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  1. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    Gymer's , it's that time again.
    Iron Chef 2013.

    This year's competition will be slightly different than we have ever done for an Iron Chef competition. This one will be United States vs International players.
    Sounds like it is separation, but it is just a way to create 2 different main pods. I thought it would be fairly interesting to have international play international and US play US until the top cut matches begin. Then the true talent will be shown I believe.
    Iron Chef 2013 will definitely run a lot smoother than last years, I guarantee it. I had to get use to the system that is the Iron Chef. It was grueling, challenging, hectic, FUN. Now i have the experience to make this tournament flawless. Here is how it will be flawless;
    Last year's scoring system was flawed, I had separation of card use and consistency, I think the change I made is for the better.
    There will be prizes in this one, depending on how many entrants we have that also stay throughout the tournament. Some great players dropped out because of time management. It is understandable though.

    Synopsis of what this tournament is for those that have yet to participate in these skill worthy challenges.
    These challenges are all about deck building. How to create a deck with a basis of a challenge that I will create. Complete the challenge using consistency, creativity, and ACTUALLY use a card that a challenge has in it. Using the card is basically an understanding of the challenge. Creativity is basically doing something that isn't necessarily unheard of, just something that is unique, cool, effective, and intriguing. Consistency is basically just making a deck that can work based on the X's and O's over the cards in a deck. Allowing a deck to be potentially faster, and more affective for the challenge at hand.

    Here is the grading rubric of this years format.


    When you're building a good Iron Chef deck, the "DECK" category refers specifically to the list and its sheer quality. Ask yourself these questions during the deckbuilding process...

    -Is consistency (ex: Pokemon/Trainers/Energy used for setting up) the best it can possibly be?
    -Does it have the highest quality lines on key trainers, and am I making the right choices overall (example: playing four rare candy in an all-basic deck)?
    -Does it have the right balance of Pokemon?
    -Are there any really weak spots with this decklist (while Iron Chef judges should hardly ever factor in the metagame, they should put heavy emphasis on the format which the challenge is under, and what potential universal threats may harm the list)?
    -Is there a good energy count (too much, too little, or even other issues like playing Holon's Pokemon, etc)?
    -Do I have ways to protect myself from the game's more basic mechanics, like Stadiums and status (at the time of writing this guide, shockwave/imprison/other markers are not a reason to vote a deck up/down)?
    card use is going to be a part of "deck" score. It will be around 2-3 points of affecting the overall grade. here is some things about card use.
    CARD USE: While the above two categories focus on what you do within the deck, the "Card Use" category is much more focused. We're looking at everything you do revolving around the CHALLENGE, and only those things. You should hardly ever address all of these issues, but at least keep them in mind during the deckbuilding process.

    For Cards...

    -Has everything that distinguishes this card from others been abused? Powers, Bodies, interesting attacks, drawbacks on attacks, bizarre attack costs, etc...
    -Has weakness been covered?
    -Is the unique title/type for the card (Metal, Darkness, ex, delta species, baby, *, etc) properly complimented? For example, are you playing Metal in a metal Pokemon deck (unless unnecessary), Holon-abusing trainer cards in a delta deck, or even "not" playing stuff like DRE in an all-ex deck?

    For themes, you will be graded only slightly differently. The above will be considered, _plus_ how well your cards work within the theme


    CREATIVITY: It is extremely important to play a well-balanced, consistent list, but the competitors are also demanded to make decks that are not necessarily common or unoriginal. While Card Use is very well-defined, and it's usually pretty obvious to judge the quality of a list, creativity is easily the most subjective of all categories. Please keep these questions in mind...

    -Is this not only a good deck, but a unique one as well?
    -What can I do in my write-up/list to convince my judge to agree?
    -Can I make excellent choices on trainers and energy without sacrificing the consistency of the deck?


