Unlimited Improved Venucenter insane healing deck (Gen 1&2)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by guilleg33, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Use the energy trans + wild growth to get fast and solid damage as soon as possible with breeder and poke ball. As well get heal almost every turn on the game. This is a pretty consistant deck for its generation. i own this thek its pretty ridiculous.

    Pokemon (16):

    x4 bulbasaur (base set)
    x4 chikorita (NG)
    x2 ivysaur (base set)
    x2 bayleef (NG)
    x2 meganium (NG 11)
    x2 Venusaur (base set)

    Trainer (28)

    x4 pokemon breeder
    x4 pokemon center
    x4 Moo Moo milk
    x4 poke ball
    x3 pokemon trader
    x3 bill
    x2 item finder
    x2 super potion
    x1 Super energy removal
    x1 Healing field

    Energy (16)

    x16 Grass Energy

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