Legends Awakened in Oakville

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by ugly psyducky, Aug 12, 2008.

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    After much anticipation, the day of the LA prerelease finally came and we were off to the event. The four of us are all playing so I'm hoping we can pull at least 1 Lvl X. After a bit of a drawn out registration process we get down to openning packs. I open my first pack and pull Rhyperior Lvl X. Janice pulls Uxie Lvl X about halfway through her 6. I get down to building and find that I have a terrible mess of cards to work with. I have 3 Oddish, 2 Gloom and 1 Vileplume so those go in my deck along with my single supporter Cynthias. I have 3 Gligar and 1 of the Jab Gliscors so they go in my deck as well. I also get Marowak, Regirock, Deoxys Normal and some assorted Unknowns that look interesting, so I settle on Psychic and Fighting. I'm short one card when I'm done so I grab the metal Heatran and shove it in my deck. Quinn pulls Azelf Lvl X in his packs. So we've opened 24 packs for 3 Level X's -- its a very good day.

    First Round vs. Louie

    Completely forget what he's playing but I start well with Gliscor in my hand and drawing into Gligar in T3, using Unknown ? for draw power. It works great because with the Leaf Oddish and Metal Heatran I can almost always throw someone off. I'm up 2 prizes when he gets something going and Gliscor goes down. I bring up Marowak do 40 and fail my flip. Fortuantely I get Regirock and am able to Regicyle and bring it up to do 70 with the Flip 2 times in a row for two KOs GG


    Second Round vs. Curtis

    Whatever he's got its better than me. I start well with Azelf and Cynthias in my hand, but when I drop Azelf there's no Pokemon in my deck only energy 4 fights (of my 7). He get Houndoom up T3 and I have a huge bench but fortunately he can only deal 60 because he can't get the fire energies. I make it a bit of a game, but in the end I can't recover and without Fight energy I can get Regi or Gliscor working.


    Third Round vs. Jen McK-B

    My deck works much better this time. I get Regirock working early and Azelf nets me Gliscor from my prizes. I stay ahead all game. Ahead 2 prizes I need to flip 2 heads on Marowok FTW and my dice co-operate. GG


    Fourth Round vs. David H. (Heatran / Eggs)

    I get a perfect start getting Unknown ? up early and pretty much getting the bonus card every turn. I seem to have the game well in hand until he evolves his Egg I have 6 cards in my hand and he has no cards, so there goes my Cynthia's as well as a bunch of good cards and I have none. He's got enough energy attached to do some serious damage, so he starts discarding 2 or 3 a turn and we get to 2 / 2 on prize cards. I get Regirock drop it and attach one energy. He only has one energy left and tries it but flips tails. I draw a leaf Oddish, ? him, get one more card and drop 2 for the energy. I hit his egg for 10 can't remember what I had up as a sacrifice. Anyway he KOs it. I bring up Regirock, draw Heatran, ? again. He guess's wrong and I get one more energy attached. Attack flip heads for the KO. He brings up Heatran, attaches an energy, but I hit again for 70. He can't get it powered up in time and scoops

    This was a good game, Eggs is one nasty card and Regirock is a Prerelease Beast


    Firth Round vs. Wes

    I start with Oddish, Gloom, Marowak and Cubone, 2 Fight and 1 Psychic. Looks pretty good. He starts Riolu and attach TM-1. and an energy. Ooops this doesn't look good. He searches his deck and well his Lucario is prized. He puts up a good fight, knocking out my Gloom just as I top deck my Vileplume (never did get to play it). Gliscor does the rest of the dirty work after he forces my Marowak to return to my bench with Regice.


    I come 4th place, Quinn comes 2nd. So we get 10 packs. We pull Magnezone Lvl X and Gliscor Lvl X out of those packs.

    5 for 34, it was a GOOD day.

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