Juniors Worlds Standings: Sorry about the other one

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by Serebii1997J, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member


    Here's the standings for Juniors, as I used last names in other ones. Thank you mods! Here's the new and updated version. Please for all parents/Juniors, confirm that you are going. Thank you.

    1 cjnweikn 2080.93 JR WA US US Nationals T2
    2 Brian H. 2011.14 JR MO US
    3 David M. 1970.62 JR TX US
    4 Fyrman 1966.33 JR CO US US Nationals T2
    5 Steven Y. 1960.12 JR VA US
    6 Thomas A. 1953.03 JR MA US
    7 Jason C. 1942.94 JR CA US US Nationals T8
    8 Tad M. 1942.84 JR NC US
    9 jOeY.g 1938.59 JR BC CA CA Nationals T2
    10 Drew F. 1931.17 JR IN US
    11 thrxuegz 1924.91 JR OR US US Nationals T8
    12 Brandon C 1923.86 JR TN US US Nationals T4
    13 Brian H. 1911.50 JR LA US
    14 Joshua S.1907.34 JR WI US US Nationals T8
    15 Robert G. 1898.18 JR PA US
    16 Michael C. 1896.50 JR FL US
    17 Ryan Y.1877.94 JR CA US
    18 Dean N. 1874.82 JR VA US
    19 Ty W. 1867.21 JR OH US US Nationals T4
    20 NealVT 1866.15 JR OR US
    21 Brennan A. 1864.38 JR ON CA
    22 Cobi K 1860.82 JR WA US
    23 Samantha C. 1858.61 JR FL US
    24 ryojskrj 1857.86 JR MA US
    25 Mark G 1855.47 JR MA US US Nationals T8
    26 Robyn P. 1851.32 JR FL US
    27 olliver4446 1845.66 JR OR US
    28 StevenN. 1841.56 JR NJ US
    29 lbclkkoi 1839.19 JR CO US
    30 Jacob T 1838.24 JR TX US
    31 Not Opted Into Rankings 1837.79 JR US Not Opted Into Rankings
    32 Charles a 1834.69 JR ON CA
    33 Anthony O 1834.24 JR OH US
    34 Sirajj H. 1826.09 JR OH US
    35 Aaron Z. 1821.69 JR NY US
    36 Nathan P. 1821.55 JR KS US
    37 Travis B. 1819.26 JR TX US
    38 Evan W 1819.11 JR MD US
    39 Riley W. 1818.14 JR OR US
    40 dylibird 1815.84 JR MO US
    41 Matthew S. 1815.07 JR TX US
    42 AustinW 1813.52 JR NJ US
    43 Mauricio A. 1812.47 JR CA US
    44 albertohernandez 1812.13 JR TX US
    45 YumPopMonkey 1795.99 JR TX US
    46 Kyle M 1791.71 JR TN US
    47 ythifmzz 1786.41 JR OR US
    48 Connor C 1784.96 JR BC CA
    49 Patrick C. 1781.78 JR TX US
    50 kirstin 1781.75 JR CA US

    Invitations pass down to 35th place right now, assuming that all Juniors will go.
    Thank you everyone and good luck to all who go! :biggrin:
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  2. Team Cook Mom

    Team Cook Mom New Member

    FYI: It doesn't matter if they say whether they're going to Worlds or not. The only thing that matters is if they opt out of ratings OFFICIALLY.
  3. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Ah, okay. Thanks, Team Cook Mom.
  4. charchar

    charchar New Member

    yay. we are all going!!! WOOT. when r u going to worlds arron? im leaving on the 13th(wednesday) and coming on the 18th. cya at worlds arron and good luck! u made it on a piece of thread lol. 35th exactly.
  5. David M. 8-0 on Sat. U. S. Nationals hit by the Curse of the First Sunday for a one and done given him 17th place. Will be going.
  6. edwarpy

    edwarpy New Member

    Congratulations all you invitees, I hope you all have a great time! We made so many friends from
    Juniors division, we don't even know who to root for. It's been a great year travelling and chasing
    the game.

    Nate bombed at Nats, but informs me he has no regrets. Dropping to save rating was simply never
    an option, refusing a chance for battle did not compute. We must have a Klingon ancestor deep in
    our past...

    We look forward to seeing you all on the (battle) road next year!

    Edit: I wanted to mention my favorite moment of the year. As we were running back from the
    bathroom, hurrying to get to his regional finals match, Nate suddenly stops, backtracks, picks
    something up and hands it to me, "Here Dad, someone dropped their Zubat!" and runs off.
    It'll always be my favorite card.
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  7. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    48 Connor C 1784.96 JR BC CA

    He actually won a invite at Canadian Nationals.
  8. charchar

    charchar New Member

    probably should have since there are only one canada invites on there.
  9. mtam22

    mtam22 New Member

    Well in the last chance I may make it in because I mostly think that all of the people that are good is not in the last chance because they got in to worlds
  10. Texas jr.'s will own the Grinder. Hope they all go.
  11. charchar

    charchar New Member

    not true. grinder will probably be even harder than nats some people said to me. people come from everywhere to get a seat in the main event. it wont be easy is all i can say.
  12. pokeball S

    pokeball S New Member

    good luck to everyone going to worlds!! (Including me!!!!:thumb:)

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