International Nationals 2013

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by badganondorf, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. SuperE

    SuperE New Member

    Danish nats has best of 3 in swiss, not best of 1. :)
  2. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    There seems to have no more qualification for 2nds. Only for national winners.
  3. pokemonguyaap

    pokemonguyaap New Member

    UK nats and Canadian nats need there own threads.
  4. GHGengar

    GHGengar New Member

    Austrian Nationals was on 4th May.
  5. dgs87

    dgs87 New Member

    In Portugal will be 15th of June or 29 of June, is not confirmed yet
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Australia is 15/16 june
    Bo3 swiss more likely
    Plasma freez legal
  7. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Mexico is June 29/30, BO1 swiss and up to Plasma Freeze of course.
  8. Tego

    Tego New Member

    Please correct the original post.
  9. Cristian

    Cristian New Member

    Chile's National is June 8, BO1 Swiss and BLW-PF
  10. tc19930815

    tc19930815 New Member

    Hong Kong

    Date: 16th June
    Format: BW - Plasma Freeze
    Swiss: Best-of-One
  11. badganondorf

    badganondorf New Member

    Updated! Only missing the official information from:

    South Africa
  12. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    anyone has any good pictures of the trophy this year?
  13. bullados

    bullados <a href="

  14. Ninfan

    Ninfan New Member

    Portuguese Nats confirmed to 29th of June.
  15. badganondorf

    badganondorf New Member

    Updated! Malta or New Zealand anyone?
  16. Jason

    Jason New Member

    New zealand is today. Sunday june 2nd
  17. badganondorf

    badganondorf New Member

    14/30 Nationals played after today! Half to go.
  18. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    Pokemon TCG National Chamionship Malaysia 2013


    Event Name: Pokémon TCG National Championship Malaysia 2013
    Event ID: 13-06-000320 (Sanctioned Premier Event)
    Event Date: 15th June 2013
    Location: Subang Avenue
    Address: Subang Avenue, First Floor, Persiaran Kemajuan SS16 47500 Subang Jaya

    Admission Time: 1000 - 11.30
    Starting Time: 1200
    Organizer Name: Adrian Foo
    Organizer Email:
  19. soon

    soon New Member

    Singapore will be on the 22 - 23 June.

    Top 16 expected.
  20. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    Malta will be held the 30 june.

    Do this guys have only one tournament per year ^^'''' ? I don't see any maltese player with ranking...

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