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  1. deathring109

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    So, on January 4th 2012 I was sent to military school, effectively ending my pokemon career until the summer. Well, summer is two weeks away for me and I'm really not sure what to play anymore. Before next destinies I was playing reshiphlosion which worked really well for me, only problem is now, it is not all that good. I understand the mewtwo ex was the big card in next destinies, how did that work out, and if it was winning alot, what was it paired with. With the new set release, what decks are supposed to do good. Overall, what decks are doing good right now, and should do good for awhile? What deck should I invest in that will help me win tournaments over the summer, and even after the summer could have good resale value if I need to make a new deck to change with the format if needed?
  2. QD4U

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    Well it's too early to say what decks will do good in the DEX format, you might wanna wait until we see some results from US Battle Roads and international Nationals until you build that dream deck of yours. However a safe bet at a tier 1 deck might be Zekrom/Eelektrik and Darkrai (with or without Zoroark).
  3. deathring109

    deathring109 New Member

    how did mewtwo ex do? I remember that was supposed to be really big
  4. QD4U

    QD4U New Member

    It was played in every single deck that made top cut (almost). Yes, it was really that good. However in a DEX format it is not supposed to be as dominant, but we don't know for sure yet.
  5. Otaku

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    Mewtwo EX more or less became a staple; the best answer to an opponent's Mewtwo EX was to be able to drop your own. Bear in mind the newest set (BW: Dark Explorers) contains a lot of Darkness-Type Support, and if our metagame follows Japan's then Mewtwo EX usage will decline, albeit because we now have more Pokemon EX to crowd it out.

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