Jake Shpringman's EX:FRLG Prerelease Report (at the GG)

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    Hey guys, this prerelease was GREAT! It was my favourite one, topping even dragon. I got 1st in 11-14, so I thought I'd type a report up, first off, let's start with a list:

    Pokemon: 16

    1 Spearow
    1 Fearow

    1 Venonet
    1 Venomoth

    1 Squirtle
    1 Wartortle

    1 Exeggute
    1 Exggutur

    1 Lickitung

    1 Chansey

    1 Doduo
    1 Dodrio

    1 Poliwag
    1 Poliwhirl

    1 Nidoran (F)
    1 Nidorina

    Trainers: 4

    1 Bill's Maintenance
    1 Pokemon Reversal
    1 Energy Switch
    1 POR

    Energy: 20
    1 Multi
    6 Water
    6 Psychic
    7 Grass

    Yup, that's my list, at first glance it seems like a crappy deck, but it got me all the way.

    Round One VERSUS Jared 1-0
    Wow, just like in the HL prerelease, my first pairing is none other than my good friend, Metal Master. unlike HL, though, I won. I started with an eggcute, he started with a few chars and a chancey. He eventually knocked out my eggtor, so I sent out wartort to do 60 dmg to his charmeli, which retreated to a chancey, so then I got my lickytung powered up to knock out his remaining charmili on the bench, using his 2nd atk.

    Round Two VERSUS Chris 2-0
    This was Chris' first take on a prerelease, he become a local 'bout a week ago in reg league, but he missed the HL draft, so this was his 1st. I didn't get my eggsi in this game, I acutally got my nidoran so I did call for friends, and got a doduo, later followed by evoing it to a dodrio with nidorinas atk. Then it was pretty much GG, he got his pidgeot late game, but to late.

    Round Three VERSUS Jacob 3-0
    Oh yay, me and him have always battled back in WeIsSux days, and I haven't battled him for a month, anyways I got started with a squirtle, later he got a Mr. Mime EX, sadly it was the evens one so my eggsi was useless, so I later got out my chancey, and stalled with it till I finally got 2 heads and it was GG.

    Round Four VERSUS Justin 4-0
    I'm on a roll. I again started with squirtle, then I let me wartortle get knocked, not before nrg switchin one of his water to my eggsi, who later got up to 7 nrg, so it was pretty much game right there.

    Round Finale VERSUS Tim 4-1
    Now, I was the only 4-0 player, Tim was the only 3-1 player I haven't faced (and beaten) yet, so it had to be him. I knocked out his poliwag and his Mr. Mime Odds with my Eggsi, but then he skrewed it with his Cloister, and none of my pokemon could knock it out in 2 hits before it knocked them in 2 hits, so it was a 3 way tie for 1st, but....

    Since I won the first round and Tim and Jared only won their 2nd, I got the box by a technacality, congrats to Tim and Jared!!!

    PROS: BEST. PRERELEASE. EVER. I got a Zapdos!!!!!!! I traded a bunch of EXs I got for even more packs, in total I had over 60 packs!!! I bought an awesome FRLG shirt, it kicks !@#, and since I got the box, I also got the boxtopper, which this time was only obtained by getting the actualy box.

    CONS: None, this event ROCKED.

    Big thx to Scott and Chad, for running the league in Vince's absence!!!
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    Chaw, glad to hear it went well...and...

    Somebody bought a shirt!!!

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    No, just Russian. =P

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