Iowa Gym Challenge (sorta)results 5/22

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by spookees, May 22, 2004.

  1. spookees

    spookees New Member

    Okay here is a short run down on how things went today at the Iowa Gym Challenge in Ames.
    (ya i kinda surprised them with our visit)

    15+ =9 players
    11-14= 4 players
    10 under = 2 players

    Brought some of the Team Heat to Iowa today....and stood up pretty good....not well enuff to win it tho.(those tiebreaker %'s)..
    4 rounds for everyone, the only cut to top 2 was in the 15+ group...( I almost made it I came in 3rd, only losing one match).
    The day went pretty well, once again tho with not enuff players in the younger age group they had to play the older ones, only thing to do :(

    KUDOS to everyone here in IOWA at Mayhem comics, You guys made the day so much fun!
    Kudos to the PTO Shane, who ran this event very smoothly! With trips on the line he went out of his way to make sure the event was run fairly! I look forward to a side match with ya again, once u get that deck going.

    1st place 15 + William Hung went undeafed and won the trip! (good to see you again)
    1st place 11-14 Jay won the trip (congrats!)
    1st place 10 and under Timmy won the trip (he is the brother of the 11-14 year old winner)

    As far as the decks go....only a couple of blaz decks ...lots of red face paint decks (2nd place in the 15+ was a pain in the neck Claydoll deck) ..made it fun to play everyone today!

    Thanks again for a fun day!

    Oh i will be back for more updates on this thread, cant right now as there are reports of 7 tornado's that have touched down in the area.....YIKES (nice first impression of Iowa) :)

    (bliz i emailed u the number of where i am
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  2. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Yeah William Hung! Good job man. What did he play?
  3. Jim Ferrell

    Jim Ferrell New Member

    Man. William Hung is lighting it up across the country. What a beast! Congratulations!

  4. drackmere

    drackmere New Member

    We do appreciate you making the journey up to Iowa all the way from Arizona. It was a pleasant surprise hearing that you were planning to come up ahead of time, and even better to have you there!

    Jay is the name of the 11-14 winner, and you are right, they are two Pokemon brothers (having both won State Championships in Iowa as well).

    It was my goal for everyone to have a good time at the event while keeping it fair for everyone. Hopefully I accomplished that.

    Hopefully the weather did not cause anyone any difficulties or problems with travel or safety. Baseball-sized hail and tornadoes were reported across the state. Hopefully the weather will not keep you away.
  5. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    jay and Timmy are, in my opinion, both the top players for their age groups. It will be scarey when Timmy matures in his thinking-he's still subject to flights of fancey a little too often when building a deck. Jay on the other hand is just lacking experience to make him a great player, imo. Still, he is willing to listen to what others have learned, which helps offset this. I doubt Jay will have the same deck when he goes down to Florida: his current deck performs well, but mainly due to a lack of archetypes in local decks-William Hung was a shock for many locals. We generally strive for fun here, though some hot heads (like a certain otaku... oh how I hate him) can cause problems. The fun tends to lead to almost all rogue decks.

    I was surprised at attendance-we had almost twice as many for the State Championship, but our tournaments are usually free, so that discouraged some I bet. I also heard some say they figured they were doomed to lose: states opened some eyes as to how different our meta is.
  6. Martin

    Martin New Member

    Wow a 9 man GC? I wish I went to that.
  7. spookees

    spookees New Member

    drackmere .....we had alot of fun....we will be back ..hopefully without all those tornados...turned out to be a 6 hour tornado warning for the nite with about 12 funnel clouds reported touching down ...this wont stop us from visiting again however!.. :)
    We didnt get the baseball sized hail, just slightly bigger than a marble fell by us in Ames.
    Let me know how that modified deck of urs works now with the changes we made.

    Thank you for making it an enjoyable day!
  8. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    I wish you'd have gone to it too... and roughly fourteen more people (so that we had 10-10-10). Sadly, with the attendance we got, I doubt we'll have a GC here again. Pity: while I do enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our area, these tournies aren't a year long thing, so I think they would be beneficial to the game as a whole.
  9. AXE

    AXE New Member

    Hey otaku did you run that Steel deck of yours agian
    I wanted to make it too, but i just couldn't get a lift out there. Hope to see you at your next big tourny.
    Dave III

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