Konopacz's H)Lgnd, Typhlosion, Amphy, Donphan,Gliscor x, Sally X,Dusknoir x,x DGX PGX

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by konopacz, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    My Rules:

    1.Ref rules apply ( lower ref sends first)

    2. If you have any negative refs, you will always need to send first

    3.P.M only for conformations and trades.

    So Lets get trading!!!!

    Konopacz's Hall of Fame!!!!!!

    G Landers
    Buetifly 719

    Konopacz's hall of poopyness.


    He is a ripper. DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM

    Current trades:
    Greenmaster89?- My agron ex, kyogre ex, bebe's for his Garchomp c x. Status- waiting to recieve
    Luxray 606- His Luxray gl x, my kingdra x4, gengar x2, dusknoir x, mesprit x2

    Eddie Tanimoto: My Magnezone lv. X , Azelf Lv. X and Uxie Lv. X for his Luxray GL Lv. X. Status: I've sent, waiting to recieve ( I've been waiting for a REALLY long time...)

    Donphan prime x2 highest want

    Claydol GE
    Night maintnence x2 (RH ONlY)
    Roseannes research x3 (RH ONLY)
    rare candy x3 ( RH ONLY HUGE WANT)

    Deck Wants ( very high)
    1 trapinch RH
    2 Night Main. RH
    2 Unown G RH

    My Haves

    Typhlosion Prime x2
    Donphan Prime (offer well)
    Maganium Prime
    Alpha Litograph
    Lugia Legend(complete)
    Hoho Legend(complete)

    *Please Note I just opened a box of HGSS and have the rares, commons, uncommons, trainers and energy. Please feel free to ask.

    Salamence Lv.X
    Blaziken FB Lv.X
    Dialga G lv,X
    Gallade 4 Lv.X
    Arcesus lv.X 94/99
    Palkia G LV.X
    Heatran Lv. X
    Infernape Lv. X
    Empoleon Lv. X
    Gliscor Lv. X
    Shaymin Lv X (Sky Form)
    Darkrai Lv.X (promo)
    uxie x9 ( 6 league promo 3 LA)

    1 Arcesus(colorless)
    1 Arcesus(grass)
    1 Scyther Secret rare
    1 Wash Rotom
    1 frost rotom

    Supreme Victors
    x1 Electivire FB
    x2 Venusaur
    x2 Drifblim FB 1 RH
    x1 Magmortar
    x1 Rayquaza C
    x2 Yanmega
    x1 Staraptor FB
    x1 Empoleon
    x1 Relicanth
    x1 Wailord RH
    x1 Claydol
    x1 Lucario C RH
    x2 Garchomp C

    Rising Rivals
    x2 flygon ( 1 in played condition)
    x1 Roserade Gl
    x1 Flotzal GL
    x1 Jirachi
    x1 Nidoking
    x1 Nidqueen
    x3 Infernape 4( all rh)


    x2 Blaziken
    x2 Weavile G
    x1 Toxicroak G (RH)
    x3 Rampardos
    x2 Torterra RH

    x5 Tyranitar (4 deck holo 1 RH)
    x4 Gengar( 1 RH)
    x4 Magnezone Metal
    x4 Roserade
    x2 Salamence RH
    x2 Raichu
    x2 Mgnezone (Lightning)
    x2 gyrados( 1 holo from a starter deck)
    Other Rares
    x4 Kingdra LA
    x1 Dusknoir DP RH
    x1 Mesprit MT
    x2 Magmortar SW (HOLO)
    x2 Mesprit LA
    x1 Sceptile GE
    x1 Cressellia MD
    x5 Gliscor LA
    x1 Kabutops MD
    x2 Regigigas LA (recover mechanism)
    x1 Azelf LA
    x1 Garcevoir SW
    x1 Spiritomb LA
    x2 Dusknoir SF (Shadow Command)
    x2 Blaziken GE

    Tyranitar ex x2 (Unseen Forces)
    Kyogre ex x1 (Hidden Legends)
    Aggron ex x1 (Crystal Guardians)

    If you want any other rares, commons, or uncommons, just ask me about it and I'll probably have them. So lets get trading!
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
  2. EddieTanimoto

    EddieTanimoto New Member

    Cml for

    Dialga G LV. X
    Magnezone Lv. X
    Garchomp C Lv. X
    Electivire FB Lv.X
    Infernape 4 lv.x
    Floatzel GL Lv.x
    Charizard G Lv. X
  3. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Please cml for Floatzel X. I have a Drapion X that isn't listed as well.

    I AM ZANGIEF New Member

    I have a Luxray GL Lv. X.

    I need:
    Electivire FB Lv. X
    Do you have any Claydols or Baltoys?
  5. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Ok. How about my electivire FB LV.X and 2 baltoys (GE ) for lux?

    Waynegg- I would like your pikachu and your Luxray GL and poke turns and crobats. Would you do that for my Floatzel?

    Eddie- From your list, I would like your call energy, poketurns and crobat Gs and sort of Machamp Lv. X. Make me an offer pleasee

    p.s I edited my list.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2009
  6. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    I don't have Luxray GL, Poke Turn, or Crobat G for trade. What could I add to the Pikachu to make te trade? Keep in mind Floatzel only sells for $8-9.
  7. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Ya i know Floatzel isn't worth all that much. Do you have any pre-realease sleeves that you could throw in?
  8. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    no but I'll throw in the PR Milotic card and Charizard G either non holo or reverse?
  9. Gible

    Gible New Member

    CML for
    x1 Nidoqueen RR
  10. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Waynegg- Do you have any call energy that you would throw in with pika?

    Gible- Do you have any crobat G, poke turn or a Luxray GL?
  11. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    yes- i have 3 i can add in with pika.
  12. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    cml for
    x2 Yanmega sv
  13. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Tee 79- would you do it for 3 poke turns and your tin mewtwo x?
  14. tee79

    tee79 New Member

    that just a little to much for me i'll pass
  15. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Is there anything else that you are interested in? If not, would you do the trade without the poke turns?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2009
  16. Gible

    Gible New Member

    I don't have any of those
  17. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Theres nothing that really catches my eye, could you make me an offer?
  18. Interference

    Interference New Member

    Please CML for your

    2x Mesprit LA
    1x Azelf LA
  19. Gible

    Gible New Member

    How about
    Swampert SV Holo/RH
    Pre-Release Milotic

  20. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    Interference- Sry, nothing really catches my eye, you could make me an offer if you want.

    Gible- Sorry, no thank you
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