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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by drugenalmighty, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    i was just wondering if there was some kind of way to play pokemon tcg online or not online but some kind of program for your coputer.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Not a rules question. moving to news and gossip.
  3. ShadowGuard

    ShadowGuard <a href="

    Apprentice or Redshark.

    You can download Redshark at Pok├ębeach, but I don't know where to get Apprentice today except for private sharing.
  4. Drybones0

    Drybones0 New Member

    I often wonder why no one has tried to do play using a Xb360 and the live camera to play over xbox Live. You could do the same via Ps3 and the Playstation eye.
  5. flariados

    flariados New Member

    You could play pokemon with a webcam and MSN.
  6. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    is there any program for Mac users?
  7. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    *whistles and looks innocent*

    Not yet. :biggrin:

    Actually, hmm, there was a card sim for mac and pc, but I could never get it to run and their patches fell way behind.

    Wonder which will happen first, card sim for mac, or internet play subforum on the Gym?

    No news/gossip here, moving to RTC.
  8. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member


    is another place to do it. You can play pokemon/ alot of other games...

    Tho I just stick with redshark....

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