Introducing Bridge Style Team Battles.

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Prof. Douglas Zuver, Mar 15, 2004.

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  1. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Introducing Bridge Style Team Battles.

    Having dealt greatly with MTM's Team Battles and admired it very much,
    I went ahead awhile back and made informal notes on how team battles
    affect every single card from Base set thru Sandstorm. I sent a copy
    to Pokemon USA and Team Compendium giving them ownership of
    the notes to do as they wish.

    I did not get a response from Pokemon USA on the subject, so I can
    conclude that they do not wish to support team battles at this time
    even if someone went to great effort to spell out all the little details
    for them.

    Recently, I developed, on my own, a game similar in style to the
    Team Battles we all know and love. Due to the complex problems
    in judging team battles, I simplified card interaction so that it is
    very close to what regular Pokemon Play would be like.
    I also choose to use the 2 on 2 Pokemon rules because regular
    team play does not take advantage of all these new cards with
    the 2 on 2 attacks. I changed the seating as well to give a new
    feel to the game. I am not trying to change Team Battles just give
    an updated option that would be easier to judge and learn.
    I am of the firm opinion that having more ways to use our cards
    and have fun helps Pokemon grow.

    Thanks and Enjoy,
    Doug :)

    The game is played like a 2 on 2 Pokemon battle,
    with the normal 2 on 2 rules and all the normal
    Pokemon rulings from Team Compendium.

    You opponents sits across from you and beside you.
    Your partner sits diagonally across from you.
    Just like the seating and order in the card game "Bridge."
    All four players roll dice.
    High roll goes first, resolve mulligans in a clockwise direction.
    Only one of the opponents get to draw a card for each mulligan.
    If somebody has already drawn extra cards, but has a mulligan,
    then they shuffle their hand into their deck and draw the same
    number of cards as they shuffled into their deck.
    Each player lays down 3 prizes. (For a total of six instead of five.)
    Or 2 Prizes if you are playing in a sealed event. (For a total of 4.)
    Time limit is 60 minutes for regular play and 40 minutes for sealed.
    (10 minutes for each prize.)
    Table talk is unlimited as long as everyone can hear you.
    Codes and foriegn languages including sign language are allowed.
    You may not show other players your hand unless a card request
    you to do so.

    The first player does not draw a card at the start of their turn.
    Play moves clockwise around the table.
    The second, third and fourth players draws a card at the start of
    their turn.
    Nobody can evolve on their first turn.
    Player three could play Wally's Training on Player one to evolve
    Player ones active Pokemon since Player ones first turn is over.

    Anytime a Trainer Card, Pokemon Power, or an attack is used,
    the owner of the card must pick a friendly player (either themselves
    or their partner) and one opponent.
    Totally ignore the other two player in figuring out all calculations.
    All affects will only happen to those two players only.
    Things that affect "you" will happen to the friendly player.
    Things that affect "your opponent" will happen to that chosen opponent.
    Things that affect "all" deal with both of these two opponent.
    Continuos Pokemon Powers must be specified when they come into play
    As effecting one friendly player and one opponent.
    Pokemon Powers that say "As often as you like..." are redesigned every
    time they are used again.

    If an attack says to count all the energy in play. Pick one friendly player
    and one opponent and count all the energy they have in play. Use that
    count to figure damage on that same opponent.
    Muk Fossil comes into play. Choose one Friendly Player and One Opponent.
    Those two player's Pokemon Powers are turned off. The other two player's
    Pokemon Powers still work. (Write the player's names on a piece of paper
    and put it under that Pokemon if you wish.)
    Agility protects one friendly player from one opponent.
    Sleep and damage must hit the same opponent.

    Your partner cannot use your Pokemon Powers on their turn.
    You cannot move counters, markers, or cards from one players playing
    area to another players playing area unless a card clearly indicates to
    do that. In which case it would only be between one friendly player and
    one opponent, never from friendly player to the other friendly player
    or opponent to the other opponent.
    You cannot attach your cards to someone else's cards.
    Stadium cards always affect all four players.
    Burn and Poison makes damage for all four at the end of each player's turn.
    Flip for sleep for everyone at the end of each player's turn.
    If a player does not have an active Pokemon, they are removed from
    the game, and their partner must add additional prizes of whatever
    amount the player had that is leaving the game.
    If a partner is not present for the beginning of a game, the game
    cannot begin without him or her.
    If a player picks up his or her cards in the middle of a game and walks off,
    then that side loses the game.
  2. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Doug, good to have you back! :lightning

    Our local players LOVE multiplay format. I have a couple questions, 'cause this update seems interesting. Maybe we'll use it for the TMP piece of the Pentathlon.

