Jolteon Breeding [FIRE RED]

Discussion in 'Single Pokemon Strategy' started by Mikahcho, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Mikahcho

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    I have a male Jolteon that knows the following moves:

    Baton Pass
    Quick Attack

    I want to hatch an Eevee, to evolve into a Jolteon with these moves:

    Baton Pass
    Thunder Bolt
    Double Team

    Now, I'm not very good with the entire breeding aspect of Pokemon. What I need to do is hatch an Eevee that already knows Baton Pass and Agility. I can teach the other two moves with TMs.

    How would I go about doing this? Would I put my male Jolteon into the day care centre with a female Ditto? Would that give me the desired Eevee?

    Thanks in advance!

    Additional info-
    The reason I want to raise a new Jolteon, rather than just use my current one, is because I want it to be as strong as possible, so I'm going to EV train it's defence up and have it play a baton passing role in my team. Thanks!
  2. tutti

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    None of those moves are egg moves for Eevee in generation 3. If you want Baton Pass on your Jolteon, you will either need to breed it with a female Eevee (or evolution) that knows Baton Pass, or level your new Eevee to level 36 to learn it before evolving it. Agility is learned by Jolteon at level 47, there is no way to get it onto a newly hatched Eevee.
  3. Mikahcho

    Mikahcho New Member

    Awesome, thanks for the speedy response! I guess I'll just hatch a bunch of Eevees, pick the best one, depending on their stats, and I'll raise that one. Thank you!

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