Jon Bristow's last BR's MA FTW!!

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Lordofflareons, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    okay so on day 1 of the weekend, i packed up and went with the lawsons to londonderry, NH.
    played the uber bliss again, ready to win. i also made a different version for justin, my cool little brother.

    round 1 vs Aubrey R.(sanslash/megs???)

    t2'd a sandshrew.... wow im skilled


    round 2 vs Justin (the only other member of the Bristow clan who play pokemon)(blissey)

    he got such a bad start, but he held me off till time came,, and it came down to a boost. hittin 3 heads on speed stadium, i draw it FTW. GG justin.


    round 3 vs. Ryan R.(R-gon with queen.)
    he goes first, open lone trapinch, attaches and does big bite, i draw, TVR, toss fire, attach and pass. he elm's for a vibrava, attaches, sonic noise. i draw, boost, happy chance for 70 GG.


    round 4 vs Nathaniel L.(Apecatty)
    sooooo bad. i missed the t2 bliss and he had a god start with like 2 windstorm so cess didnt help. i got one bliss out and had no fun watching him get 3-7 heads at a time on speed stadium.... i was a bad sport though, and smacked the table like everytime i got a tails(everytime i rolled that game) so sorry Nathaniel.... o well good job anyway.


    i make cut in like 3rd, its Justin to beat Nathaniel(i hope) and me vs Johnny Blaze's kid, Nick.

    t4, G1: close early, but cess and wager hurt him a lot, especially when he ran outta windstorm.

    g2: not even close, i actually hit a scoop up this time, but he still got like 40 heads total this game with speed, but wager bit in everytime. 0prized him, gg.

    So i made it, and JUSTIN won against Nathaniel!!!

    T2, G1: All for fun, he was gonna give it to me anyway, but oh well, loved the game, made many jokes(infinite bliss FTW?) and just had fun. anyway, at the end of this game, he purposely decked himself with speed stadium(his luck is like nathaniel's)

    NO g2, Justin was cool and gave the win to his big bro, said i needed the points(i was gonna win anyway, so whatevva!) but i gave him my packs to open since we share a collection.

    DAY 2: i head up to Tewksberry, with the Lawson's again, and we are ready to play.

    round 1 vs Angelica F(Megatr)

    she gets a god start, mine's okay. she opens 2 chikky's and i get 2 chansey. she misses sleep powder and i attach/pass. she evlove, play NRG, passes. i boost the chikky to death, and she sends up bayleef, but cant use the power on megs since i played cess!!! 2 turns later, it was over. she showed me her hand, and i saw the croc for NRG, she could have won if i didnt use cess. thanks steve.

    round 2 vs Eric A(Con's Apelist)

    he gets god start, and i shuffle it with wager. o well, a few turns later, its over and i win.


    round 3 vs Nick K...Fatnicksan....(Lucario...that slimy turd of a bass)

    anyway, he played to counter the metagame of bliss, but won his last 2 games on luck. he plays well, until a mess up cost us time and him the game. yay.


    round 4 vs Nathaniel again just like yesterday.

    t2 bliss and 2 boost kills a skitty and a chimchar ftw by turn 3.

    tried to drop, but didnt know that i had to sign the slip!!!

    anyway t2 vs NIck K

    G1: i totalyy owned him in the beggining, but he wins a wager just as i KO his luca and got 2 TSD's. i prize myy last cess ftl......

    G2: i almost died when i found all 3 of my TVR's prized!!!!!!!!!!!***
    had him both freakin games and lost cuz im not good at prizing bad stuff. i lose on time, may have won otherwise.

    Good Job FatNicksan........

    - winning a lot
    -steve, the beastly judge
    - Lawsons
    -fat egg monster
    - 3 VM's

    -nick for metagaming and not giving me his VM as i had done for him..oh well its his choice.
    - not being able to drop cuz ive never dropped B4 and Dylan didnt make it.
    - Nick for playin my version of lucario!copycatterhatter!
    - nick for being in my slops 2, now 3 times!
    - stomach aches
    - very few fun games
    - the guy buyin cards leaving so i couldnt sell richies cards.

    thanks for reading........please post if you have the time

    P.S.: OK, so im in second in my division, all world. Just less than 3 points under caitlyn Bouvette(never heard of her....) 5th overall, so me and Tommy are dominating so whoo go New England for occupying 2 of the top 5 places in the world. GJ Tomnmy.

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  2. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Great job on BR's this season Jonathon!! You have been dominating with Blissey. I told nick to play my Sableye deck against you bu he just didnt like it. So instead I play it and go 1-4 at Tewksbury. Ouch!!! I did not get the matchups. Cant beat Cricket with Sabeleye. lol

    Good job to Justin too!! See you guys at Cities. :thumb:
  3. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    thanks johnny. and yeah, like all 8-9 of em.

    stupid sableye........
  4. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Isn't it the last BR of the fall not spring.
  5. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Jon is a force....*thankful not in Seniors or Juniors.*. :D GL at cities.
  6. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    thanks guys and eric..... shut up.

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