I'm tired. 3rd place Tecumseh

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    Well, it was pretty fun. I met Pika2 and SOM there and we had a blast just doing nothing. I didn't get like any sleep the night before so I'm still tired. If there are any misspelled words, disregard them.

    Tecumseh, MI Cities
    Senior Devision
    17 People
    Top 4 Cut
    5 Rounds

    Round One: Random n00b w/ Grass and Water deck
    This wasn't even a match. I got out 3 Blissey on T4 and at the end of the match, I had Magmortar Lv. X, Magmortar, and 3 Blissey. GG

    Round Two: Matt w/ Tyranitar/Meganium/Mantine/Weavile
    He got nothing and even though I had a big energy drought, I still didn't lose. I got out Blissey and Magmortar and plowed through everything until he brought up Tyranitar. Only took 2 Blissey to take down. GG.

    Round Three: Keaton (spoinkmaster) w/ Gallade
    I got a quick Blissey out and took 2 prizes. He brought up Ralts, topdecked Rare Candy, Gallade, Scramble and OHKO Blissey. I never recovered. GJ Keaton. If I lose to someone, I'd rather lose to someone who will win.

    Round Four: Matthew (pika2/larllt) w/ Gallade
    Great. More Gallade. I got out Blissey and he had only one Ralts that wasn't prized. I took it out before it evolved and he brought up Banette. Took out Blissey and I brought up something else. I Wager him when his had was Ralts, Gallade, Rare Candy and DRE... He didn't recover. Sorry Matthew...

    Round Five: Aaron (4-0) w/ T2 Banette
    The only undefeated is the only thing standing between me and the Top Cut. I don't remember everything about this game. Mostly, he brought out a Sableye and Disabled my Blissey's Happy Chance for 7 turns which helped us both setup. I believe the last prize count was that I drew all 6 prizes and he drew 5 prizes. GG.

    I was quite sure that I was in the T4 cut but there were 5 of us 4-1s. When standings came up, I was in 5th place. I couldn't believe it! I looked again. My record was reported as 3-2, not the correct 4-1. I told the TO and we got new standings. I made it in with SOM, Keaton, and someone else. I had to play Keaton. Great. More Gallade...

    T4 cut: Keaton w/ Gallade (YEAH! First Top cut made ever...)

    Game One: I had 3 mulligans, Keaton drew his only energy there and my new hand had 3 basic, 1 Magmortar Lv. X, cruddy trainers and no energy. I don't think I drew any energy all game. GG

    Game Two: He has only Absol to my Chansey. T2 Blissey, Boost, 2 Fire and 1 Strength Charm. GG

    Game Three: I had an okay hand but his Absol took my Blissey out and all of my energy. His Gallade swept me. Good games Keaton.

    Well, 4 packs of junk that I didn't need but the experience and the deck testing was worth it. One of my best tournaments ever.

    SOM/Ryne for also making T4 and coming from Ohio.
    My first Top Cut
    Another 3rd

    3 losses to the same person
    Crap packs
    pika2, TK and DDM all 2-3
    ^, ^ and ^ all are making new decks

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