Im the best MF'ing player alive (ghaz goes 14-0!)

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    God, I dont even FEEL like typing a report... I just wanna BRAG about how GOOD I am. 14-0 in organized play, who the HELL has ever even came CLOSE to doing that!?

    I TOLD YOU all I broke the format !!!

    Round 1: Zapdos ex

    I go first, and whenever my deck goes first against Zapdos, it has a huge advantage so long as Muk gets out turn 2, which surely enough it did. He didn't do anything... I won 6-0
    1-0, 3 points

    Round 2: Ludicolo/Magcargo/Breloom
    He didn't get setup too well, maybe cause Ludi and Mag couldn't use their powers? I dunno :). I won 6 prizes to 2.
    2-0, 6 pts

    Round 3:???
    Quick game... all I saw was a Treecko and a Horsea. I KO'd the active Horsea and he passed, I won :)
    3-0, 9 pts

    Round 4: Matt Tennis w/ LudiCargoLanturn
    THE INDIANA STATE CHAMP! Well, he got no setup whatsoever, couldn't draw into draw I guess :p, or get a first turn SAR... he didnt get many pokemon into play, so my 4th prize was his last pokemon. I won 4-2. 4-0, 12 pts

    Round 5: Foisy w/ LudiCargoLanturn
    He got a great start, I thought... although its greatness was retarded by the fact that Muk ex stops his whole deck! well it was pretty close, and apparently it came down to whether or not I get heads on one of my Reversals. And luck was on my side :)... it allowed me to do damage to a Lanturn, not KO it and validate scramble as welll... Had I KO'd the active sparce, it would've validated scramble and he had strength charm too for the OHKO and game w/ Lanturn... but it didn't happen and I won on prizes 6-4 :).
    5-0, 15 pts

    Round 6: Matt Moss w/ Lanturn/Cargo/Dark Hypno
    BATTLE OF THE STS CHAMPIONS! However, the result was pretty lopsided. It was a pretty casual game, since we were both gonna T16 anyway and were good pokefriends, and I won 6-1 :). He still ended up being the 2 seed... that meant we could meet again in the finals!
    6-0, 18 pts

    In the swiss, I had outdrawn my opponents in prizes 30-9. I thought that was pretty lopsided, especially since my deck gives up 2 prizes per pokemon... GOD I AM SUCH A BEAST.
    I was first seed going into the T16, and I won a door prize too for an Emerald booster box. YUMMERS!

    T16: Ludicolo/Shiftry/Cargo

    I dunno what synergy Ludicolo has w/ SHIFTRY, but he apparently thought they did.

    Turn 1 he DROPPED a Desert Ruins before I did anything, I had a lone grimer :). this made my scott real nice, as I could get the wallys for a turn 3 Muk and a Hideout to default the gym... I did, and it was downhill from that point on for him.

    I won the second game as well, pretty easily. The Pokemon Gods must've been on my side today, at one point I could've been in real trouble if I didn't default his Desert Ruins fast... I could've TV reportered and hoped to draw into one... but I topdecked it anyway :)... Never the less, I likely win regardless

    T8: Breloom/Ludicolo/Cargo

    Same guy as round 2. the first game WAS REAL INTERESTING... I correctly assumed that he played 0 Reversals and early in the game benched a Wobbuffet in order to use Steven's Advice... this came back to haunt me... and at one point I was like "OH MY F'NG GOD DID I JUST COST MYSELF A TRIP TO WORLDS?" because he POW'd it and sat there correctly not KO'ing it since my deck was small... However, I knew that I had 2 admins in my deck that would buy me much time since I only had 1 prize left... Btw, this situation would've been entirely avoidable if his Shroomish didn't keep my Muk asleep for 4 frickin turns. Anyway, I draw my last card, Admin, and suddenly HIS deck becomes smaller than mine :). Now he has to go offensive, but decks before he can get enough prizes. the final prize count was 5-5 and a game that was supposed to end rather quickly ended up taking so much time... it appeared that I would win game 2 as well, so he conceded early. that's <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='now 10'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">now 10</a>-0 :)
    Prize counts: 5-5, 3-0?
    T4: AJ w/ Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Cargo
    The first game is absolute rape, he might've KO'd one Muk, I don't recall, but he definitely didn't have an answer for the second. I was in cruise control for the most part :).
    prize count: 6-2

    The second game confirms the greatness of the deck, He KO'd 2 Muk and a Jirachi, and I was down 5 prizes to 2... However, I got another Muk out, Admined him, leaving him with 1 card... and drew my final four prizes with no resistance! What a fabulous comeback, something the deck oddly enough is very capable of. Once again the pokemon gods were on my side :), the 2nd prize I drew was a Muk (turn before Admining)... this meant that instead of wasting a turn Wallying I could evolve IMMEDIATELY and Admin, I dunno if that extra turn for him before getting Admined would've been that significant, but it definitely HELPED some never the less :).
    prize count: 6-5

    T2: DragTrode

    I was pretty laid back, even though 1st received $800 more in scholarship/origins money. Game 1 he KO's a Muk, but the 2nd one KO's his Dragonite that had 3 energy on it. He Drag offs a Jirachi, I retreat and do 50, he drags again, I retreat KO sneasel and quickly collect the rest of my prizes... Muk sure does have an advantage over Dragtrode, even in spite of the resistance :).
    prize count: 6-2
    Game 2 was quick. Turn 3 I poisoned his Dark Electrode with Poison Breath... I had an Admin in hand, but decided not to use it since he hadn't benched anything, meaning I could either topdeck a grass or use it next turn t draw into a grass and win... he energy bombs, I draw the top card, flip it up, it's a grass energy, and BOOYAH... GHAZ GOES 14-0 and WINS GREAT LAKES REGIONALS!!
    prize count: 1-0

    The other formal STS champion finished 3rd, losing to the same guy :(

    It was tied 1-1 and a sudden match game was to determine who would win... and of course that'll likely come down to luck, and it was with the other guy, who I ended up beating :).

    14-0 is incredible, it's nevre been done in the history of pokemon, and never WILL be done in the history of pokemon... I am the greatest player of ALL time... yall thought my STS championship was a FLUKE due to the age group... but LOOK WHOS BACK *****ES!!!
    I'm real proud of my deck. I KNEW it was good! Nobody else believed in it for some reason, they thought it was too fragile... I agree, it IS pretty fragile! but its definitely a tier 1 deck that is vastly overlooked... it does have some autolosses, but that was a risk I was willing to take... and luckily, I didn't run into any Dark Slowking or Gardevoir... Dark Hypno I played twice, but it isn't that bad since you never really fill up your bench... in fact, if its only doing 40, the fact that its psychic isn't even relevant :).

    Of course, in order to win a tournament, you have to have a few breaks throughout the day, and I'll admit, I sure had that... I gained momentum early from the first match on, winning 6-0 over a deck that more often than not gets owned by mine when I go first :).
    my flips were pretty good too, I'd say over 50%, which is above average :p

    Now what if that game was AGAINST one of the psychic decks (and there were 2-3 that I was aware of in the ground). Curiously, this could've been the difference between going 0-2 drop and going 14-0... but such is pokemon, and in the end after all was said and done, I AM THE GREAT LAKES REGIONALS CHAMPION!

    I'll cya'll at worlds :)
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