Lincoln, NE CC 2nd with Vilegar

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    Hye Pokegym, before I start this tournament report I want to let you know that this was my first tournament since I have been playing for about three months now. I decided I wanted to play vilegar about two weeks ago and I stuck with my choice going up to the tournament. On Friday, I played a couple of battles and made a few minor changes to my list. Saturday morning I woke up and prepared to drive the 1 hour drive down to Lincoln from Omaha. I arrived at hobbytown, registered and handed in my deck list. Thanks to Franco for letting me borrow a gengar and charles for letting me borrow gengar lv X. 27 masters, 5 rounds of swiiss, top 4

    Round 1: ? (I am terrible with names and this happens the whole report since I played no one from my city): DonChamp
    I sit down at the table and I was really nervous, like almost shaking. I start azelf to his machop. On his first turn he bebes looking for a sf machamp but can't find one so he gets the prime. He candys to the prime and attaches a fighting energy. I am really lucky that he didnt run azelf and both of his sf machamps were prized so I didn't get donked. I proceeded to get up a vileplume and gengar and sweep his field with gengar. GG

    Round 2: Kendell: Sp toolbox (garchomp c/mismagius gl/primape)
    He starts garchomp c to my spiritomb. He attaches a dce and claw swipes my tomb for 10. I start darkness gracing and he dragon rushes my tomb to kill it. As soon as plume hit the field the game was basically over and you could tell by the look on his face. I don't know why but even when I had a fully powered gengar active and plume on the bench with him having no way of killing it he still got his tgi trainer every time he cyrus'ed. He kind of stalled by taking 5 minute turns while doing nothing but eventually I poltergeisted enough to kill all his pokes. GG

    Round 3: Isaiah: DonChamp
    This is a different opponent than in my first match and the game was a lot closer because he got more donphans and regirock'ed his trainers away the whole game. I don't remember a whole lot from this match except for when we both had two prizes left and he eq'ed my gengar knocking out his regirock and putting one dmg counter on a benched uxie. On my turn I shadow roomed the uxie for game. GG

    Round 4: ?: Gyarados
    Another strange match. He gets a bad start with combee to my tomb. I get set up but only my gengar. I start hitting him with shadow rooms and poltergeists while he only has 1 karp in the discard pile. From there he plays junk arm a few times and never once puts another karp in the discard. Eventually after I go up 5-2 he impersonates for a volkners to discard a karp and regice's the other karp the next turn but by that point it is too late. Time is called during his turn and I am up 4-1 and I take my last prize during my turn. GG

    Round 5: ?: Charizard
    I knew that he ran a good amount of trainers so I hurry to get up my vileplume. I do this fast and by turn 3 or 4 I have a gengar poltergeisting for 120 under trainer lock to an energyless charizard. I continue to sweep without him taking a prize until I have three prizes left when I seeker so he will pick up his last remaining bench poke and I ko his active for the game. GG

    Top 4: Cody: Absol Prime/Umbreon UD/Mew prime
    Game 1: I get a very slow start and he takes a two prize lead. I draw into a twins and get up my plume and a gengar. I shadow room around his umbreons for most of the game barely pulling out the win 1-0. GG
    Game 2: My start is much faster this time getting up vileplume t2 or 3. I shadow room with gengar and actually use my umbreonn tech to much success this game, espeon ud. I win 3-0 I think. GG
    6-0 (7-0)

    Top 2: Isaiah: DonChamp
    Game 1: I have a slow start and by the time I get out plume he has a donphan prime, machamp prime, and machamp sf all on the field. By this point he basically has the game but I put up a fight and end up losing 2-0. GG
    Game 2: I have a much faster start and get out both gengar and vileplume pretty fast. I shadow room his Eq'd uxies or poltergeist his active to take most of my prizes, while using lookers to scope out his hand. (side note: I hate when machamp prime crushing punch aways my rescue energy when I need gengar back :(. I end up winning 2 or 3 to 0. GG
    Game 3: (sudden death): I start tomb and gastly to his phanpy. He is going first attaches a fighting energy and passes. I can't do anything because my hand consisted of a psychic energy warp energy 2 tomb and gengar. I am forced to just darkness grace into haunter hoping he doesnt have the donphan. He bebe's for the donphan and EQ's for game. GG
    6-1 (8-2)

    I had a good run but in the end this deck is not made for sudden death at all. Thanks everyone for reading. In my 10 packs I got gengar prime, electrode prime, and bottom DCL.

    Steve Ferrel for a good tournament
    Franco for letting me borrow a gengar
    Charles for letting me borrow a Gengar lv X
    Gengar Prime in my packs :)
    2nd Place in first tournament

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    I wasn't your opponent in any of the matches, but your third-round and championship opponent was Isaiah. The Top-4 opponent, I think, was Cody. The others I have no idea.

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