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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Mattrd08, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    Pre-release pull rates were ridiculous. Everybody got some sort of EX or Full Art, most people got more than one, mostly from the Radiant subset. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason not only to the rates, but to what cards were in each pack. If there was a card trick, nobody figured it out. In my first six packs I got a Radiant Reshiram FA, Mew EX FA, Meloetta EX regular, and White Kyurem EX (Mew EX FA and White Kyurem EX were in the same pack, and, unless I'm mistaken, there was a Holo Emboar in that pack as well). In my two extra packs, I got a second Mew, which I traded for a Meloetta FA. It seems like there was a gold FA (which, by the way, ARE secret rares) in about every other box, though this may have been happenstance. I for one can't wait to open up a box.
  2. Scizor Master CLR

    Scizor Master CLR New Member

    Holy Mother of Arceus! If this set's pull rates are like that I will end up buying my first booster box ever. :O
  3. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    Yeah it was insane. Also, the Radiant Collection cards that are not holo or have a holo pattern actually look rather ugly. At first glance they kinda look old and bent, even.
  4. mahius

    mahius New Member

    That sounds ridiculous. According to Pokebeach there's a gold FA every other CASE. Unless you meant case in the first place.
    Also it seems that the contents of a booster are as follows:
    4 Common
    2 Uncommon
    1 Rare
    1 Reverse Holo
    2 Radiant Collection Subset

    I'm happy about radiant collection being easier to collect, though it'll mean you get 72 RC cards per box when there's only 25 cards in the subset. I'd prefer one more uncommon in place of a RC card meaning uncommons will be more difficult to come by. Not so chuffed about that. I hope somebody does figure out a card trick soon as I like to open packs in that way. It's nice to see that EX cards are so common but I'm worried that the normal/holo rares will be harder to come by as a result. It's pretty cool to see 2 EX in a pack though.
  5. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    We went through four boxes -not cases- (a record low number of people showed up for this) and one of each got pulled.
  6. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Mahius' numbers sound about right. I can break it down a bit further...

    4 Common
    2 Uncommon
    1 Rare (replaced by a regular-set EX or SR in certain packs)
    1 Reverse Holo (replaced by a Regular Holo in certain packs)
    1 Nonholo Radiant Collection (excluding EX and FA)
    1 Holo Radiant Collection (can be EX or FA)

    I saw somebody pull an FA RC EX, regular EX, and regular Holo in the same pack.

    This set is going to be amazing for rarity chasers, and torture for people like me who chase the RH complete set...
  7. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    Yeah, that happened to me, as stated above. I was then asked if I was God, to which I replied "maybe."
  8. Suitch

    Suitch New Member

    This set is going to be so fun.
  9. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    How many people are pulling multiple ultra rares from 1 pack?
  10. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    At least three people at my pre-release did, however, this is considering the Radiant Collection EX's and Full Arts to be "ultra rares," which may be pushing it since they don't seem to be inherently rarer than any other Radiant Collection cards (if anything they look to be more common - I saw a crapton of Meloettas and only one Pikachu).

    Anyway, here is my entire haul, out of 8 packs:

    White Kyurem-EX


    Empoleon x2
    Seismitoad x2

    Meloetta-EX regular
    Eevee x2
    Teddiursa x2
    Reshiram FA
    Mew-EX FA x2 (traded one for Meloetta-EX FA)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2013
  11. mahius

    mahius New Member

    I was going to say my numbers were a bit wrong since RH weren't in every pack. I'm a bit disappointed in that since, I love collecting my RHs too. I might leave them out for this set. Depends on how many I get from my 2+ booster boxes (yet to order blisters) which I ordered yesterday. I had to purchase singles for PB RHs but with so many cards in LT it may just break the bank. I'm in 2 minds about the pack contents. Honestly I'd have preferred one RC card per pack replacing a common. Or even just adding the 2 RC cards as extras to make a 12 card pack. I'm guessing due to high EX count they made the decision to replace some RH with Holos, why the hate on RHs? I'd prefer the rare slot to be normal but then it would mean too many cards competing for that slot in the booster.

