Kaleido Star: My Amazing Review of Stage (Volume) 5

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    Hey Everyone! My review of Kaleido Stage is about to start, so make sure your room is brightly lit and that you are not sitting to close to the computer monitor.

    Well, well, well, do you ever feel that when you think things can't get any worse they do? I wonder if Sora ever feels like that, because Stage 5 basically tells that story. In just four intense episodes we see amazing things happen and I can't wait to dig in. I can't! I can't!

    Anyways, Kaleido Star Stage 5, Masquerade, basically picks up right where Stage 4, Fall From Grace, felt off. Sora, Mia, and Anna are dropped from Kaleido Stage. With out a job or a home, Ken allows them to stay at his house. However things turn worse for Sora when her adoptive parents show up with an unpleasent surprise, Sora's mother is pregant. When they try to pursade her to return to Japan with them, Sora gets frustrated. Then a life and death emergency erupts with her Mother. After the incident, Sora and her friends moves into the apartment complex where Kate, the doctor who saves both Sora's father (in Episode 5) and mother lives. They start their own company (Freedom Lights) and eventually get a contract at the Marine Park theme park thanks to a mysterious acrobat during their premiere performance. Things get even more mysterious when the Mystery Star is the only thing from Freedom Lights losing their contract. However Sora's skills are reaching their peak after the Mystery Star and herself saves two children stranded on a broken ride in the park. Finally Yuri steps in and convinces the owner of Marine Park to drop their contract. Things even get more intense when Yuri sets up a trap for them in Vancover. Who is behind the mask of the mystery star and is Sora finally ready to take the greatest challenge of her life, the Legendary Great Maneuver?

    Masquerade start to put the series together and we can now see the climax of the wonderful Anime. This was great volume. It perfectly picked up right where 4 stopped dramatically and left us just right before the end. Stage 6, Reach for the Brass Ring, comes out in November so watch out for that!

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