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    This year is my last year in seniors so I went to lots of tournaments to try and qualify for worlds which would be 40 mins from my house. I managed to get exactly 400CP going into Nats and get 2nd giving me 900CP but no hotel or scholarships because prize support was terrible. Worlds came around and I decided to play the deck that got me the last of my CP and second at nationals, Blastoise/Keldeo or Cuterams or Jackstoise or Psyduck or Mountain Eater or whatever they decide to call it. Here is the list since it will be in the world's booklet anyway,

    Pkmn 13
    2 Black Kyurem
    3 Blastoise
    3 Keldeo EX
    4 Squirtle
    1 Wartortle

    T/S/S 35
    1 Colress
    1 Computer Search
    1 Energy Retrieval
    1 Float Stone
    1 Level Ball
    2 Max Potion
    3 N
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Skyla
    3 Superior Energy Retrieval
    1 Tool Scrapper
    2 Tropical Beach
    3 Ultra Ball

    Energy 12
    2 Lightning
    10 Water

    Only ran 2 beach because I expected lots of Goth and not much stadium wars. Ran Wartortle last minute because it tested well against Goth; Wartortle wasn't in my list until Saturday morning, it used to be heavy ball. I only ran 2 lightning because 3 seemed like too many and once lightning hits the discard pile, it's easy to get. 4 Pokemon Catcher because I lost by not being able to catcher things like 2 energy Kyurem or a Blastoise in mirror or an EX for those last 2 prizes. Overall, felt confident with my choices and excited for worlds.

    I go to the convention center on Thursday/Friday to hang out and I traded a Japanese tropical beach for 10 sets of sleeves, 2 deck boxes, 2 pokemon center Nagoya binders, some eevees charms, and 2 cool eevee towels. Then I traded one of those binders for a Virizion EX. Okay trade, I guess. 2 of my friends, Jeffery and Josh make it in but many get dreamcrushed. I hang around a bit with April and CJ then do some playtesting and beat Gothitelle badly. Get home at 10:30 and sleep.

    Saturday comes around and I get to the convention center at 7:45 as they open. The Giant Pikachu is deflated and only late registerees are allowed to enter the main hall. I go up the escalator and watch the repairing of the Pikachu. The Pikachu is fixed in < 30 minutes tho so things start to get brighter. Opening Ceremony comes around and I get seats. They get people pumped up and rosters are put up in the other room. 150+ seniors, 8 rounds top 32, largest worlds in a while. Players meeting, checklist gathering, aaand...

    R1. vs Konsta K (FI) w/Darkrai
    Table 23, round 1 and I get a good matchup. He flips, I go first. I lead Black Kyurem EX and get 2 Squirtle and beach T1. I believe I get a Blastoise and beach or secret sword. He didn't set up much and Junk Hunted for a few turns. When he does night spear, I have max potion and Black Ballista. I 6-0 him.
    Great start but still much more games to be won.

    R2. vs Luke C (US)w/Darkrai
    Table 2. For some reason, he thinks I'm running Gothitelle even though I have plasma sleeves. I flip over Keldeo and play Squirtle and he is surprised. I get another Squirtle and a beach. Once I set up, I just KO all the Darkrais and 6-0 him.

    R3. vs Arjun K. (US) w/Garbodor/Landorus EX/Terrakion EX
    Table 6. I run tool scrapper and float stone so this is an easy matchup for me, imo. I start Black Kyurem and manually attach for 3 turns whilst not evolving Squirtles. I catcher kill his only trubbish on field with Slash and he gets another and sends up Terrakion EX as a sacrifice. I attach and Black Ballista. He gets Garbodor and attacks with Landorus. I tool scrapper, candy stoise, retrieval, and catcher/secret sword Garbodor. He Lands Judgements my Keldeo for the KO and I Black Ballista. Then I can take my last prize on my next turn.
    Lunch break till 1:30.

    R4. vs Antoine B (CA)w/Rayeels. Table 2 again. Antoine is a good player from Quebec who has qualified for the past 3 years and I was definitely looking forward to a game against a bad matchup. I go first and start Keldeo and Squirtle. I Skyla for beach and use it. He has lone Victini and plays N. He whiffs basic. I draw... Computer Search Candy, Candy Blastoise, Deluge, Juniper, Attach Lightning, Deluge, Secret Sword. So I basically sacked.

