Keep your eyes on CMG. I don't know much about it, but its Seena's all-time favorite resturaunt and its IPO is today. It was priced at 22 and is at 43.26 currently. I dunno if I'd buy it because I simply don't know much about it, however Seena likes it :D
  6. Charyu

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    yay! go u!!! =D
  7. pokemon211

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    if you were to sell, how much would you get?
  8. Venusaur

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    Can you give me some money? I'm in the red.
  9. bullados

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    You spent all of that Worlds Ebay cash already?!? Geez, that was a HUGE amount of cash there...
  10. Flaming_Spinach

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    Was it called "Enron" perhaps?
  11. Spotter

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    Chipotlé. Its a spinoff from, of all places, McDonald's. It serves 'casual-fast' (i.e., between fast food and sit-down order type places) Tex-Mex, specializing in burritos. In my opinion, not bad, but nothing great. However, every one around me (I can think of 4 offhand - DFW, TX area) has a line out the door come lunchtime. Every day.

  12. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix New Member

    That's cuz the line space on the inside is about 2 feet long. And I agree, it's not that good.
  13. sceptilerancher

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    ummm is there a specific age you have to be to buy and trade stocks?
  14. 0-
  15. Rulemaster

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    you have to be 18 to get into those joints. oh wait
  16. Luxatos

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    Damn it, I wanted to get in on Chipotle before it skyrocketed...
  17. Rep13

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    Chipotle is owned by McDonalds. (Upon hearing that the trendy restuarant is owned by a fast food company, shares plummet)
  18. menoknow

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    They were in stock sims but senior year of high school I turned $100,000 into $231,000 I think it was in 10 weeks with a 100 trade maximum. I took first in state and got an all expense paid trip to NYC and also got to tour the floor of the NYSE during the opening hour of trading and had breakfast with several guys that trade on the floor. Also met Bob Pasani from CNBC.

    I was the PMG (portfolio management group) stock sim here at college last year. Turned 50k into 121k (i think it was) during about a 3 month time span. 2nd place had like 55k.

    Only real life stock trades were with the dangerous penny stocks. First 5 months trading I went from $3,000 to $6,000. GZFX from .0334 to .175 high, QBID in at .0019 out at .0167, TALL (not ATVE) in at .014 out at .033. Those were some of my biggest winners. However, my 5 month double quickly went down and my portfolio is now basically worthless. If/when I get back into trading stocks it will be when I have more capital and can invest $2,000-$5,000 minimum in a stock and it won't be the penny stocks.

    Some stocks my friend has been doing well in (and has real money in)....CNXT in at 2.46 average, GW in at 7.70 out at 8.50, I think he bougth PPHM a couple days ago at 1.07. Couple stocks I had in last semesters PMG simulation were CNXT, JDSU, and SONS which all went up quite a bit after the simulation ended.

    As long as eBay keeps going strong for me, I don't need to participate in the real life leagalized gambling that is the stock market. I'm sure I'll get back into the game sooner or later though!
  19. sceptilerancher

    sceptilerancher New Member

    soooo theres not a specific age you have to be to buy and trade stocks?
  20. Moss Factor

    Moss Factor New Member

    I'm pretty sure you can own stock at any age.

    Also you couldn't buy CMG at $22 before it went up into the low $40's. What happens with an Initial Pulbic Offering (IPO) is a stock is priced by the company and sold to a bank. Chipotle got $22 a share from the bank. The bank then sells the stock on the open market. So the bank that brokered the deal made a 100%+ profit yesterday. Not a bad deal.

    How much is my stake of OXPS worth? I own 69 shares at an average cost of $27.34/share. Check the yahoo finance link in my initial post for the current price and figure it out!

    If you're interested in stock trading, or any kind of equity or derivative investments here are some rescources:


    If you're looking for any more rescources, simply PM/IM me or call any broker up and I'm sure they'd be happy to answer questions. Also dig around those links: the investopedia has a large volume of information, the forums are very helpful towards new investors and the last two links discuss trading strategies.

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