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  1. jesserios2

    jesserios2 New Member

    this is my version of a kricky speed.


    1- Empoleon lv.x
    3- empoleon
    2- prinplup


    1- holon's castform


    4- tv reporter
    4- rare candy
    3- great ball
    2- team galactic's wager
    2- master ball
    2- celios's network
    2- castaway
    1- professor oak's research
    1- holon mentor
    1- copycat
    1- scott
    1- bill's maintenance
    1- night maintenance

    4- double rainbow
    6- :water:
    6- :grass:

    well thats what i have come up with so far. but if you guys have any thoughts or ideas write me.
  2. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    I'll refer you to the following section in our guidelines for deck posting:

    List and Strategy: Topic post must include BOTH a complete deck list and at least a brief strategy section or the topic will be locked.

    As this thread does not carry a strategy post, it must be locked. If you wish to include a strategy, please PM me or another moderator to unlock this thread so you can edit the strategy into your initial post.

    Thank you,

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