Iron Chef Round 1 Scores!!!

Discussion in 'Deck Contests' started by Vegeta ss4, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Dark Shedinja

    Dark Shedinja New Member

    Is it possible to get less than like 14 points?
  2. pokemonrocks777

    pokemonrocks777 Front Page News Editor

    Not summiting a deck list?
  3. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    Its possible to get 2/20. Due note this round was incredibly easy, as each round goes along it will get tougher. The next round will seperate in terms of scores, I hope. Then again, everyone can just run the same deck and the scores are all the same. It is possible but very unlikely.
    Expect the challenge to be tomorrow. This time, I will be grading then much harder, and much longer. A clue about this next challenge is looking like a 3 deck metagame, and a stage 1 pokemon. Im looking at all options right now.
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  4. cabd

    cabd New Member

    LLPOF. Haha, since you forgot, and so did I, here it is:

    This deck is an attempt to defy the obvious blastoise route that most deck builders would take. I highly expect the rest of the pod to go for blastoise or klinklang for energy accel and manipulation. My goal is to blow them up from the inside, while also having a shot against the rest of the decks.
    Kyogre sets up some really fun kills with the 50 snipe, and it can go hide on the bench easily enough. Short of running into electric types, he'll survive most of anything with Eviolite.
    Kyurem helps with the idea of spreading, while also giving a really strong out to Groudon EX and Landurus EX. If they swing into him, I'm just two energy (or a DCE) away from a nasty outrage right back. His effective 150 HP when eviolited means Landurus will have to ditch energy to OHKO.
    DRV Kyurem, paired with some energy switch shenanigans, allows us to one-shot Hydreigon and Rayquaza EX, along with pretty much every other dragon type out there.
    The best mewtwo counter not named mewtwo, Meloetta also one-shots pretty much all sigilyph attempts to wall against this deck. With only one energy needed, it's a very versatile tech.
    Roserade lines up really well with a mostly EX deck, as it's the 7th prize. She acts as a multiple set of computer search, allowing me to run gold potion instead. She also covers blastoise, as after a dual splash, her attack will OHKO (with a heads)
    Fliptini allows Roserade to OHKO blastoise after some spread damage, and the 75% shot at paralysis is not to be underestimated. It's a free turn to set up. Many players will attempt to catcher her and snipe around her, and being able to attack is quite a nasty surprise for them. Of note, stored power can OHKO klink for a turn two attack from nowhere, and move the energy to your benched big hitter.
    Without catcher in the format, we need a way to drag up those big bad bench sitting Pokémon. Ninetales paired with devo spray is the answer. Also, against klinklang, you can do some serious damage with Hexed Flame. 40 may not sound like a whole bunch, but after a few spread attempts, it can take out a hiding weakened klinklang.
    Basic draw power, but of note, a lot of times we will be holding onto items for a turn or two, such as devo spray, so constant shuffling or discarding isn't great. Hence the lower count, and more focus on resource conservation.
    These two allows us to use Ninetales or Roserade two extra times. This means we can flexibly either use computer search four times, "catcher" four times, or some combination between the two.
    Most of our "from nowhere" guys use two energy, one colored, and one not. Energy switch allows us to pull those moves off. It can also allow you to move between attackers in the spreading bonanza.
    Eviolite is a boss when spreading. Even if it just enables one extra hit, that's up to 120 damage more that you just got out there.
    Exp Share is our secondary tool, allowing some water energy conservation while you spread. Paired with energy switch, it's great.
    With Roserade acting as our computer search, we get to play gold potion instead. Gold potion paired with Eviolite turns Kyogre EX into a 4HKO assuming the opponent hits for 90 damage. (180, 70 makes it 110, 70 again makes it 40, gold potion heals it to 130, 70 makes it 60, and the fourth shot is the kill)
    Level ball searches out our Roserade engine, our Ninetales Engine, our Meloetta, and our fliptini. Two is all we need because they're our backup and techs, not our main attackers.
    Getting your one-of techs back is important. You never know when you'll need to re-use a 1-1 line of Ninetales or Roserade, either.
    Switch out of those sticky situations. Skyla allows you to search it out, as does Roserade.
    Scrapper...We hate eviolite on the other side. This gets rid of it. Need I say more?
    Search out the rest of our attackers with ultra. Stuff like Kyurem and Kyogre get found by this, and it can grab our support engine in a pinch, too.
    Grass allows Roserade to attack. Fire powers up Victini and Ninetales. Psychic allows Meloetta and Kyurem DRV to do their things.
    Water energy is our basic energy. 8 is fine with all the energy switch and Exp Shares running around.
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