Kingdra EX Delta Fighting Deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by xchasex, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    Give me some advice on this deck, looking to improve it any way I can. Tried to do the best I could with the cards I had.

    Kingdra EX d (DF) x3
    Seadra d (DF)(Rare) x2
    Seadra d (DF)(Unc) x2
    Horsea d (DF)(Rare) x2
    Horsea d (DF)(Unc) x2
    Meganium d (DF) x1
    Bayleaf d (DF) x2
    Chikorita d (DF) x2
    Stantler (SW) x2
    Unown G (GE) x2
    Claydol GE x1
    Baltoy GE x1

    Bebe's Search x4
    Night Maintenance x3
    Warp Point x2
    Prof. Oak's Visit x3
    Felicity's Drawing x2
    Professor Rowan x1
    POkeNav x1
    Quick Ball x1
    Professor Elm's Training Method x1
    Super Scoop Up x1
    Leftovers x1
    Rare Candy x1

    Scramble x2
    Holon FF x1
    14 Basic :fighting:
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  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    4 candies. call energy. 3 seadra. 2-2 claydol. no meganium line. no rowans. no leftovers. no holon lake. some pluspowers. mo PETM.
  3. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    I'd be worried about Cessation Crystal, it might hurt this deck. You don't need the Scramble if you won't use Meganium. You could also try some Unown Q and a 1-1 Fearow d (Crystal Gaurdians) line.
  4. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    only have 1x rare candy atm, 0x call, 0x claydol, 1x petm
    but i agree those should help the deck.
    meganium line is only there for evolutionary call atm until i have better things to replace it with (its not a bad attacker if i get it built up late game and it completely destroys water pokemon with its resistance aand delta reduction adding -30)
    Cessation Crystal could most definitely hurt this deck haha.
    i'll look at unown q and fearows :) thanks for the suggestions
  5. orangematt

    orangematt New Member

    I just played Kingdra ex d today in MA.

    4 Horsea d DF (Sleepy Ball)
    3 Seadra d DF (Smokescreen)
    4 Kingdra ex d DF
    2 Phione MD
    2 Baltoy GE
    2 Claydol GE
    1 Shellder SW
    1 Cloyster d DF

    Kingdra ex d was all I played once it came out. I wanted to play it once more before it went out of rotation. It's definitely something fun. And, with the rise of Empoleon decks, it is certainly the favorable match-up. Good luck and have fun!
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  6. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    it is fun from what i've experienced from playing with friends
    and i pulled a ge claydol today, so im sure i can work that in now
  7. edwarpy

    edwarpy New Member

    I was trying to counter Blissey and Gallade a while back and tried this, sometimes
    with an 1-1 Altaria-d addin:

    3-2-3 Kingdra-d EX
    2-1-2 Flygon-d EX
    4-2 Fearow-d

    Fearow is great for the Kings until Gardylocks shows up, so Phione is maybe better.

    Definately fun to play, why not Holo Castys tho?

    How about 1-1 Pidgeot-d to stop Cosmic, Serenity, Swirl, Telepass and every other
    non-delta power?
  8. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    i never got ahold of the casty's haha, i had always planned on using them though
    i like the suggestions
    its too bad dragon frontiers will be illegal soon, or i would try harder to make it a great deck
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