    So, if a player gets up a leaves, its a loss, but if they are knocked out of the match the lone partner continues? Why the difference? Scenario: Tourney running long, late in the last match, J. Player's ride shows up, or they have to meet a committment and leave. Match loss if they leave, even JP's partner has the end in sight and wants to finish out? I can see the bit about not starting, though.

    What is the 2 on 2 modification, exactly? The two on two attack effects apply to the partners? Is that it (I mean, that's significant and good, but just wondering if there is some other 2 on 2 aspect I am missing).

  3. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Hi Bulbasnore :)

    The reason for a game loss for a player leaving is simple.
    We go back to the beginning...
    Doug writes in the Team Battle Playtesting notes,
    exactly what you are thinking.
    "Team Play lasts a long time, shouldn't a player be able
    to leave if they have to go?"

    MTM put that into the Playtesting rules briefly.
    DMTM and friends test it out over lunch and so forth.

    One day someone gets wise, they say, hey guys,
    my bench is hurt, my active has no energy, my partner
    is in great shape with a Steelix and 4 Metal.

    So, he picks up his cards and says, I am withdrawing from the game.
    Suddenly the Team that had Victory in sight is in big trouble.

    So, MTM removed that clause well before the final version.
    You pull out, your team loses.
  4. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    Nice format, Doug. It's great to see you back in the game. This seems very interesting and appears to be a lot of fun, too. Are you planning to have this format in any tournaments?
  5. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    You play with the 2 on 2 rules in the back of the Pokemon Rulebook.

    Each player has 2 Active Pokemon not 1.
    Only apply each attack to one Friendly Player
    and one Opponent.
  6. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    I would definitely be all for Team Play again, that was great. The 2-2 bonus attacks from the RSon cards would make it even better. There might be bugs to work out but I hope PUI does something for Team.
    I actually did that player A leaves Player B wins because of it once at Gencon. He had to go so he Scooped Up his lone Cleffa and I won 1 vs 2 with 4- Metaled Scizor. :D
  7. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Hi MIsdreavus :)

    Thanks - it should be a fun format.
    I wanted to use 2 on 2 somehow,
    and this seemed a good way.


    Hi Pidgeotto Trainer :)

    I remember your Partner had to leave.
    Congratulations on the win!
  8. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Team play will be returning by POP. The first Team Event will be avalable at the Origins Gaming Convention this year. See my topic on Origins in the tournament forum for more information.
  9. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Gen Con Southern California had a Team Sealed Event on Sunday.

    I do not know whether it was canceled or not,
    attendance was very low at that Convention and
    Team Sealed would have required at least 12 people.

    I was "in the valley" on Sunday, visiting relatives in
    California that I had not seen in a long time.
    But, I did talk to the PTO about the Team Sealed Event,
    and here is a basic idea of what it was like:

    People find two other partners.
    (Having organized Team type events before, I have found
    it might be helpful to designate an area for people to gather
    well before the Team Registration. It could be called "Team
    Recruiting Area" with a little sign and a time to meet there.)
    The three people sign up together.
    They choose to be player A, B, or C.
    Later, they receive product to open.
    They open their product together and share the cards with each other.
    They build three deck out of these cards.
    Each person choose one of these decks to use for the entire tournament.
    They fill out decklists, if required.

    Now, remember the old vending series cards?
    The ones with the extra rules on them?
    One of the cards had an extra rule that said something like this:
    Team Play.
    A Team of Three Players plays against another Team of Three Players.
    Player A of Team 1 plays a normal Pokemon game against Player A of Team 2
    Player B of Team 1 plays a normal Pokemon game against Player B of Team 2
    Player C of Team 1 plays a normal Pokemon game against Player C of Team 2
    If Player A and C of Team 1 win their game then Team 1 is the winner
    of the match and Team 1 get 3 points.
    If Player A of Team 1 wins and Player B of Team 1 ties and Player C of
    Team 1 Loses then Team 1 ties Team 2 and both Teams get 1 point.
    If Player B and C of Team 2 wins then Team 2 is the Winner of the
    match and Team 2 get 3 points.
    In the next pairing, the winning team play each other, and the losing
    teams play each other using the same pairing system that we always
    use, but with Team Names instead of Player names.
    Eventually, there is a winner, prizes, etc.

    Will Origins Team Sealed on Sunday be the same thing?
    I don't know yet.
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