    As of right now, the current maximum score is 20 (10/10, 10/10), and the minimum is 2 (1/10, 1/10). While the number I or any other judge would give out is fun to look at, what ultimately matters in terms of the competition is if yours is higher than the opponent's. Keep in mind, though, that the numbers are an attempt to express judge opinion in a technical way.

    As a quick guide, here's what I consider each grade as:

    20-18: Masterful.
    15-17: Excellent.
    12-14: Great.
    9-11: Okay.
    6-8: Mediocre.
    3-5: Bottom tier.

    Now this is the signup sheet and nothing else. I will update prizes at a later date.
    Here is how you sign up, Just say "sign me up" with your country, US or International.
    I will also explain how pods will work, sub pods, what challenges to expect, etc. That will be explained at a little later date.

    Signups will close Dec. 18th with 1st challenge Dec. 21st.

    so plz, join this awesome tournament and lets have some fun.

    Here is the current list of players signed up.

    1. Kezzup
    2. trosegray001
    3. King Piplup
    4. pokemonrocks777
    5. solo59486
    6. bullados
    7. SummerDaze
    8. ddayarg
    9. mr. tech
    10. chuzzoe
    11. DragonClyne725
    12. Regis Neo
    13. Kayle
    14. RichD
    15. Shino Bug Master
    16. Trican
    17. Normal guy
    18. Hatter
    19. goldedda
    20. Wordsofsand
    21. LibertyFigter
    22. cabd
    23. vaporeon
    24. juniormccracken
    25. Vablakes
    26. BrightRush
    27. ESAKO
    28. Cyrus
    29. BeedrillBoy
    30. KayRynn
    31. Time for Pain
    32. PMysterious
    33. AzUK
    34. Manifesto
    35. sKizor
    36. Ziggmiceter
    37. poke master2008
    38. Gowk
    39. Mewtard
    40. pnoodle5
    41. Curry
    42. Granbull
    43. Eonic
    44. Cardkeeper
    45. Gamester2488
    46. machampion12
    47. ShuckleLVX
    48. Garch
    49. Hammertime
    50. sunchris

    1. redwater
    2. MiniWade
    3. Jason
    4. Ace-
    5. hampuse1
    6. Dark Shedinja
    7. SuperE
    8. Gertrud G
    9. JuStuPro
    10. GreatDane
    11. neumann44
    12. Lars
    13. smacktack15
    14. Matijs
    15. ShadowGuard
    16. Rainbowgym

    Update 1

    I have decided on prizes.

    1st Place- 36 packs of a current set.
    2nd Place- 25 packs of a current set.
    3rd Place- 11 Booster packs of a current set.

    if I can get some donations from Pokegym perhaps we could have more prizes. *fingers crossed*
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2012
  2. Kezzup

    Kezzup New Member

    I'll try joining this. U.S. by the way.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2012
  3. redwater

    redwater New Member

    i sign up please
    I'm from Canada
  4. trosegray001

    trosegray001 New Member

    Sign Me Up
    THE one and only USA
  5. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    In please, USA.

  6. pokemonrocks777

    pokemonrocks777 Front Page News Editor

    IN I am from the USA I am super excited for this
  7. TowelMan

    TowelMan New Member

    How long do we have to do a challenge?
  8. MiniWade

    MiniWade New Member

    sign me up

  9. solo59486

    solo59486 New Member

    I would like to be in this! USA
  10. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Unless you need a Judge, sign me up. USA.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2012
  11. SummerDaze

    SummerDaze New Member

    Sign me up; in the US.
  12. ddayarg

    ddayarg New Member

    sign me up please, U.S.
  13. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    i havent done one of these yet, so sign me up. Also do you need ptcgo to play in the iron chef? U.S
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2012
  14. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    sign me up. US

  15. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    sign me up please, US :thumb:
  16. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I'd like to play if able, US. Haven't done an Iron Chef competition in a long long while, could be fun.
  17. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Australia...... Im in...
  18. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    germany . sign me up pls
  19. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    I'd like to try! US player here.
  20. RichD

    RichD Member

    I'm in. USA player here.
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