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    Ok so after reading tego's report on japans meta game I was very interested in a concept he was talking about seeing. where honchkrow was played along side with wobbuffet LM. it is used to snipe while locking there active in with wobbuffet (or just plaine attack but you get the picture) so i made this deck in hopes that it might just work.

    4-Absol SW
    4-Murkrow MT (i had 1 sw but I didnt notice a difference)
    1-Honchkrow LV.X
    3-Spinarak MT }I also like a 2-2 ariados and a 2-2 wevile
    3-Ariados MT }making the :grass: nrg into :dark:
    1-Sableye CG } and getting rid of the 2 PP to do this
    (I was thinking maybe an absol ex but wasent sure)

    3-Rosanes research
    3-Celios network
    1-Premir ball
    1-night maintenance
    3-Team galactic mars
    3-Stevens advice
    3-Warp point
    2-moonlight stadium
    2-Plus power


    The strategies pretty simple
    - Start with absol for early disruption then get out a honchkrow asap and as many murkrows on the bench with spinaraks and then use ariados to lock in there active (hopefully there starter) and start using feint attack on their Pokemon making them waste there nrg for the turn to retreat . I know this deck dosent sound like much but, I do like it and I think it could do very well just not agenst magmortar .... :frown:

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    And this doesn't interest anyone?
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