Is Uxie X back?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Cherry Picker, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Cherry Picker

    Cherry Picker New Member

    Since the release of DCE and Expert Belt...and Uxie in every deck in the format...will Uxie X come back to do a fast 80 or 110 facing plox...will this card make a diffence at states??? Discuss!
  2. adagerna

    adagerna New Member

    I think it has the potential too depending on what deck it is, some decks just don't have the bench
    space to keep it out while other deck this would be a fantastic tech for. I think it will just come down
    to which deck the uxie is in.
  3. Mac_736_the_Gh0st

    Mac_736_the_Gh0st New Member

    If you will have many psychic weak deck aroud you its awesome card for you with DCE and Belt
  4. Kayle

    Kayle New Member

    Is Uxie X "back"?
    Where did it go? I ran it in every SP deck I made, as a decent anti-Machamp, and I ran it in Undevelop to cover Psychics.
  5. Cherry Picker

    Cherry Picker New Member

    well in most meta disappered..i kno in NE it sort of disappered...I know i stopped playing with it once Platinum came out.
  6. Kayle

    Kayle New Member

    Wow, that's really weird.
    Well, so far as I know, it never went anywhere, so play away. ^ ^
  7. ApachePrime

    ApachePrime New Member

    Didn't go anywhere in Florida either. We saw plenty of it through CC's...
  8. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i've almost never seen in in NE, but with decks that don't have a decent GG counter, this could work.

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