JumpTrode Took 3rd in citys

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Prize_Card, Jan 1, 2008.

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    Whats up guys?! Well last citys past, and I just wanted to have fun at one of the last ones, so I came up with a random deck and decided to play it ! Lol! So I was looking through all my cards and I saw electrode.. I was like wow this card is awsume, (for a fun deck) so I made a deck with it! Heres the list!

    Pokemon 16

    4 voltorb sw
    4 electrode sw
    3 hopip sw
    2 skiploom sw
    3 jumpluff sw

    Trainers 26

    3 rare candy
    4 rossanes research
    2 stevens advice
    3 prof oaks. visit
    3 wind storm
    3 team galactics wager
    4 celios network
    2 night maintnence
    2 castaway

    Energy: 18

    2 double rainbow
    8 electric
    8 grass

    Right now your probaly wondering... How could such a deck work???? Heres how I used it. I start by setting up a jumpluff and hitting bench and active untill they have 100 hp left while getting lucky and rolling heads with cotton spore:thumb: After some of there pokemon have been weakened you should have 2 trodes on the bench and another jumpluff. everything in the deck has free retreat so thats also a nice add-on. Retreat your jumpluff and start one hitting everything with trode, then bring back up jumpluff and keep trying to role heads!!!

    Heres how I got 3rd in citys!

    round 1 JumpTrode Vs. Flygon maganium

    I get up a jumpluff turn 3 get 60 dmg on his flygon ex. he brings it up hits me once for 80, i retreat bring out trode one hit it then bring out my jumppluff. He brings out a ray ex and kills my jumpluff. My turn I brought out a hoppip then did 10 dmg to his ray ex. Next turn he did a stupid move and only had one energy on his ray ex (he thought he was down in prizes) so he wasnt able to attack.. Haha.. Then I top deck a rare candy get another jumpluff brought out a trode on the bench and one hitted his ray ex.. lol so fun! then brought out a jumpluff.. He brings out a flygon ex, cant dmg me cause I hit heads A LOT!! get it to 100 hp then one hit it with trode for game!!

    Round 2 JumpTrode Vs. RANDOMNESS

    I ended up lossing to a mismagmus lucario holon castform absol octillry deck.. Lets just say he discarded everything with absol and I couldnt get set up... Oh well

    Round 3 JumpTrode Vs Blissy Bannete..

    This has to be the most lucky game I've ever played , and the funniest.. I start with the worst hand ever.. I go first starting with a hopip top an energy so I can attack for 10 dmg against a shupet.. He gets uses his acension to get a banete.. my turn i top deck a rare candy with a jumpluff in my hand, get jumpluff then rossanes search for a grass energy and a voltrob.. I cotton weed punch for 30 dmg and end turn.. His turn he cant get a bench.. So he still only has a bannete.. He attachs energy and does 40 to me.. My turn I top deck a double rainbow energy..... Evolve to trode free retreat my jumpluff then ion blast him for game... lol I felt so bad for him..

    Round 4 JumpTrode vs Straight Blissy..

    I couldnt get a set up at all :frown: So i lost.. like turn 4

    Round 5 JumpTrode Vs RANDOMNESS (love the random decks)

    He had water and i started with voltorb... Lols i speed ball for game turn 1 :biggrin:

    So there you have it JumpTrode.. Funnest deck ever!!
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