Keniselvis Trading Post! W: TCGO codes, Max Potions, Emerging Powers Rev Holos

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by keniselvis, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    The Dealio:
    1. Standard Pokegym rules apply.
    2. Unless otherwise noted, all my cards listed are Mint/Near Mint. As in, they've gone from the booster to a sleeve. I expect the same.
    3. If for some ODD reason that they are NOT, I will let you know.
    4. Will trade anywhere. Less refs sends first.
    5. Please don't PM offers...that box gets filled up too quickly!
    6. Keep the pokemon love going. Let me know if your cards are less than mint/near mint.
    7. I can't imagine I have to put this down, but just in case, no WC cards.

    FULL LIST OF HGSS+ Rares and Reverse Halos:

    HGSS Promos

    1x Plusle HGSS16
    2x Minun HGSS17
    3x Hitmonchan HGSS24
    2x Hitmonlee HGSS25

    McDonald’s 2011 Promos

    Black and White Promos

    Black and White
    Emerging Powers

    1x Darmanitan 21/98
    1x Beartic 31/98
    1x Galvantula 34/98 (RH)
    2x Gothorita 46/98 (2x RH)
    1x Gothitelle 48/98
    1x Krokorok 61/98 (RH)
    1x Krookodile 62/98
    1x Mandibuzz 69/98 (RH)
    1x Klinklang 76/98
    2x Cheren 91/98 (Draw 3 cards)

    Black and White

    4x Snivy 1/114 (4x LP)
    1x Simisage 8/114 (RH)
    2x Maractus 12/114
    2x Darmanitan 25/114
    1x Oshawott 27/114 (LP)
    1x Simipour 34/114 (RH)
    1x Ducklett 36/114 (RH)
    1x Swanna 37/114 (RH)
    4x Alomomola (HYDRO PUMP) 39/114
    1x Zebstrika 42/114
    1x Zebstrika 43/114
    1x Musharna 49/114
    1x Timburr 59/114 (RH)
    1x Sawk 62/114
    1x Mandibuzz 73/114
    1x Patrat 77/114 (RH)
    1x Watchdog 79/114 (RH)
    2x Stoutland 83/114
    1x Pidove 84/114 (RH)
    2x Unfezant 86/114
    1x Audino 87/114 (RH)
    1x Bouffalant 90/114 (1x RH)
    1x Bouffalant (REVENGE) 91/114 (slightly damaged on lower left corner)

    Call of Legends

    1x Clefable 1/95
    1x Groudon 6/95
    1x Ampharos 23/95
    1x Cleffa (Eeeeeeek) 24/95
    1x Meganium 27/95
    1x Typhlosion 35/95
    1x Ursaring 37/95
    1x Weezing 38/95
    1x Flaaffy 43/95 (RH)
    1x Magby 46/95 (RH)

    HG Triumpant

    2x Rapidash 8/102
    1x Venomoth 11/102
    3x Victreebell 12/102
    1x Bannette 14/102
    2x Dugtrio 19/102
    1x Electivire 20/102
    1x Elekid 21/102
    1x Golduck 22/102 (RH)
    2x Grumpig 23/102 (1x RH)
    2x Kricketune 24/102 (1x RH)
    1x Nidoqueen 28/102 (RH)
    2x Pidgeot 29/102
    2x Sharpedo 30/102 (1x RH)
    1x Wailord 31/102
    1x Lickilicky 38/102 (RH)
    1x Marowak 44/102 (RH)
    2x Nidorina 45/102 (3x RH)
    1x Nidorino 46/102 (RH)
    1x Piloswine 48/102 (RH)
    1x Wailmer 52/102 (RH)
    1x Weepinbell 53/102 (RH)
    1x Bellsprout 57/102 (RH)
    1x Carvanha 59/102 (RH)
    2x Cubone 60/102 (2x RH)
    2x Diglett 61/102 (2x RH)
    1x Gastly 63/102 (RH)
    1x Illumise 64/102 (RH)
    3x Kricketot 65/102 (3x RH)
    1x Lickitung 66/102 (RH)
    1x Magnemite 68/102 (RH)
    2x Nidoran 69/102 (2x RH)
    1x Pidgey 71/102 (RH)
    1x Shuppet 75/102 (RH)
    1x Swinub 79/102 (RH)
    2x Tentacool 80/102 (2x RH)
    2x Venonat 81/102 (2x RH)
    1x Voltorb 83/102 (RH)
    1x Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND 99/102 Top
    2x Palkia & Dialga LEGEND 101/102 Top
    2x Palkia & Dialga LEGEND 102/102 Bottom

