Lawrence Welk (Oh, the Bubbles!)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Broken Lizard, Oct 5, 2003.

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  1. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

    Yes, it's time to turn on the bubble machine...

    Lawrence Welk

    Pokémon (18)
    4 Marill (SS)
    3 Azumarill (2SS, 1AQ)
    3 Bulbasaur (EX, 50HP)
    1 Ivysaur (EX)
    3 Venusaur (EX, Harvest Bounty)
    2 Skitty (SS)
    2 Delcatty (RS, Holo)

    Trainers (24)
    4 Juggler
    4 Oracle
    4 Power Charge
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Dual Ball
    2 Fast Ball
    2 Energy Restore
    1 TV

    Energy (18)
    2 Warp
    2 Cyclone
    4 Boost
    10 Water

    No healing. No defense of any kind. Just straight Max Bubble frothing. Flippy, yes, but that's so much FUN!

    Of course, attaching 2 Boost in 1 turn would be amazing... and Cyclone makes for some fine tricks. I'll need this to deal with Scizor.

    I'm using balls to fetch Pokémon instead of using search supporters because I want my 1 supporter per turn to give me speed.

    This build seems a little thin and unstable to me. (*Pines away for Elm*)

    There must be something that I'm missing.

    [Edit: Dropped a Warp and a TV for another 2 Water, and changed the name...]
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  2. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    You need more basic NRG for Delcatty to be effective enough. 2-3 more would help drastically IMO. Attaching 2 Boosts is hilarious though. Youd OHKO basically anything. Use Venusaur to attach 2, next turn, Power Charge, Oracle, Delcatty, do it again :p Har har. The deck is very flippy but should OHKO stuff anyways. Thats not my fear. My fear is consistancy on getting it out. Azumarril is also a frail pokemon and easy to KO. That and Gardevoir EX still is hard to KO. Sceptiles resistance hurts as well. I still say its a great deck. VERY nice to see some new stuff being posted. This deck looks like it could be very troublesome. VERY masterfully done. Now to get mehself some Azumarrils to test! (writes out some proxies :p)
  3. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member


    I assume all your Marril are free retreat. SS free retreat Marril is one of the cheapest pokemon in exsistance :D In the SS prerelease I had 2 free retreat Marril in my deck. Chaos insued...
  4. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    Dude, wassup ... we gotta play on apprentice sometime ... i wanna cry when i see two boost on azumarill =/

    Seriously though, two boost on azumarill is whack.

    I don't like Juggler just with 10 Waters, you won't pull it off that much, ill rather just use delcatty for the 3 ... so try

    -4 Juggler
    +2 Copycat
    +2 Oak's Reasearch

    This deck looks amazingly fun ...


  5. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    WitW! Why is this topic not getting more replies? This is serious a sick idea...heres the list I currently run...

    3 Marril
    3 Azumarril
    3 Bulbasaur
    3 Ivysaur
    2 Venusaur
    3 Skitty
    3 Delcatty

    8 Water
    4 Boost
    8 Grass

    4 Copycat
    4 Oracle
    4 Power Charge
    1 TV
    2 Fan Club
    2 Switch
    3 Juggler

    More energy means more Venusaur fun. It also means more, oh sooooo much more Juggler and Delcatty fun! I also run Grass so I could actually use Venusaur to attack.. It does surprisingly well vs Gardevoir IMO. 80 and flip to prevent them from attacking.

    It seems a tad bit flippy but it also seems more than a tad bit BROKEN!!! I need Azumarrils -_-
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