    R5. vs Jacob C (US)w/Plasma.
    Table 2 again. Jacob was a really cool guy, it was his first worlds and he was 4-0. I mulligan revealing Blastoise and a bunch of waters and I joke about how it's a Blastoise tech in my Plasma deck. I think he goes first and gets T1 Raiden Knuckle w/laser and Deoxys for 50. I get 2 Squirtles and beach. He Raiden Knuckles to kill a Squirtle and charge a Kyurem. I continue to set up and beach again. He continues hitting and I max potion while taking some prizes. I Black Ballista an EX and he Blizzard Burns my Blastoise. I get another and KO Kyurem. He kills Blastoise once more and has 1 prize left. I start manually attaching to Keldeo and get 3 energies on it while he has Kyurem active. Instead of Blizzard Burning my Black Kyurem which is what I was hoping he'd do, he Frost speared the Keldeo, putting it in range of Deoxys kill if I KO his Kyurem with it. I start powering up Black Kyurem but run out of EXs to stall with. He wins.

    R6. vs Noah Y. (US)w/Darkrai
    Table 13. I get 2 squirtles and am forced to Juniper 3 Candies turn 2 and get Candy stoise then beach. He immediately targets Blastoise but repeatedly misses the attack. I hit max potion and get out my Wartortle so he stops targeting Blastoise. I just keep on Black Ballistaing Darkrais and he can't keep up. He takes 4 prizes tho.
    I think I just sealed my spot in cut.

    R7. vs Joshua M L (PH) w/Darkrai
    Table 4. He was from the Phillipines and had the same accent as some of my cousins/family friends. He gets Darkrai attacking turn 3 while I get nothing. Nothing. He wins in 9 turns as I dead draw.

    R8. vs Natalia R. (US)w/Blastoise
    Table 6. She sprints out of the gate going up 4 prizes with Black Kyurem. I play N and KO Black Kyurem with mine. She whiffs retrieval and Beaches. I play N, whiff catcher but hit Retrieval to kill Keldeo and tie prizes. She catchers my Blastoise (I have no Keldeo) and retreats into Squirtle. I draw and play ultra ball to search my deck. There are 2 catchers and a float stone left in my 9 card deck. I retrieval into 4 energies on Black Kyurem and Juniper hoping for Catcher Float Stone for game. The first card is catcher and things are looking good. I keep drawing, looking for float stone... Nope. I have to pass and hope she doesn't have catcher retrieval. She does and I lose. Turns out the next card was Float Stone.
    I thought my resistance was good, starting off 4-0 and all. I ended up making 28th seed with 59.38 resistance, not as good resistance as I expected but I still made cut. Handed in decks and people were called because of decklist errors or bad sleeves.
    Eventually at 7 ish, games started.

    Top 32. vs Isaiah W. (US)w/Plasma
    Game 1
    We shuffle up, meet our table judge who gives us tips on the cleanliness of our board and playstyle. He complimented me on mine because I was very clean (I learned my skills in Washington and Oregon). I am sitting next to Sam H from Oregon who is playing against Klinklang. I am hoping Sam will win since I don't have a good matchup against Klinklang. Anyways, in my game, I go first and get tri Squirtle. I think he whiffs the KO on one with Raiden knuckle and I get Keldeo attacking. I then max potion then kill Kyurems on the following turns and then start Black Ballistaing like there's no tomorrow.

    Game 2
    He goes first to my Black Kyurem and gets Raiden Knuckle. I set up and such. I'm able to kill threats and win once more in a game that I really can't remember.

    Turned out better than I hoped and Sam won game 1 so I was looking forward to playing against him. I later find out Sam lost the next 2 games so now I was out for revenge.

    Top 16 vs Jan N (DE) w/Klinklang (no beaches)
    I go first and get some Squirtles out and play beach into everything. He gets 3 Klinks and beaches. I candy stoise, computer search candy stoise, N, candy stoise then beach. He drew no klinklangs so he N's and still hits nothing and beaches. I get Black Kyurem with 3 energies and N. Then catcher slash Klink. He gets Klinklang and Righteous edges for 30. I get 4 energies on Blastoise and Catcher kill his other Klink. He does 30, I do 100. He does 100. I max potion, retrieval and KO. He hits for 30. I retreat, retrieval, catcher, black ballista the Keldeo he started with for game.

