Lati@s Lv.X

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  1. Origins

    Origins New Member

    Latios :colorless HP80

    [.] Soul Dew
    Remove 2 damadge counters and all special conditions from 1 of your Latios or Latias in play.

    :psychic::water::colorlessLuster Purge: 70
    During your next turn, Luster Purges base damadge is 40.

    Retreat Cost: (c)

    Latios Lv.X :colorlessHP110

    Prevent all damadge done to Latios Lv.X by any pokemon with PokePowers or PokeBodys.

    :colorless:colorless:colorless Jet Flight:80
    Discard Latios and all cards attached.

    Retreat Cost:---

    Latias :colorlessHP70

    PokeBody:Aura Reaction
    Whenever one of your Latios or Latias is attacked, after the attack resolves, remove the Lv.X stage off that pokemon into there hand, if any.

    :psychic::fire:Mist Ball:30
    Flip a coin. If heads, Mist Balls base damadge is 80 during your next turn.

    Retreat Cost: (c)

    Latias Lv.X :colorlessHP90

    All Latios, Latias, Latios Lv.X, Latias Lv.X in play may use all eachothers attacks, including its energy cost and anything else required to do that attack.

    :fire::fire::fire: Hot Perfume:90
    Return Latias Lv.X and all cards attatched to your hand. During your opponents next turn, prevent all effecs of attacks, including damadge, done to the new active Latios or Latios Lv.X.

    Retreat Cost:---
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  2. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    Put Mist alive on Latios and make it affect Latias, as Latios is already nearly immune. However, i like the cards. Great powers and bodies with decent attacks with drawbacks, makes the cards not too overpowered.
  3. Origins

    Origins New Member

    Hey, thanks!

    If these guys had good acceleration, they would basically be invincible, think about it; Jet Flight, Hot Perfume, and Compasion lets eachother use eachothers attacks.

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