Jake Shp.'s EX:TRR prerelease report

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Hedgefoxidna, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. Hedgefoxidna

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    Hey guys, just like in the FRLG pre, I got first place, woot! except this time I learned from my deck mistakes, let's take a look at my deck:

    Pokemon: 22

    1 Sandshrew
    1 Dark Sandslash (Special Foil)

    1 Drowzee
    1 Dark Hypno (Special Foil)

    1 Slugma
    1 Dark Magcargo

    1 Koffing
    1 Dark Weezing

    1 Zubat (Special Foil)
    1 Dark Golbat

    1 Scyther ex

    1 Articuno ex

    1 Horsea (Special Foil)
    1 Seadra
    1 Kingdra

    1 Psyduck
    1 Dark Golduck

    1 Mantine

    1 Magikarp
    1 Dark Gyrados

    1 Wooper
    1 Quagsire

    1 Mareep
    1 Dark Flaffy

    Trainers: 2
    1 Rocket's Pokeball
    1 Copycat

    Energy: 16
    3 Psychic
    1 Fighting
    3 Grass
    2 Electric
    6 Water
    1 Fire

    As you can see, I have learned that one-liners work the best in draft, your basics should NEVER outnumber your evos for them, because in most cases, basics suck.

    Anyways on to the report:

    Round ONE Versus NOOBIE GIRL (Sorry, I don't remember her name, she's a noob...) 1-0
    Ok, this was a fun match, I started out with a lone magikrap, good thing I gone first, so I did its call for friends attack, and searched for my Articuno EX and Zubat. Later on, I evoed myMagikrap to a Dark Gyrados, and it was pretty much GG from their, because she stacked her deck with basics and hardly any nrg, and hardly any evos.

    Round TWO Versus Johnny Sr. 2-0
    Well, it's me against Johnny, we always find ourselves battlin in an event someway or another. This was a close game, actually. He had gotten 2 pokemon, his more notable one being his Piloswine. I had knocked out his basic pokemon using Dark Hypno's dark link and copied my weezing's dark charge, but I didn't dare face his piloswine with Dark Hypno, and he got heads on sheer cold aswell, so I switched to weezing and posined him. He kept getting heados for sheer cold, and I kept using ripples from my mantine I got late game, finally his great beast fell from my "double" posining.

    Round THREE Versus Tim D. (Togepikachu) 3-0
    This was an ok match, I got out my Gyrados and Sandslash early game, Gyrados pretty much terrorizing everything, he could've beat me if he would've taken out my Gyrados, but I got a heads on my Dark Streak paralyzing his Gyrados, and then it was GG.

    Round FINAL Versus Jared W. (Metal Master) 4-0
    Yup, this pretty much decided who got first and second. This was a slow match, he was in the lead with his Heracross, and I let him kill my psyduck so I could get my Articuno EX powered up. Later I killed his heracross and two other basic pokes, so it was down to one prize for me, two for him. He tried to get me with magcargo, but he didn't have enough nrg to knock me, so he stalled with zubat, he got a heads ones, what he didn't realize was he was just helping me cause I was using ripples, dooming him even more. On his 2nd try to stall he got a tails, so I knocked out his zubat with ice wing and GG.

    Round EXTRA Versus Justin B. 5-0
    Since we were doing 5 rounds cause some age divisons needed it to determin a true first place winner, I went along with it. This was the only game I actually used my Kingdra. It was my Dark Hypno at first bat, taking his slowpoke, problem was then, he had no bench,so I sent out my Kingdra, which did 50 dmg, however he was a seadra, so he confused me. I tried to kill him, but got tails. I quickly played a second nrg on my zubat, knocking him out using ambush, and then I won because he had no bench.

    1st Place Winner In 11-14: Jake Shpringman (Hedgefoxidna)
    2nd Place Winner In 11-14: Jared W. (Metal Master)

    I FINALLY got an ex, let alone two, I didn't get ex since TMTA pre...
    Zach was better, havin a good time...
    I got my two Amphys, traded for one, pulled a rev holo one (!!!)
    Papa John's Cheese Pizza!!!
    Boxtopper I got :)

    None really...

    That was it, till next time...
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  2. Zack11190

    Zack11190 New Member

    To summarize that in two words: he won.
  3. Zack11190

    Zack11190 New Member

    And I got an Articuno EX, but I traded it for three booster packs. I regret doing that. Though, in the afterdraft, I got a Scyther EX, and in the afterdraft tourney, I got two booster packs, one with a Mewtwo EX.
  4. meganium45

    meganium45 New Member

    Hey, did you mention that the deck box was the NEW TIN box from the new Tins???

    That the winner got 10 BONUS packs! (+6)

    That 2nd got 4 BONUS packs! (+6)

    That it was a GREAT TIME!



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