    Game 2
    He goes first and gets klinks. Once more I N him out of candy Klinklang and into naught. I get Squirtles and beach. He N's and whiffs Klinklang and beaches. I get stoise and beach. He plays down Keldeo and gets klang and hits for 30 in Blastoise. I get 4 energy and KO Klang. He gets candy klinklang and hits for 30. I max potion, retrieval and catcher kill another Klink. He hits for 100. I hit for 100. He KO's stoise. I get another and KO Cobalion EX. He hits for 100 via Energy Press. I catcher, Black Ballista Keldeo for game.

    Revenge achieved. I was first to finish so I walked around and people asked how I beat klinklang. They think I need to get 8 energy and kill Klinklang. I think this is a bad strategy (not to mention hard to do). I learned from Nats that if BW Klinklang gets out, you almost lose. I just prevented that. Otherwise, the best strategy is to stream 100 ASAP with stoise (3 stoise +2 max potion) and KO at least 2 Cobalion EXs then go for Keldeo or just the early klinks.

    Now I was either playing Darkrai or Darkrai Garbodor in top 8 and Darkrai won game 1, soooo...

    Darkrai Garbodor wins the next to and I'm playing against it in top 8.

    Top 8 vs Spencer L. (US) w/Darkrai/Garbodor/Terrakion

    Game 1
    I go first and get energy on Keldeo and Squirtles on bench. He gets 2 trubbish and lasers then junk hunts. I get another Keldeo and double rush in and attach then get stoise and beach, whiffing the attack. He lasers then gets Garbodor. I kill Sabeleye, whiffing the catcher. He catchers Blastoise and junk hunts with another Sabeleye. I float stone, retreat and catcher Garbodor ftko. He gets another and KO's me with nightspear darkclaw laserbank. I get tool scrapper retrieval and catcher KO Garbodor. He nightspears for lots. I black ballista. He can't win.

    Game 2
    This game, I got excited and tried to calm myself down but still misplayed. I searched my deck t1 and Tool scrapper was prized. I manually attached to Keldeo and killed Garbodor. My prize was a tool scrapper. At this point I think I win already. Eventually, im at 3 prizes to his 2. I have 60 on a benched Keldeo with 3 waters and a Black Kyurem about to KO Garbodor. I play Skyla for Juniper before attacking and started shuffling my deck, misplay no.1. I ask if I can search something else but he says I started shuffling, the judge sided with me but I didn't think he saw me shuffle so I showed him exactly what I did to my deck. It is ruled as a shuffle and I get juniper. Im still afraid he can win somehow so I computer search away juniper and something else in my 4 card hand for max potion, keeping the retrieval misplay no.2. I proceed to tie the prizes. It wasn't until after I did it that I realized my mistake. He proceeds to get another Garbodor and sweep with Terrakion.

    Game 3
    I needed to focus here. I go first and get set up, I don't get beach tho, which turned out to be the best thing that could've happened. He searched out 2 trubbish and N's. I get candy stoise stuff. He junk hunts and it's my turn. I candy stoise, Deluge, N. I get the KO on a Trubbish. He draws, gets garbodor, gets darkrai, catchers Blastoise, and junk hunts. He didn't play a supporter. I Skyla float stone and kill Garbodor. He junk hunts, I catcher kill trubbish. He junk hunts, I kill Sabeleye. He has Darkrai with 2 energy and tops random receiver into Juniper. He whiffs a dark ftko and I attach 6 more waters for game.
    I made top 4, would probably come 4th considering my low seeding. As soon as my game finished, the other 3 finished in a snap. It was simultaneous. Ian W from Washington who I played against a lot made top 4. As well as a Rayeels deck that beat my round 5 opponent, Jacob, and Kaiwen, a guy whose name was actually worth remembering. It was already 10:15 ish so I was hoping that they would move top 4 to tomorrow so I could get home before Sunday, but they decide to continue (which I think was a bad decision).

