Kazam Gone Wild (another from Neon-Eon deck)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Spectreon, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    I have been sitting around thinking of old decks that used to run rampat through Modified and Unlimited throughout the years. Stuff that would be viable or simular in the new Eon era. I have come up with E Trans Sceptile/ Exp Charizard (Reminecent of VenuZard decks that have been around since Base Set), Kingdra EX is a close version to old Neo3 Kingdra. Now onto my newest idea

    Expediton Alakazam in Neon. I think he can be very viable, prolly more so in Eon. Reasons listed below. Now onto the deck.

    18 Pokes
    3 Abra (Sk or Exp?)
    3 Kadabra (2SK, 1 Exp)
    3 Kazam (Exp)
    2 Sparce
    3 Wynaut
    2 Wob (SS)
    2 Elekid (SS)

    24 Trainers
    2 Lady Outing
    3 Oaks Research
    3 Briney's Compassion
    2 TV
    2 Fisherman
    3 Switch
    3 Bills Manteneince
    3 Fast Ball
    3 Mystery Plate y (Gama)

    4 Multi
    1 Bounce :colorless :colorless
    3 :psychic:
    3 :lightning
    2 :fire:
    1 :fighting:
    2 :grass:
    2 W (are we ever getting a W NRG Symbol?)

    Now onto the idea's
    1)Elekid can play energy builder
    2)The Gama is like an active Cleffa -1 early game, or a screw with your opponent late game.
    3) Lady Outing (obvious) gets needed energy to copy attacks
    4) Non EX deck, Briney a given...
    5)Sole Bounce Energy is for 2 NRG pokes. Now I have same # of Energy

    Now why I think it will work....

    Vs Gardi/EX: Not as fast, but can copy its attack (EX on especially) without EX Rule.

    Vs Blazekin: Ok it prolly losses here alot. Can copy attacks from Pokemon like Eggs, or Magneton for som eserious damage though....

    Vs Kingdra EX: Genetic Memory is pretty good on Kazam. Exp Kadabra can quick build, 1 Energy to attack for 40 is good too. Can also copy supporters (Hariyama especially)

    Vs Flygon: Energy Shower can be brutal fro kazam, also fits well with Rainbow Burn

    Vs Free retreat Marrill: 2 flips for Para, sweet

    Vs Sparce: Switch to Bench, get Basics...

    Vs Girafarig/Linoone: Go Get Stuff

    Vs Kabuto EX: Copies its attacks easily, without EX rule.

    and the list goes on and on.........
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  2. Ditto

    Ditto Member

    hey, meg45 had a slightly different idea with zam, here's my twist on his idea.

    4 Abra EX
    2 Kadabra EX
    3 Alakazam EX
    4 Kecleon SS
    2 Zigzagoon SS
    2 Linoone RS
    2 Skitty RS2
    2 Delcatty RSH
    2 Professor Oak's Research
    3 Copycat
    1 Wally's Training
    2 Oracle
    1 Pokemon Fan Club
    1 High Pressure System
    1 Low Pressure System
    2 Switch
    1 Warp Point
    2 Rare Candy
    3 Strength Charm
    2 Town Volunteers
    4 Boost Energy
    2 Fighting Energy
    2 Fire Energy
    2 Grass Energy
    2 Lightning Energy
    4 Psychic Energy
    2 Water Energy

    now grant it the deck needs a lot of work, still try and just look at the overall stratigy. zam needs the right energies to use the opponents attacks, so since we already will be working with multiple types of energy, why not throw in everyones favorite colorchanger, kecleon? now you can not only copy their attacks but also have their weakness, almost no matter what. eh, just a different approach you might want to take.
  3. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    Kazam's been one of my specialties... Even though I thought it was better in Neo-on, it still is good in E-on...

    For Abra, use E1. For other Pokemon, I would add 1 more to each stage of the Kazam line, adding another E1 Abra, E1 Kadabra, and E1 Alakazam. This will make things happen more quickly. I am speaking from experience here. Whenever you run 2 versions of the same Pokemon that work together, 2-2 is often good. To make room for these 3 added Pokemon, I'd lose the 2 Elekid and a Bounce Energy.

    Energy...You're taking it the risky way. Through a number of versions of my Kazam deck, I've found that just picking a few types is best. SO, I'll just scrap your Energy setup altogether...
    For 17 Energy, I'd run...
    4 Rainbow
    6 Psychic
    4 Fire
    3 Grass
    Although it won't protect you on all fronts, it will be more secure than depending on just a few Energy. And, if you can't find your Energy of the right type, just use the E3 Kazam to attack.

    Lose the Lady Outings and Fisherman for 4 Copycat. Finally, I'd drop the Bill's Maintenance for some form of healing, such as Moo Moo Milk, as I have the draw power in place with other means.

    And just a side note- I had a Kazam/Kecleon deck earlier. It's not bad, but Kecleon is not the answer to Gardevoir ex. I would prolly not consider it again. Just too vulnerable.
  4. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    You may be right on the energy, but between Elekid and Lady Outing, it seemed effecient. Elekid can go get whatever energy, and attach it, where as Lady Outing gets me 3 Energy. The one Bounce is Tech though, so it stays. It can return an energy I might need later, and can let me rip apart Pokemon with only 2 Energy cards.

    Since I am currently running 6 decks already, my line of Supporters is running thin. That was the main reason for using Bills Mantenience. You shuffle a useless card back for later, and draw 3 new cards. Not the most usefull, but not bad either.

    So how bout this.....

    4 Abra (Exp)
    4 Kadabra (2SK, 2 Exp)
    4 Kazam (Exp)
    2 Sparce
    3 Wynaut
    2 Wob (SS)

    23 Trainers
    2 Lady Outing
    3 Oaks Research
    3 Briney's Compassion
    2 TV
    1 Fisherman
    3 Switch
    3 Bills Manteneince
    3 Fast Ball
    3 Mystery Plate y (Gama)

    4 Multi
    1 Bounce [​IMG] [​IMG]
    5 [​IMG]
    2 [​IMG]
    2 [​IMG]
    2 [​IMG]
    2 W (are we ever getting a W NRG Symbol?)

    I feel between Biil/Oak/Gama I can get plenty of draw. Gama is only usefull early game for draw, but will be abl eto use 1-2 most likely with 3 in the deck. Bounce is still Tech. Dropped the Fighting, but the others are staying for now. Are league just started here, so I am not sure what all I am metagaming yet. Once I figure that out, I can consider dropping some energy. Outing still does a good job for getting them when needed, which is why I didnt run Furret or Clefable. I like Multi over Rainbow. No damage, and most attacks seem to cost 1 specific, and the rest colorless.
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