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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by dark andy, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. dark andy

    dark andy New Member

    I need help this deck!!!

    4-3-4 kingdra
    2-2 claydol
    1-1 alakazam
    2 regice
    4 phione

    3 felicit's drawing
    3 buck's training
    4roseanne's research
    3 bebe's search
    4 rare candy
    2night maintenance

    18 water energy

    It's difficult get energy for the hand.HELP!!!:frown:
    Giant problem LUXRAY!!!kill kingdra 1 atack!!!

  2. slayer_chaos

    slayer_chaos New Member

    -2 Regice
    -4 phione
    +1 felcity's
    +1 bucks
    +1 bebe's
    +1 suicune
    +2 plus powers

    If your still having trouble getting energies then drop the bucks, max out on plus powers and add 2 quick balls.
  3. sleep lock

    sleep lock New Member

    drop alakazam and regice
    then add 2-2 line of bronzong IFDS
    beacause bronzong IFDS you can put one card in your deck and get two energy then when out of energy :water: stream all energy back in for uber damage:thumb:
  4. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    No legends awakening? The kingdra line and bucks are both from LA. Do you mean IFDS.

    Take out alakazam, regice, and phione. I origionally had problem getting energy in my hand but then I made claydol 3-3 and it worked. Just get 2 claydols and you shouldn't have a problem. Add in another bebe, felicities, 2 plus powers, and 2 quick ball. Just get 2 claydols out and you should get set up and have no problem with energy.
  5. Corrosion

    Corrosion New Member

    there is a simpler solution to get energies (deck thinning)

    -4 phione
    -1 regice
    -1-1 alakazam
    -3 bucks
    -1 bebes

    +4 Unown R (Restore - if on bench, u can discard and draw a card)
    +4 pokedex
    +1 felicity
    + 2 pokeradar
  6. Jaedon

    Jaedon New Member

    take out 1-1 alakazam, 4 regi ice , 4 phione and in with ,2 uxies 1 azelf you could also drop 8 energy for2 lake boudary 2broken time space ,2 fighting energy and if space 4 pokedrawer +
    this will help imensley
  7. FlamingJapaneseMan

    FlamingJapaneseMan New Member

    ^ Alakazam is needed to give Kingdra some disruptiveness. Helps vs. Lux GL lv.X. Still Regice and Phione are unneeded.

    "I'm going to Bright Look up Claydol..."

    "Oh really, Power Cancel!"
  8. arMILO

    arMILO New Member

    with 18 energy and trouble drawing into them, that's probably just bad luck with the deck, it's a solid build although i did see one with a mewtwo tech for luxray, only thing i could add is
    -4 phione
  9. The Hotness

    The Hotness New Member

    i've played kingdra for quite a while and ive found that no techs is the best way to go, just play 4-2-4 kingdra and 2-2 claydol, and 2 unknown g, that should be enough, i play 14 energies, i would reccomend playing 3 or 4 roseannes research to get the energies, also play 4 pokedrawer+, it helps alot.....hope that helps a little
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