Jirachi Prism Star and Ability Lock

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    Hi Rules Team,

    I couldn't find anything about this in the FAQ or past rulings, probably because it's unique. The new Jirachi Prism Star has the following ability:

    Wish Upon a Star
    You can use this ability during your turn, if you take this card as a face-down Prize card, before you put it in your hand, and if you have room on your Bench. Play this Pokemon onto your Bench, then take 1 more Prize card.

    How does this ability interact with Garbotoxin or Bide Barricade? Is Jirachi considered in play while it's in transition from prize cards to hand/bench? Thanks in advance!
  2. PokePop

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    Jirachi wins. It is not in any zone that those effects affect and so Wish Upon a Star ignores them and works just fine.
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    For completeness:
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