Is TCGO down?

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by chandeluregalore, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. chandeluregalore

    chandeluregalore New Member

    TCGO isnt working for me. I open it up and it says wait til your refresher it patched it will restart automatically when completed. 20 mins later, nothing. Im on a mac btw
  2. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra New Member

    um, i didnt have that problem loading up. jus close/forceclose the refresher and uninstall the program. then redownload the program and run it again as normal.

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    did it work for u?
  3. HumbleDonphan

    HumbleDonphan New Member

    I am also on a mac and have had the same exact problem. I've even uninstalled/reinstalled the program, yet I am still getting stuck on step 4 of unpacking the refresher... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  4. Nionel

    Nionel New Member

    I had this same issue when installing it on a MacBook Pro, what you'll need to do is uninstall the program and when you unpack it again you cannot put it into the Apps folder, I'm not sure why, but for some reason when it's installed to the Apps folder it isn't allowed to update. I just put it in a folder on my desktop and it works fine now, so hopefully that will work for you as well.
  5. Phadrex

    Phadrex New Member

    is there not 24 hour maintenance still?
  6. Grimlaw

    Grimlaw New Member

    They change the maintance time, its 24 hours that started at 11 pm PST on 19th and will last till 11 pm of 20th. They updating their servers and bug fixes.
  7. cabd

    cabd New Member

    They're adding server capacity. Me smells some major preparations on the backend for something new. Beta testing tournaments or something, perhaps?
  8. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member

    As long as they fix the lag I'm happy.
  9. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    My theory is they are prepping for the release of Tropical Beach with the league promos. Making it also a code for online play, this is just a theory.

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