Is Wailord from Legend maker tournament legal

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    Um... Why is there confusion?

    Cards from the set Holon Phantoms to Great Encounters (and some POP sets and promos) are legal for tournament play. Wailord was from Legend Maker, so it isn't legal. That's how you definitely know. Am I missing something?
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    The confusion was that I mis-read the instructions on what is legal to play as "look at the card-dex at Go-pokemon".

    I should actually look at Section 3.1 instead.

    Got it.

    So technically I can have Wailord from Legend maker set in my tournament deck, but I need to play it as if it were from the GE set.

    I don't think I'll do that. it would be too confusing for the opponent and trying to cause deliberate confusion would be un-pokemon like.

    Thanks for your help.
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    ^It doesn't quite work like that. Even though it's another Wailord, they are treated as if they were different pokémon liek Charizard and Pikachu. It only does that for trainers and energy such as Mysterious Fossil or Double Rainbow energy, not pokémon.
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    unless they make an exact reprint of the pokemon
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    Examples of Pokemon that are from older sets that are tournament legal, ( at least I think they are because they are exact reprints), are Delcatty from Ruby/Saphire, reprinted in Power Keepers, and Blaziken from Ruby/Saphire, reprinted in Power Keepers. There may be more, and I am sure someone will point them out, I am just too dang tired to remember any more. The important point to think about is even though a Poke or trainer card may have the same name as a previous printing, unless the text is EXACTLY the same, you may not use it. Hope this helps in you ideas. Good luck at your future events.:thumb:
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    yeah. i think also slaking PK is a reprint of slaking R/S or snadstorm, but not positive. but because wailord does not have a legal reprint, it is not modified and therefore cannot be used in a tournament. and mysterious fossil from LM would need a text change referance once it comes out, i think, because the being knocked out and taking a prize card rule, i think, was activated once D/P came out.

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