Is Shiftry ex CG A Good Tech?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Flygon999, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Is Shiftry ex CG a good tech for any decks? Like maybe just a 1-0-1 line of it in a G&G deck or a Magmortar deck. Or any other decks. Maybe some Rogue decks? I mean, with one of these out and your opponent is playing Claydol, they will only be able to use Claydol's Poke-Power about 4 times before they get knocked out. Maybe pair up Shiftry ex CG with a good sniping card? Like Magmortar?
  2. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    if they play palkia lv x then youre kinda screwed.
    they can just bring your shiftry up, swich, then ko it for a easy two prizes.
  3. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    People don't play Palkia Lv.X with Gallade and only Gallade can OHKO it. And people don't use it with Magmortar either.
    So, I don't know what your point is....
  4. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Yes in a deck that has a good set up and can fit the tech like GG because once you stop using Psychic lock they take damage for using their powers. Also you can bring it up is something got killed because of it's free retreat. Also if your deck plays multi energy or dark you are given a sniping option.
  5. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    MOP: I don't feel like getting into any fights. I'm just saying that this would be the first time that I ever heard of someone playing Palkia Lv.X in a G&G deck and I've never seen anyone play it at a Tournament.

    Blaziken_1111: First off, thanks for trying to help me. So, would it be good in a PLOX deck or G&G? hmm...Shiftry ex to spread damage and Gardevoir Lv.X to use Bring Down.

    What about:
    x4 Trapinch HP
    x2 Vibrava DF
    x3 Flygon ex (d)
    x2 Flygon HP
    x3 Seedot
    x1 Nuzleaf
    x2 Shiftry ex CG
    x1 Shiftry DP (for removing your opponent's evolved pokemon on the bench)

    What do you guys think about that idea? Is it too slow? Do you know what other decks Shiftry ex would be good in?
  6. pichu bros. rox

    pichu bros. rox New Member

    2 thick ex lines without any starter or claydol. lol

    at last use furret or claydol or pachi
  7. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member


    You could just wait a few weeks for MD to come out... Ayrodactyle (I know, my spelling sucks...) does the same thing (Or at least should if the translation is right...) and is not an EX, and is only a stage 1... :cool:
  8. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    im not trying to get in any fights either, but im just saying that its one of the most used techs in GG (aside from dusknoir and cresselia).

    about the list you posted, im not so sure if it would work or not.
    i think that shiftry ex would be used in a deck like that as a 2-1-2 at most.
    with all the gallades about its just not suited to be up and attacking, unless its an emergency. and you wouldnt want too much of the shiftry line clumping up your deck making it harder to get out the flygon lines.
    it would also need some kind of support.

    prolly 4-5 starters and claydol or fearow δ.
  9. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    A couple people remember me playing this at Regionals. The answer is no. Trust me, it did not work good for me at all.
  10. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    I've been messing with Shiftry Ex (CG) on and off this season. It has really nice all around stats and a really nice Body to discourage rampant poke power use. The main downfall is it's a Ex card with two double weaknesses. One of them being Fighting makes it even worse. If Magmortar (SW) never arrived you would probably see a lot more speed Grass decks around, but that's not the case so the Grass weakness doesn't really hurt too much. Dark Eyes looks better than it plays as a tech card. With the additional HP the DP series cards have, an occasional 2 damage counters (that your opponent has control over) doesn't hinder most decks enough. If you want Dark Eyes to have a game changing effect you have to focus on Shiftry and get 2-3 out early in the game. Needing 2-3 Shiftry Ex (CG) out early changes Shiftry Ex from a tech line to at the least a support line or possibly the main line (which is very risky now). About the only thing I can see Shiftry Ex working in as a tech is something that can stall the game out allowing Dark Eyes to make a lasting effect on the game state.

    By the way, I did play Shiftry Ex with G&G during states and found that I couldn't get it up fast enough early game (Gardevoir and Gallade always should take precedence) and late game it did too little or nothing (my Gardevoir using Psychic Lock). I also found I could very rarely, if ever, risk bringing it into the active role to attack, because of the double double weakness and losing 2 prizes to boot.
  11. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    i dont know what your local metagame is like but around here magmortar/claydol/palkia is slightly more popular than the traditional magmortar/typhlosion build.

    i too have seen palkia techs in several GG decks.

    i would rate shiftry ex cg as an average tech in gg. it makes sense but it isn't as useful as one might expect. besides in gg you plox so much that their powers are turned off half the time anyways. and the two prize double weakness can't use dre or scramble makes shiftry ex a little hard to charge and a big fat target at the same time.
  12. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    Okay, what about Arodactyle MD instead? Using 1 Relicanth and 3 Pachirisu. Or Holon Fossil or Fossil Excavator.
  13. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Unless they change something you can't get anything that has to do with Aerodactlye with relecanth or fossil excavator.
  14. Dennis Hawk

    Dennis Hawk New Member

    If you're going to play Shiftry EX tech line, you might as well throw in Shiftry DP. Devolving is huge in current environment, even if there's no damage for knockout - discards DRE and Scramble, puts Rare Candy out of business.
  15. cacgbass

    cacgbass New Member

    Wait for use an double weakness ex nowadays is just too dangerous....

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