LaGrange IN Magma/Aqua PreRelease Report

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by annisarich, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    We had another good time at LaGrange.

    There were over 45 players and the -10 bracket was reaking havoc throughout the afternoon. The only undefeated player all day was -10.
    After the required swiss rounds we had several ties (even win%) So we had a tie-breaker round.
    The TO stated that there was problems with the TMS software again. I hope it is settled for States.

    Here is a link to some photos:

  2. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    Nice pics, Rich, but only one each where you can see me. Oh, well, I'd like to forget the tourney anyway since I went 1-8 for the day. Just my luck, I guess. Tanner was 2-2 in the Gameboy tournament, and he picked up the Neopets starter and several packs, so he had fun. Thanks to Farbsman and the judges for another good tournament.
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