    HG Undaunted

    2x Bellossom 1/90 (1x RH)
    1x Magcargo 6/90
    2x Dodrio 11/90
    1x Metagross 16/90
    1x Muk 31/90
    1x Mawile 56/90 (RH)
    1x Murkrow 59/90 (RH)

    HG Unleashed

    3x Blastoise 13/95 (Broken Glass/Rotom? foil background)
    1x Poliwrath 21/95 (RH) (Some light scratches)
    1x Primeape 22/95
    1x Steelix 24/95 (LP)
    1x Tyranitar 26/95
    3x Minun 34/95 (1x RH with light scratches)
    1x Numel 35/95 (RH)
    1x Poliwhirl 37/95 (LP from 2011 States)
    1x Mankey 53/95 (RH)
    7x Stantler 64/95
    2x Tropius 66/95 (2x RH)
    1x Suicune & Entei Legend TOP 94/95

    HeartGold SoulSilver

    1x Raichu 10/123
    2x Ampharos 14/123 (1x RH)
    2x Exeggutor 18/123
    1x Furret 21/123
    1x Meganium 26/123
    1x Smoochum 30/123
    1x Sunflora 31/123
    1x Bayleef 35/123 (RH)
    1x Blissey 36/123 (RH)
    1x Metapod 46/123 (1x RH)
    1x Parasect 48/123 (RH)
    1x Slowbro 52/123 (RH)
    1x Unown 54/123 (RH)
    1x Wigglytuff 56/123 (RH)
    1x Chikorita 59/123 (RH)
    1x Meowth 75/123 (RH)
    1x Sentret 80/123 (RH)
    1x Vulpix 87/123 (RH)
    1x Water Energy 117/123
    1x Electric Energy 118/123
    1x Fighting Energy 120/123


    7x Dual Balls
    1x Energy Exchanger
    6x Energy Retrieval (1x RH)
    2x Energy Search
    3x Energy Switch
    3x Full Heal
    2x Good Rod
    5x Junk Arm
    2x Legend Box
    2x Life Herb
    2x Lost Remover
    1x Plus Power
    8x Poke Ball (2x RH)
    4x Pokedex
    1x Pokegear
    1x Pokemon Circulator
    7x Pokemon Communication
    4x Pokemon Reversal
    9x Potion (3x RH)
    0x Rare Candy
    3x Research Record
    6x Revive
    8x Super Scoop Up
    7x Switch


    4x Bebe’s Search
    7x Black Belt (1x RH)
    3x Cheerleader’s Cheer (1x RH)
    8x Copycat
    1x Emcee’s Chatter
    2x Engineer’s Adjustments
    4x Fisherman
    3x Flower Shop Lady
    6x Interviewer’s Questions
    0x Judge
    0x Pokemon Collector
    5x Professor Elm’s Training Method (2x RH)
    6x Professor Juniper
    1x Professor Oak’s New Theory
    3x Sage’s Training
    2x Seeker
    1x Team Rocket's Trickery
    6x Twins


    7x Broken Time-Space (2x LP)
    5x Indigo Plateau
    5x Lost World
    1x Ruins of Alph


    2x Double Colorless Energy BASIC
    2x Double Colorless Energy 103/123 HGSS
    1x Double Colorless Energy (LP)
    1x Special Darkness Energy 79/90 UD (LP)
    1x Special Darkness Energy 86/95 CoL
    1x Rainbow Energy 121/127 PL
    3x Special Metal Energy 87/95 CoL
    0x Rescue Energy

    Thanks a lot!