    Wow thats ridicuous. If numbers are anything to go by, the next 20 boxes won't get a gold FA. Just as well that only a few people turned up cos those are the luckiest few people (well the people who got FAs anyway).

    Anyhow I'm too busy with work to attend any pre-releases, so I can't put up any pull rates till the set is released. I'd be very happy if people managed to get pull rates per box. Usually its a box per table of 6 people isn't it? I'd be even happier of people put up the ratios for normal rare/rare holos/reverse holos too per box since the packs are different this time around. I know I will when I open my packs. Useful info for collectors.
  12. Normal guy

    Normal guy New Member

    1x Kyurem EX
    2x pikachu RC
    1x energy switch

    8 packs for those

    I guess I need some more luck because everyone next to me was pulling out EXs
    still I made it with 3 wins and 1 lose
  13. Karlos The Jackal

    Karlos The Jackal New Member

    Woh, sounds rather high pull rates!

    Just wondering though, with older boosters (Well in the BW era so far) we've been able to do the card trick to put the rarest cards at the back of the pack, with these reports of what people are pulling it sounds like that won't work any more, am I correct in this assumption or will the take the 6th & 7th card out & put them at the back trick still work?

    I either way I'm attending a Pre-Release here in the UK on the 2nd November for this series (My first ever Pre-Release!) , ill get back to you on what my pulls are!

    Delivered by Western Union in the rain after 70 Years
  14. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    IIRC, the card trick looked something like this, from front to back:

    4 commons
    1 Radiant Collection (Common)
    1 Reverse Holo or Holo Rare
    1 NHR, Holo Rare, EX, or SR
    1 Radiant Collection (Uncommon or Rare)
    2 Uncommons

    Again though, that's vaguely from memory after seeing what the actual per-pack was, since I didn't figure out the trick when I was opening my own packs. I may be wrong.
  15. Karlos The Jackal

    Karlos The Jackal New Member

    So it looks like the same tick should work. That's good to hear :)

    Delivered by Western Union in the rain after 70 Years
  16. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

  17. Mattrd08

    Mattrd08 New Member

    So from what I have come to understand, out of the two Radiant Collection cards in each pack, each is taken from a specific set, making certain ones more likely to come across than others.

    The first one is one of the following: Snivy, Servine, Torchic, Ralts, Kirlia, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Audino, Minccino, Elsa, giving each individual card from that group a 10% chance of being pulled in any given booster pack.

    The second card is one of the remaining: Serperior, Growlithe, Piplup, Pikachu, Gardevoir, Meloetta-EX, Stunfisk, Purrloin, Eevee, Cinccino, Shaymin-EX FA, Reshiram FA, Emolga FA, Mew-EX FA, Meloetta-EX FA, giving each individual card from that group about a 7% chance of appearing in any given booster! making them slightly rarer than each card in the first group.

    Regardless, the odds say that, with a perfect distribution, you will have multiple complete Radiant Collection sets from opening a booster box.
  18. PKM4

    PKM4 Compendium Publishing Assistant

    In my half a box I pulled Black Kyurem EX, Reshiram EX, Zekrom EX, Lugia EX, Reshiram FA, Meloetta EX, Meloetta EX FA, and Shaymin EX FA. I'm missing 36 cards from the regular set and only missing Emolga from RC. We opened four boxes at are Prerelease and only one Gold Reshiram was pulled. Altogether 6 boxes were opened and there were EXs everywhere. Only one SR though.
  19. mahius

    mahius New Member

    I watched the first full box opening of LT on youtube and here are the pull statistics, keeping in mind that reverses, holos and rares don't really exist for Radiant Collection as it's a subset. Second number is total of that card type:
    Normal Rares: 29/13
    Reverse Holo: 16/101
    Holo: 19/30
    EX (Legendary Treasures): 6/12
    EX (Radiant Collection NFA): 1/1 - can only be Meloetta EX
    Full Arts (Radiant Collection inc. EX): 8/5
    Full Art Secret Rare: 1/2