    Top 4 vs Kaiwen C w/Plasma
    I met Kaiwen during swiss games while I was on table 2 multiple times. He's a nice guy and I'm sure it will be a great series.
    Game 1
    I start and get my usual set up. He whiffs the T1KO on a squirtle and hits the Keldeo for 40. I get Blastoise and beach. We proceed to trade KO's but I go through my deck more to get kills, discarding things like Squirtles and candies along the way. I'm now at 2 prizes to his 3 and he N's me to 2. I get a Skyla so I can superior retrieval 4 nrg to kill Kyurem and he's out of lasers. He KO's 1 of 2 stoise and we're tied. I Skyla aaaaaaaand..... my last retrieval is prized. If it was there I could've killed the only thing that could ohko stuff and then next turn hit a Black Ballista for game. Alas, I sniffed hard and he proceeds to win.

    Game 2
    My worst game all day. I start and get nothing. I have 2 squirtle and a Keldeo but no supporter. Luckily, Kaiwen got 6 supporters in hand (FA clumps) and N's. I hope for at least a supporter. Nope. I attach pass for the next 3 turns and he Blizzard burns his way to victory. Too bad, so sad.

    The dream dies but I get lots of stuff. I do a paper interview and write my Sig while trying to think of names for my decks.
    They were:
    Cuterams (courtesy of Jack)
    Mountain Eater (courtesy of Connor)
    JackStoise (my own creation)
    Psyduck (courtesy of Bidier)

    The guy said he liked jackstoise so, yay!

    Got my no.4 trainer card and trophy then went home. Got home at 12:15 ish and slept at 1.

    And now,

    Jack telling me to add Wartortle which saved me in a game or 2
    Connor and street magic like a DavidBlaine
    My dad for taking me to lots of events in Wa since there arent much in BC
    My dad for helping me with my deck
    Worlds in VanCity
    Seeing friends from Wa that I haven't seen in forever
    Ian for top 4, too bad we couldn't play in finals, would've been epic!
    Sam for top 32
    Colter for top 32
    Kaiwen's reaction to 6 FA supporters in his hand game 2
    Jacob C and Spencer L for doing so good in their first worlds (top 8)
    Jeffery and Josh for grinding in
    Being as good as Jack Pitcher
    Team BC
    $5000 scholarship
    2 Genesects and Virizions
    Making collectors jealous of all the cards I got in a day
    Seniors getting invites for their first year in masters
    Cool trophy
    Cool bag
    Really could not complain about prizes.
    Giant playroom
    All my opponents who were cool (Kaiwen, Arjun, Jacob, Joshua) this is what makes worlds enjoyable
    A lack of Gothitelle
    Blastoise's Deluge for being fun to say ALL DAY LONG
    A diverse top 4 (Australia, France, US, Canada)
    Free trip to DC!
    Vancouver worlds swag
    Being able to just take my stuff home at the end of the day
    Meeting the guy who came up with "His name is Joey, and he's in the top percentage of Pokemon trainers", brilliant.
    Amazing streams with cool hosts
    And every single person I talked to or congratulated me because they are the coolest.

    Saturday ending late late
    Not getting to finals like a ChaseMaloney or PaulAtonossov or JacobLesage but instead being a JackPitcher
    Open gaming room for being closed most of the time on Saturday.
    League for not being there
    The people that missed cut or grinding in because of a donk and the tears that were shed as dreams were crushed in grinders. My least favourite part.

    That's it, see ya in Washington D.C. 2014!
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  2. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    You're complaining about not winning a hotel stay when you lived just 40 minutes away?
  3. algernon

    algernon New Member

    So proud of you!!! Great finish to your time in senior division! Ian was really hoping for an Epic Battle Roads rematch too!!! You had a great run this year with Nats and Worlds! Welcome to masters, let's hope we don't get paired up at our first tourney together. Pokedads hate beating World Champs ;). Congratulations!!! See you soon!!!
  4. MiniWade

    MiniWade New Member

    Awesome job Joey! You did great! :) Grats.
  5. ATJdragon

    ATJdragon New Member

    good job joey! welcome to masters!
  6. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Awesome job, I will be looking forward to losing to you on multiple occasions next season.
  7. Thatguy99

