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    Lame name, I know, but it seemed appropriate. Today certainly was interesting. In some ways, it was great as I did fairly well compared to last year's States (which was my first tournament since I came back). In other ways, things seemed to keep going sour.

    Anyways, the best part of my day was the tournament, so I'll get to it. I drive myself and Dustin Z. (Umbreon777) to Auburn with plenty of time to spare, despite various delays. We had plenty of time to mingle (me to nap, mainly, because I barely got any sleep the night before). The entire drive up (about 6 hours round trip for me) I worried about my deck choice. As it turned out, I had reason to be worried, but not for what I thought.

    I go with what I've been playing forever and most comfortable with, Magmortar/Typhlosion, now with Pachirisu and Claydol. I thought about teching it a little, but I'm glad I didn't or things would've ended up worse.

    Today was not a day of consistency.
    Round 1 vs. Kelly (a friend from Indy League) w/Crawdaunt ex
    I had played Kelly with this deck at League last week, so I knew how it generally worked (Crawdaunt's Splash Back is killer because if you're not careful, Candied Typhs go back to the hand, powered Mags, etc) and basically my entire deck is week to it. No fun at all. I start with...BALTOY! Okay, okay, not so bad right? No. Baltoy's first attack is only good if you're playing against something like Absol, which was almost non-existent here. Overall, Baltoy starts netted me one card with Psychic Balance. My deck seemed to be in a rut. She claimed FOUR prizes and I still had SIX when there was about seven minutes remaining. However, "Ah, the beauty of SCRAMBLE!" Crawdaunt's two-prize liability was too much to overcome for her, and I ended up taking the game by a nose. Good game Kelly! 1-0

    Round 2 vs. Dustin Z (Umbreon777) w/Gallevoir (his name of choice)
    This match-up we knew was bound to happen. Dustin and I had pretty much each other to play-test against in Indy, so we both knew each other's decks well. In my opinion, it was an evenly matched game. I believe I started with Magmar this time, which isn't terrible, but NOT PACHI! 20 T1 is fine, I guess. Luckily, I had the Roseanne's to search for Pachi on my T2, and the set-up duel began. We both got set-up and started trading prizes. Of course, he had an advantage with Psychic Lock, the obvious counter to my deck which, with the exception of Scramble, is dependent upon the synergy of Poke-Powers (Claydol). But, Dustin and I are also time-consuming players. We think through everything thoroughly. This one came down to time, and I was able to claim the prize for the win. It was a very difficult game, and I'm not sure it would've been in my favor had it been played out. Thanks for a great game Dustin! 2-0

    Round 3 vs. Burninating Torchic (I know his Gym name, but not his real one!) w/Magmortar + Blaziken
    The first two people I knew personally, so those weren't as intimidating as this one. I could just tell I was facing a great player (also indicated by his Worlds 06 deckbox) and became nervous. My deck may have sensed that because again, lack of consistency prevailed and I started with Baltoy AGAIN. This match proved one thing to me: Blaziken is beastly. Typhlosion is nice, but Blaziken GE and PK working together was a beauty to see. No matter which Blaziken you get, you have Energy acceleration, something I failed to consider (I had considered switching my Typhs with Blzis, but decided on keeping what I had). The meaty HP of Blaziken and its continuous assaults with Flame Dance (further powering up as well) and 80 to anywhere he wanted was too hot to handle. I pulled a few surprises on him, but I had taken the first prize which left me in a rather Scramble-useless position. I put up a fight, but he won. 2-1

