LAGRANGE IN Dragon Pre-Release Photos Big SCreen GBA Report and More

Discussion in 'Archive' started by annisarich, Nov 24, 2003.

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  1. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    We had a great time. Farbsman again set up a venue that seemed like a small version of a large conference event. Very professional.

    Here is the url for my photos of the day.

    Now my report as a Judge................

    Farbsman greeted me with a smile after our 1:45 trip from Michigan. His friends and Family had the space set up the evening before sans a few tables. He had planned on bringing in Pizza and had Hot Dogs, soda and chips available.
    The retail corner and judges table and TO area were set up with lots of nice banners etc.

    Sign up went rather quickly but we were a little delayed in the start of play (1pm) because of Deck List confusion and the large number of players. Somehow it this event (which was well advertised in the loacl papers and retail outlets) in a town of 17000 had larger attendance than the Detroit Metro area event. *****POP are you listining, keep supporting the rural areas ****

    The event ran fine until the Tournament Software decided to combine two players into one person and totally screw up the last two swiss rounds. The players at this event were very patient as we paired players by record and the last known oponents win%. Then we shifted people who we had matched who had already played. The players caught on to what we were trying to acomplish and helped greatly.

    The next round took a while to set up again as we matched up as best as possible to get a clear top 8 finishers in each age group balancing record and age and etc.....

    Then became the hard task of figuring out the top eight finishers by age . because we had no useable software we went to another room and had to figure the oponents win % to unclog the log jamb of our top players. Its hard to believe but there was a glut even after 7 swiss rounds. I know in my heart we spent our time to get it correct. Only one mom was a bit upset about part of the whole fiasco. And that was because we did tell the players who were definitly not getting prizes that they were done. She interpeded that as her son then must be getting something. Well he was one of 8 players who had the same final points for 7 and 8 place. When it was all figured the boy was not one of the last two last prize receipients. He was devistated and it took a short while to explain. The TO helped her out fom his own pocket. A nice move and I hope it keeps her and her son interested in playing.

    Farbsman had wonderful plans to run extra events after the main event. If this software had not screwed up I think we would have been done about 5ish .There were several players who traveled hours to play sanctioned tournaments other than the main. But the software Fiasco delayed us a few hours over all and not many people stayed . I hope he did not lose $$ organizing this event because of the cra%$# tools he was sent to use. This software is barely Beta....

    The Large SCreen TV's for the GBA event. Boy oh Boy. The kids really loved playing on those large screens. It was really Cool IMHO

    All in all the Main event came off well. I'd gladly help judging a similar event agin. The players here were super. I wish I could have played you a match Bruce ( my arch nemisis )

    My son got in the top 8 in the 10- and enjoyed his packs of cards. He was excited to take 3rd in the GBA event also.

    A+ Farbsman
    A to POP for the Pre-Release tournamnt regularity. This is good for organized play.
    D to POP for sending out really poor software and not having support available via phone etc the day we are running their premier events.
  2. Sands

    Sands New Member

    I agree with Annisarich on all the setup Derek had for the event! It was very well thought out with a lot of extra personal touches (food, drink, t.v. to watch Michigan vs Ohio State, the GBA tournament, the building, advertising, etc...)

    I look forward to Derek's next Pre-Release tournament if he chooses to do one! :)

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