    Thatguy99 New Member

    Yo it's Jacob from round 5, good job on making top 4 and getting to go back next year! If only i had beat that ray eels deck but oh well what can you do. Thanks for all the kind words in your report and see you nect year at worlds or maybe before then!
  8. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Awesome! Good job. Looking forward to hearing more of your success next season.
  9. ThatKid

    ThatKid New Member

    I'm cool. I'm cool. I've never been cool before. Thank you for your kind words Joey.
    Ok in all seriousness congrats. Now I'm happy I lost to 3 people who made cut, two of which made top 4. In our game, I discarded my super rod turn 1 and my dowsing to get Garbo running, so once I found out my last trubbish was prized, I was done. Nice meeting you dude! And wow your getting your deck printed. Niiiiiiiice.
  10. ichooseyoupikachu

    ichooseyoupikachu New Member

    Yayyy Joey! Awesome run!

    I think the masters division should be afraid of a new and experienced challenger entering their territory.

    By the way, thanks for giving me your autograph at Worlds. Truly appreciated.
  11. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Should've been World Champion. Can't wait to continue my undefeated record against you in tournaments this season.

    (In all seriousness, congrats buddy, you deserve it! :D)
  12. Axew

    Axew New Member

    you're my world champion <3 <3 <3
  13. FirestormXVI

    FirestormXVI New Member

    Awesome job Joey! I practically ran from the VGC to TCG area to get a glimpse of the results sheet when they announced it was up! I'll see ya in Masters next season.
    Looks like someone's never been to Worlds before.
  14. Funky Scoop

    Funky Scoop New Member

    Yay Joey =D, congrats on the great finish. You can still be better than Jack by top cutting next year! Look forward to playing against you in masters.
  15. moose101

    moose101 Member

    @Otaku- I was trying to say prize support went down a lot over the years. 2nd at Regionals gets more money than 2nd at Nationals in Canada.

    @algernon- thanks, congrats to Ian! It's about time he does well at a big tournament.

    @miniwade- thanks, see you in DC?

    @ATJdragon- thanks! Masters is gonna be fun next year.

    @JandPDS- thanks, I probably won't go down to the states as often since I don't need points but I'll try to go nonetheless!

    @thatguy99- Hey! Thanks, too bad you didn't run as hot as Kaiwen against eels. Still, top 8 is really good for a first worlds! See you in DC!

    @P_A- thanks!

    @thatkid- I think anyone who plays Terrakion EX is extremely awesome. Congrats on getting 32nd! The luckiest placing, a few % resistance away from not getting a bag or festivals.

    @ichooseyoupikachu- the masters get another scrub playing golurk at Battle Roads! Yay. And the newspaper guy did a follow up and I went from "in the top percentage of" to "elite four". If you can find it I'll be happy to sign it. :D

    @KAZUTO!!!- Thanks! I almost got there but scrubbed out like some other Canadian I know... Hope you get your invite so we can settle this at Worlds 2014!

    @Axew- thanks. <3. Lol

    @FirestormXVI- Lol, thanks! See you in masters, hopefully I get to play you so I can own with Cradily.

    @Funky Scoop- Thanks! I think I need another top 4 performance to truly be better than Jack. See ya in masters!
  16. cf11

    cf11 New Member

    If I was the Klinklang player in top 16 I would've ended the dream in top 16 ;)! Anyways good job.
  17. Axew

    Axew New Member

    I forgot to thank you for letting me lick your cards
  18. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter Active Member

    Nice job! And next year you get the trip :) and hotel!
  19. Thatguy99

    Thatguy99 New Member

    Quick question, could you give me a like detailed description of the "Factory Sealed Sets?" I have always wondered what they were like.
  20. moose101

    moose101 Member

    @cf11- ya, too bad you missed cut, I was looking forward to a rematch.

    @axew- no prob, I hate Durants anyway. I hope your saliva makes them die. :)

    @pokeMATHter- thanks, I sure am glad I got a trip to somewhere far and not to Vancouver. *cough*JackandChase*cough*

    @Thatguy99- it's a copy of every card from the past 4 sets (BCR-PLB). It comes with reverse and non reverse of each card and full art and non full art. For example, I got a regular and reverse silver bangle from PLB as well as regular and full art Genesect EX and every secret rare. Basically a copy of every printed card. Pretty sweet imo.

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