Introducing Pokemon Minatures.

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  1. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Pokemon Miniatures.

    If properly done, a Pokemon Miniatures game should be popular.
    However, since The Pokemon Company has not gotten there yet,
    and I know of no plans of them doing so in the near future,
    I developed, on my own, a way to use what we already have
    for a Pokemon Miniatures type game.

    First, we need a map.
    Any grid type map will do.
    I like hexagon type maps, but they might be harder to find.

    Next, we need markers and some imagination.
    Is that quarter really a Pikachu?
    Dice, checkers, whatever...

    The rest is easy, break out those cards with all those neat
    ideas and statistics on them.

    Here are the rules:

    Pokemon Miniatures

    2 to 6 Players

    No deck.
    No Hand.
    No Pokemon Powers are used.
    You cannot use the exact same Pokemon card
    more than once in the game.

    Play in Modified or Unlimited Format.

    Movement= 8 minus the Pokemon's retreat cost.
    Trainer piece has a movement of 8.
    You cannot put more than one piece in a square.
    You cannot move thru a square occupied by an Opponent's
    A Pokemon can only attack another opponent's Pokemon
    that it is adjacent to.
    Attacking ends that Pokemon's movement.
    Place a short toothpick beside a Pokemon after its attack,
    so that you can tell which Pokemon are done for the turn.
    If you choose to not move a Pokemon just place a toothpick
    beside it.
    The Bench is defined as all the Pokemon both Players have
    that are not the Active Pokemon. The Active Pokemon are
    the two Pokemon that are adjacent to each other that are
    attacking/defending. Ignore the rest of the Pokemon on the
    Board that do not belong to the attacking or defending player.
    Use the rulings found in Team Compendium.

    Each player has either 3 or 6 Basic Pokemon to start the game
    with. An EX type Pokemon counts as 2 Pokemon instead of one,
    regardless of whether you start with an EX Basic Pokemon or are
    planing to evolve into an EX Evolution Pokemon.
    Each Basic Pokemon can start the game with a Pokemon Tool
    attached. Each of your Pokemon Tools must be different.

    Each player starts the game with a trainer.
    The trainer carries the following items:
    3 Potion
    3 Full Heal
    3 Special Energy Can be the same type.
    Trainers cannot attack or be attacked.
    Instead of their attack, they have special functions:
    When you decide to move your Trainer,
    First, you attach a Basic Energy to one of your Pokemon if desired.
    Next, you evolve one of your Pokemon if desired.
    Third, you move your trainer up to 8 spaces.
    If you are adjacent to a Pokemon, you may do one of three things
    to that Pokemon. Doing any of these 3 things ends the Trainer's
    Movement - Place a toothpick beside it when you are done.
    You may:
    Play one of your three Potion cards on the Pokemon that is adjacent
    to the trainer.
    Play one of your three Full Heal Cards on the Pokemon that is adjacent
    to the trainer.
    Attach one of your Special Energies to the Pokemon that is adjacent
    to the Trainer.

    Starting the Game:
    Players gather around a table with the map on it.
    Each Player puts their stack of trainers on table outside of the map
    area. This represents the trainer.
    To the right of it, each Player places face down, an equal number of
    Basic or Baby Pokemon. (Adjusting for EX Pokemon.)
    Everybody throws dice, high roll goes first.
    Player one puts his or her markers on the edge of the map.
    Continue clockwise around the table until everyone has placed
    one marker for each of their Pokemon and a marker for their trainer.

    Everybody flips over their Pokemon cards.
    These cards stay outside of the map and should be played just like
    normal. (Turn to the left for Sleep, upside down for confusion, and to
    the right for Paralyzation. Attach Energy to these Pokemon, etc.)

    Next, Player one chooses either a Trainer or Pokemon and moves it.
    If possible that piece may attack an opponents Pokemon that it is
    adjacent to.
    After he or she is done, they place a toothpick beside it. Pieces with
    Toothpicks beside them cannot be moved until all the tooth picks are
    cleared from the table.
    Play continues clockwise with Player Two moving and attacking with
    (if possible) one Pokemon or using their trainer.
    Play moves clockwise to Player Three until you get back to Player One.
    Since you can only attach a Basic Energy during your Trainer's Movement,
    you may want to move it early.
    Play continues clockwise with each player moving one piece.
    When a Player cannot move any more pieces, then skip over that player
    and go to the next player until nobody has any pieces left to move.

    At that point, execute all the thing that happen at the end of a turn,
    such as sleep, poison, removing Paralyzation from a Pokemon that
    could not move due to Paralyzation that turn. (Tricky point - make sure
    they lose only one turn regardless of how it falls.)

    Remove the toothpicks.

    Start the next turn.

    Winning the Game.

    Choose an objective before the game begins.
    Use your imagination...

    You could keep track of who fainted the most Pokemon
    minus the Pokemon they have left.

    Last Pokemon Standing.

    Capture the flag.
    (Pokemon picks up flag, but cannot attack.)

    2 or 3 Teams against each other...
  2. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Furret marches in carring a sign:

    Orlando and Origins
    are the places to be!

    Furret turns the sign around:

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Furret starts marching on to another topic.

    Espeon and Umbreon run in the door.
    Espeon "Catch him!"
    Umbreon uses Faint Attack
    Espeon Teleports behind Furret.
    Furret uses Return at Umbreon.
    Umbreon rolls with the attack
    while Espeon tackles Furret from behind.

    Umbreon takes Furret sign.
    Espeon "You can't just wander all over the Boards
    advertising in every thread in sight.

    Furret "Why not?"
    Umbreon "Well, umm..."
    Espeon "You are suppose to follow the topic being discussed,
    like this:
    Doug, that looks interesting, but why didn't you include
    Pokemon Powers in the game. It would make it really wild!"
    Furret nods solemly.
    Espeon continues:
    "Then Doug would reply back something like this:
    I didn't want the game to be too complicated to understand."
    Furret nods solemnly again then grabs the sign and runs
    to another topic.

    Umbreon and Espeon race after Furret.
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