    WAR Pokedads!
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  2. konor

    konor New Member

    i have:
    1x Typlosion Prime
    1x Fisherman
    1x Infarneip 4

    i need:
    1x Blaziken fb lv.X

    Please LMK.
  3. LINX009

    LINX009 New Member

    How about My:
    1 Infernape 4 RR
    2 Expert Belt

    for Your:
    2x Moonlight Stadium
    Luxury Ball
    4x Energy Exchanger

  4. rt24

    rt24 New Member

    Would you consider

    1 X Call energy
    1 X Typhlosion prime
    1 X Infernape 4
    1 X Fisherman
    2 X Communication

    for your

    Blaziken FB X

    ? Let me know
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2010
  5. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    @LINX009 Bro, I'm an idiot and it's freaking late. I don't have a lux ball. Sorry man. I accidentally left that up there. Meant to delete it. Just have the Great Ball and Poke Blower. Again, sorry.
  6. LINX009

    LINX009 New Member

    np then how about this trade

    How about My:
    1 Infernape 4 RR
    2 Expert Belt

    for Your:
    2x Moonlight Stadium
    Pokédex Handy910is
    4x Energy Exchanger
  7. doomsday24

    doomsday24 Member

    I got these from your list...

    1 Infernape 4 LV X
    1 Typhlosion Prime
    1 Fisherman

    For your
    Blaziken FB LV. X
    Lunatone SV
  8. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    From one Pokedad to another, I can give you

    2 Typholosion Prime
    1 Fisherman
    4 Candy
    8 Expert Belt (enough for you and him)

    all for the low low price of:

    Smeargle UD 8/90 (Holo)
    Magnezone lv. 46 SF 6/100 (Rev. Holo)
    Haunter SF

    Use the Blaziken to get both Infernapes. I presume you already have the Charizards? Call Energy is going to cost's always hard to come by. But you can probably skip using the Shiny Vulpix and just use a regular won't make that much difference to the deck. For 2x Collector and 2x Communication, you might want to consider buying an HS Trainer Kit (on sale for $8.50 here) which has those in it and mostly justifies the cost. That leaves you with BTS and Ninetales to try to acquire.
  9. quazz227

    quazz227 New Member

    I have:
    1x Shiny Vulpix
    1x Infernape RR (Have it in regular and RH if interested)
    1x Fisherman

    Interested in:
    1x Poke Turn
    1x Smeragle
    1x Magnezone SF
    1x Blaziken FB Lv. X

    Let me know what you can do
  10. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    This was a former request for help trading for a Charizard deck for my boy for Christmas. In trying to keep within the rules, I edited the topic and updated my Haves and Wants. Thanks!
  11. mochi

    mochi New Member

    Hi - let me know if you would be interested in this trade:
    4 x Fisherman (HS #92)
    3 x Engineer's Adjustments (UL #75)
    1 x #60 Oddish (rh)
    1 x #112 Plus Power (rh)

    Thanks :)
  12. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Mochi! DONE!

    I'll have them in the mail tomorrow!

    PM me your address to seal the deal.
  13. poke-j

    poke-j New Member

    cml for charizard(AR), blaziken fb lv x, smeargle(UD),
  14. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    CML for:

    Blaziken FB X
    Smeargle Undaunted

    I have a Double Colorless Energy. Thanks!!!
  15. DoomScizor

    DoomScizor New Member

    I have

    Double Colorless Energy
    Unown Q (Reverse if you want it)

    I need

    Blaziken Fb lvl X

    Please let me know
  16. Katman

    Katman New Member

    I have:
    1 x Double Colorless Energy
    CML for more

    Interested in:
    1 x #142 Blaziken FB Lv. X
  17. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member



    for your

    2x Wailord TM
    4x Wailmer (if you have any)
    1x package of new sleeves (your choice)

    Seems like I'm getting the better half of the deal here. The cards that I want are just not that expensive. but I'd love some sleeves! LMK!
  18. Katman

    Katman New Member

    I also have Wailord TM and some Wailmers. LMK
  19. keniselvis

    keniselvis New Member

    Is your DCE HGSS?

    And do you have any Wailord TM or Wailmer TM?

    If so, I'll hand you over my Smeargle UD.

  20. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    I have a Wailord and 2 wailmers. I do have a HGSS DCE.

    So it looks like this:

    Smeargle UD

    2x Wailmer
    1x DCE HGSS

    If so PM me for confirmation. Thanks!!
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