    Round 4 vs. Tracy w/Banette
    Hmm...grim game here. Tracy and I have a turbulent past because she was the one I 'mis-judged' at the Indy CC, which I'm sure some of you remember (I had a thread about it). I was quite embarrassed, and didn't know how to handle it. I felt like I couldn't speak because I didn't have a right to (I think there is still some tension there). So, we just proceeded like two rational players in a good game. I was quite happy with ANOTHER BALTOY START, and her getting T1 CRYSTAL BEACH! By the way, I don't play Windstorm. CB was there the entire game. BUT, since it was there, I tried my best to play around it (Tracy had to catch me on a few mis-haps, but I'm not used to dealing with CB). She also had her first Banette equipped with Cessation Crystal. Firestarter was a no-no for a while, as was Cosmic Power. My deck was inconsistent, giving me little in the ways of draw and recovery. What helped me was the fact that Banette suffers from the sever condition of low HP. Being that Scramble isn't the meaning of my deck itself, I just focused on getting the basic Fires on board. We traded a lot of prizes (I believe she had the upper hand for most of the game) until the end when we were dead even. I had a Magmortar with three Fires attached, and she had a Minun active and a Banette with 60 damage on the Bench. In order to tie it (time would be called soon) I had to get 2 prizes, and luckily, with the help of two Pluspower, I did. Since my Magmortar was undamaged at that time (she damaged it with another Banette during sudden death), she wasn't able to do enough damage to knock it out to take the game. I had the Fire Energy I needed, and attached. VERY good game Tracy. It truly tested me, not to mention my luck. I was lucky and I survived, it's as simple as that. 3-1

    Round 5 vs. (I'm sorry, I don't know the name) w/DuskQueen
    I don't like playing against this deck. I knew it was going to be round 1 all over again. I'd have to keep my Bench confined to three, and that meant that my engine would be slowed. If it would ever be built, that is. Guess who I started with? You guessed it! Wait, no, it was Magmar. So, T1 20. Fine, I'll take it. I had the feeling that I was walking into a trap, though. I had NO evolutions for the good part of the first half of the game. My Magmar had to KO his Nidoran, which was a trap in the making. Candy to Nido on the Bench, Queen, Scramble, by-by powered Magmar. Quilava became cannon fodder until I could get some stuff going on. I FINALLY got Magmortar(s) out along with enough Fire and Scramble power to make a comeback from that terrible, INCONSISTENT, start. That is the truly great thing about Mag. This match, as did all the other, came to time and I was able to Warp Point my trapped Typhlsoion out, put up a powered Magmortar, Level-up, and Bluster for my sudden death prize. Good game sir. 4-1

    Yay! Top-cut! Last year I wasn't even close, so this was good news. Those trophies looked so elegant (Luxray is sooo cool). Dustin and I headed to McDonalds for a quick la-dinn (we had wasted almost 30 minutes of the lunch time because we didn't know it was going on, so...). Rush back, last minute we go.

    T8 vs. Sean Foisy w/Gardevoir + Gallade (and Spinda:confused::thumb:!)
    Match 1: He mulligans twice and while I had gotten a BALTOY start, I drew a Pachi, so I was able to retreat and begin set-up presently. Spinda was his active, using Dish Out. It was a set up race, but I won out on this one. He was forced to attach TWO DREs to his Gardevoir in order to Psy Lock me. Once I knocked out that Voir, it was hard for him to come back. He acknowledged my win, and we proceeded to the next mactch.
    Match 2: INCONSISTENCY is the word of choice today. I start with Pachi, but he was able to Psychic Lock me very quickly here DESPITE 3 RALTS BEING PRIZED!!!! That was embarrassing, but Foisy is a great player, and my deck hated me, so it was just a Psychic Lock beat-down, enough said.
    Match 3: See match 2. EXCEPT, we both were lacking any sort of draw here. I played NO CELIO during this game, that is how bad this was, and he didn't start so hot either. However, Telepassing my TV Reporter and Roseanne's Research helped him recover from his beginning slow goings. Let's put it this way: Game ends, I look at my prizes (four remaining) Celio, Celio, Pluspower, Magmortar LV.X. Good match.

    I was quite happy, despite losing in Top 8. I had a really challenging run today, which is exactly what I wanted. I'll have to tweak my deck if I'm going to Michigan (if I play Mag at all), but I'm still pleased with the performance.

    Props -
    Luxray for being beautiful
    Dustin for keeping me awake in the car
    SOME good sportsmanship that I saw
    Curious younger kids who are so enthralled with the Pokemon game that it amuses me and reminds me as to why I play

    Slops -
    People obsessed with winning alone
    My deck being fickle and inconsistent
    Psychic Lock
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    Nice job. Poor baltoy, all of those slops- give him some love and he'll be good to you next time. My skitty was purring the whole tourney.... the catnip worked wonders. LOL

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