    EX and full art pulls are as follows (in order of set number):
    Victini EX (LT)
    Reshiram EX (LT)
    Kyurem EX (LT)
    Zekrom EX (LT)
    Darkrai EX (LT)
    Black Kyurem EX (LT)
    Meloetta EX (RC)
    Shaymin EX FA (RC)
    Reshiram FA (RC) x2
    Emolga FA (RC)
    Mew EX FA (RC)
    Meloetta EX FA (RC) x2
    Zekrom FA Gold (LT)

    As you can see this set is very messed up. More holo rares than normal rares and you get less of them. They should have left holo rares in the rare slot, while moving EX and secret rares to the reverse slot. At least then the number of reverse cards would be reasonable. This set will be VERY difficult to colect the reverse holos for, as (using these ratios to extrapolate) one would need 7 booster boxes, each with different reverse holos to complete the set of reverse holos. As a collector who like his reverse holos, I am thoroughly disappointed.

    Numbers do add up correctly though as RH and holos are in the same slot, while the rares share a slot with LT EX and Secret Rares. Roughly the half the boosters will have holo rares and the other half with have reverse holos. Even if Radiant Collection wasn't a subset included in these boosters, the pull rates for the LT cards were very good. 7 different ultra rares (one being secret rare gold Zekrom) would make for a good booster box. I'm glad they didn't over do the NFA Meloetta EX like in Shiny Collection, where you got an average of 3 per box. It looks like you can complete one set of RC with spares with just one box and in theory you can collect the entire set of LT (excluding RH) with 2 boxes, provided that the second box gave the 6 EX that were not in the first and different holo rares to the first one. I hope my 2 boxes are like that so I don't have to resort to buying singles.

    If I can be bothered, I might list the unique (different types) of holos and reverse holos to give us an idea whether more packs will be needed to collect those sets.

    Another youtube box opening.

    Normal Rares: 29/13
    Reverse Holo: 18/101
    Holo: 18/30
    EX (Legendary Treasures): 6/12
    EX (Radiant Collection NFA): 2/1
    Full Arts (Radiant Collection inc. EX): 8/5
    Full Art Secret Rare: 1/2

    EX and full art pulls are as follows (in order of set number):
    Victini EX (LT)
    Reshiram EX (LT)
    Kyurem EX (LT)
    Zekrom EX (LT)
    Darkrai EX (LT)
    Black Kyurem EX (LT)
    Meloetta EX (RC) x2
    Reshiram FA (RC)
    Emolga FA (RC) x2
    Mew EX FA (RC) x2
    Meloetta EX FA (RC) x2
    Reshiram FA Gold (LT)

    This box seemed to have the exact same pull ratio as the other box and COINCIDENTALLY the same LT EX cards as the first. This box opening was done by a completely different person though both boxes were leftovers (too many booster boxes) at 2 different pre-releases. Unfortunately most of the notable RC cards were duplicates so this box didn't have the complete RC set. Also a bit freaky was that this box also contained a golden secret rare, HOWEVER this is just a coincidence. Not all boxes contain secret rares once again the ratio of them was mentioned to be one in 2 cases. Anyhow this backs up the ratios from the first box, or the ratios are fixed just for pre-release so people are hyped. Holos and reverses seemed to be unique (no duplicates) so there's a good chance that you can complete the set (without reverse holos) with 2 boxes if one is lucky.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2013
  20. EricDent

    EricDent New Member

    Went to the local one today.
    Boy was it small, maybe too many people went to Regionals last week to bother.

    Plus it was rather unorganized in comparison to the last few.
    Didn't even tell us we had to sign up, and didn't tell us to get cards.

    Out of 8 packs (no starters darn):

    Shaymin EX (full art)
    Darkrai EX
    Keldeo EX
    Meloetta EX (full art)
    2 Cobalion
    1 Xatu
    1 Tangrowth
    1 Emboar
    2 Seismitoad
    1 Gyarados
    1 Kyurem

    Shiny stuff:

    1 Purrloin
    1 Stunfisk
    3 Servine (traded for 1)
    1 Snivy
    1 Growlithe
    1 Eevee (everybody wanted it)
    1 Torchic
    1 Gardevoir
    1 Audino
    2 Minccino
    1 Cinccino



    At league we finally got the new season stuff.
    Got a Skyla.
    And 4 code cards (nobody cares about these)

    Nobody gave me their extra code cards for the new set.
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