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    so, i wake up at like 8 oclock and decide to make a choice between 2 decks: j-cario and infernape. when i get there, i decide to play ape cuz it was the safe choice. So, heres the games:

    Round 1 vs Johnny Porreto(seaking/machamp/dusknoir?)

    i open with a chimchar, and he opens with a goldeen. im thinking "what??!!" when he t2's my chimchar. he eventually kills one of my cat pk's. then i kill seaking. he send up machoke, does 40 to ape. i kill him with blitz. everythin after that was either a duclops or a seaking. i have any amazing hand, just need dre to win, he needs seaking/energy to kill my ape, leaving me down with no way to come back. He wagers, and i lose it. however, he didn't get an energy or a seaking, and i got a dre, windstorm, and tvr. gg


    round 2 vs dylan lefavour(blisscat)

    it was hard at the beginning to set up, but after 2 blitzes the bliss was dead, and i had some time. eventually, i have an ape lvl x attacking for 2 140's(flare up) in a row to finish the blisseys. he scoops.


    round 3 vs brendan connel(ape/empoleon/abomasnow?)

    he got 2 ko with prinplup and i killed it back, only because he missed the empoleon. other than that, easay.


    round 4 vs. nick kolibas!(queenhatter)

    it was close, he went ahead at the start, but eventually i killed 3 in a row with ape lvl x's attack.


    so i ate lunch, then found i was in first, making t2 with nick again.

    game 1: another close one, almost lost cuz we forgot to use shif ex's body 3 times on 2 catty's, but then it came down to 1-1 prizes. well, at first he was down 1-2 me, but he got it down to 1-1 with shift ex and then i finished him. it helped that i was able to kill his queen d with 3 heads on meteor puch + str charm.

    game 2: there wasn't one! he had to go! i gave him the card though, he had to scoop and i felt really sorry for him. gg nick(at least one or two)


    so i won the 8 packs and gave nick the card. i let my bro open all but one pack and we traded the garchomp we pulled for a blissey.nice trainers too.


    -gettin 3 heads on a meteor punch
    - beating a blissey deck
    -with APE!
    - tommy for winning
    - gettin 3 lvl x ape attacks in a row
    - did i mention winning?
    - Steve A. for telliong the guy using the whistle to stop!

    -nick for having to leave.
    - justin goin 3-1 and missing t2
    - pizza costin $3.50 a slice!
    - the guy using the whistle
    might update if i go to BR's tommorow in CT, hope to see some of you there!
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  2. BattleBeastEXP

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    Congrats on winning your deck sounds just like mine lol
  3. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Good job John. You still have my lukario lv. x. Do you know who won in Masters
  4. phoenixback4fire

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  5. TTPokemon

    TTPokemon New Member

    Congrats all around.

    Jon, please edit the last name. Thanx
  6. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi New Member

    Wow you won with Britney Spears.dec! Thanks! Now there is hope she can come back
  7. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    thanks guys. hopefully ill be able to type another winning report tommorow!

    eric, ill try to get it back to you.

    tt- fixed

    jokerboi- no, she cant come back, she doesnt have my skillz
  8. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    Jon, Please edit out Dylan's last name.....thanks!

    Glad you had a good day! Nice job with the medal card and giving it to Nick! Kudos to you!

    Thanks for sharing your report!

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