Johnston, RI - Shaggy's CC Report

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Muninn, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Muninn

    Muninn New Member

    So registration starts at 10:15, right? Wrong. They didn't open the store 'till 12:00, but we filled out the decklists and stuff in the hallway outside. I wandered around for a while and traded until they let us in. I played a quick game against Mama Rock that was interrupted by the starting of the first match. I was eager to see who I was up against, so I rushed up and dropped my deck (Flycario ex, by the way). I ended up going against...

    Yeah. I got a bye. I would've liked a match to warm up my brain, but I guess a free win was worth it. I wet to get food while I was waiting. I played chess against Alex when he was through with his match. I lost, but it was still a good brain excercise.

    ROUND 2 - ANDREW C (Magmortar, Absol, and maybe something else.)
    Yeah. Alex told me this guy is pretty good. He is. He's #1 in Massachusetts. I let him kill my Riolu and brought out Trapinch. I did the epic move - Candy, Flygon, Scramble. I took out something with Flygon so Scramble stopped working. Then I brought out Lucario Lv. X and wiped the floor with what he had left. He did really well, but I think he got a bad start.

    ROUND 3 - CON L (Gardevoir/Nidoqueen d)
    Andrew's best friend or something. I got out Vibrava rather qickly and amplified his already bad energy problem. Then I spread for a while and finished off with Flygon ex d.

    ROUND 4 - LOSER (Gardevoir is all I saw.)
    This guy is halarious. Long story short, he T2'd my Trapinch with Gardevoir. My matches go downhill from here.

    ROUND 5 - DANIEL S (Crawdaunt ex/Nidoqueen d/Nidoqueen)
    I get a good start and pick off his Nidoqueen d and Crawdaunt ex. He turns the tables with Nidoqueen and clears my board.

    Unfortunately I couldn't stick around to watch top cut, but I came in 7th. My rating is going to go WAY up.

    - Gino being halarious.
    - Alex being able to come.
    - Me beating two excellent players.
    - Flycario ex doing moderately well.

    - Jon not being able to come.
    - Going 3-0 and then losing twice.
    - My immune system going down after eating those nasty fries.
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  2. BJJ763

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    Mod note: Shaggy's (hey why didn't you register as "Shaggy"?) 4th round opponent really is called Loser. Down in the trading forum he's Loser626.

    I wondered how you did....

    And 1st round bye is always a sweet present.
  3. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Yea the event was real good. Alex won and I top 4'd. The player base was real good. Even though we started 1/2 hours late it was very enjoyable. I was happy to see Nick Capperelli back in the top cut again. Duncan won too with my emocario build so that was a plus too. Both citys I played in so far im 8-4 which could be better but just gotta move on the next citys! Veryyyyyy Niccccce
  4. Miss_Espy

    Miss_Espy New Member

    Props to the Sheas for doing registration in the hallway, while we were locked out of the store.
  5. Muninn

    Muninn New Member

    @BJJ763 - I didn't really get used to being called Shaggy until recently. Muninn is cooler, anyway. Also, the first round bye was especially good, as I was able to go get food. I was starving. x_x

    @Gdog121TheChamp - Wow, you lost to Alex with resistances to both of his types? It looks that so far you're 66%. If you don't start winning, you'll keep that failing grade. You might have me as competition on Saturday if you're going...

    @Miss_Espy - Yeah, that let things get started rather quickly when we finally got inside.
  6. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Nice job man. Way to kill my resistance. :( lol. C ya at league.

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