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  1. Linux

    Linux New Member


    1. All cards I receive MUST be in mint condition (with exception of BULK i will accept NM) if you send non mint cards I will send your cards back after leaving a negative ref check your cards before you send tilt card in the light check for scuff marks etc…
    2. I Dont Play I Collect
    3. you rip me and I will file mail fraud ive done it before i ALWAYS send through post office i never buy stamps or sent through mailbox and i always keep my post office receipts so i will always have proof that i sent
    4. I do not trade overseas unless worth the trade
    5. Follow Ref Rules
    6. Will send in bubble mailer and DC on all big trades




    Specific Wants

    Crystal Charizard - Reg holo only
    World Championship Lugia EX
    World Chapionship Blastiose EX
    PreRealse Clefable
    Nidoqueen - H21/H32 - Holo
    Kabutops - H13/H32 - Holo
    Ditto - 63/113 - (San Diego Comic Con) Common
    Deoxys - 93/106 - (Stadium Challenge) Rare
    Birthday Pikachu - 24 - Holo Rare
    Kirlia - 8/17 - Holo Rare POP 7
    Pikachu - 13/17 - Holo Rare POP 4
    Combusken - 6/17 - Holo Rare POP 4
    Blastoise - 1/17 - Holo Rare & NON Holo POP 3
    Tyranitar EX POP 1 NON Holo
    Ho-oh- 7/64 - Holo
    Umbreon - 13/75 - Holo
    Light Dragonite - 14/105 - Holo
    Dark Espeon - 4/105 - Holo
    Jungle Series Jolteon & Flareon HOLO
    Suicune ex - 94/95
    Sceptile ex - 93/95
    Blaziken ex - 89/95
    Kyogre ex - 94/101
    Venusaur EX
    Dusclops ex - 94/106
    Gardevoir Lv.X - 131/132
    Giratina LV.X - DP38
    Metang - 023 - (Stadium Challenge)
    Mewtwo Lv. X - DP28
    Pikachu (RED CHEEKS) - 58/102 - E3
    Rare Candy - 82/95 - League Promo
    Rayquaza - 22/107 - (Pokemon Day)
    Torchic - 6 - Holo
    Salamence ex - 103/107
    Rayquaza ex - 97/97
    Gardevoir ex (Delta Species) - 93/101
    Rayquaza ex (Delta Species) - 97/101
    Regice ex - 98/106 - Ultra-Rare
    Registeel ex - 99/101 - Ultra-Rare
    Salamence ex - 96/108 - Ultra-Rare

    Other Wants

    Mudkip, Torchic - UK Promos with pokeball stamp on them
    JPN Promos
    Crystal Pokmon
    * Pokemon
    Graded cards
    Giratina M
    Lv X Cards
    Ex Cards
    1st Edition Neo Shining Cards
    Pretty much anything valuabe





    x1 Charizard Shadowless Base Booster Pack

    Have Now

    Booster Packs

    If you are looking for a specific art work cover ask and im pretty sure that i have it

    Bulk MUST be in NM - Mint Condition with NO ENERGIES, it can be from any set
    Each Bulk Price is for EACH booster

    Please don't try to be sneaky and send me damaged cards or not the correct amount specified i have had these problems in the past and i WILL leave negative feedback if this happens again

    Not all cards on my list have a bulk price next to it so if would like to offer bulk for it just ask and i will let you know

    Bulk Points System

    Commons/Uncommons = 1 Point
    RH Commons/Uncommons = 2 Points
    Holo/RH Rares = 5 Points
    Holo Energies = 6 Points
    Anything on my "Specific Wants List" = Just Ask

    X3 Shadowless Base Set Booster Packs - 900
    X1 Base Set Booster Packs - 300
    X4 1st edition Team Rocket Booster Packs - 300
    X4 1st edition Gym Heroes Booster Packs - 300
    X4 1st edition Gym Challenge Booster Packs - 300
    X3 Base Set 2 Booster Packs - 250
    X1 Japanese Base Set Booster Pack - 200
    X1 Japanese Jungle Booster Pack - 200
    X1 Japanese Fossil Booster Pack - 200
    X1 Japanese Team Rocket Booster Pack - 200
    X1 Japanese Gym Heroes Booster Pack - 200
    X1 Japanese Gym Challenge Booster Pack - 200
    x1 JPN 1st Edition Hail Blizzard Booster Pack - 200
    x1 JPN 1st Edition Psycho Drive Booster Pack - 200
    x1 JPN 1st Edition Dark Slash Booster Pack - 200

    Rare Cards

    UK Promo Treecko Pokeball Stamp RARE - 400
    JPN Coro Coro Batlle City Promo - 300
    PSA 9 JPN Ancient Mew - 400
    Base Shadowless Nintailes(played) - 100
    x1 1st Edition Kyurem EX - Newer Version - 300
    x1 1st Edition Shaymin EX - Newer Version - 150
    x1 1st Edition Entei EX - Newer Version - 200

    Other English Cards

    1st Edition Lt. Surge Raichu - 250

    Japanese Section

    Pikachu Gold Victory Medal
    JPN SEALED Pokepark Torchic
    Giratina Silver Victory Medal
    Pikachu Battle Road Promo -

    Slowpoke 14/18 McDonalds Mini Series Holo

    Sqiurlte - 07/18 McDonalds Mini Series Holo

    2010 US Released Pikachu World Collection 9 Card Set

    Quick Starer Deck JApanese Masterball HOLO

    99% Complete JPN Arceus Movie Half Deck INCLUDING ENERGIES (Only Missing Giratina M) Will ONLY Trade As Set Unless For Something I REALLY Want

    Card List

    Energies Look Like This

    Regular JPN Cards

    DP3 Mew - 1st Edition Holo
    Neo Pikachu
    DP2 Pichu
    DP2 Pikachu
    DP4 Flareon
    Raichu GL - 1st Edition
    PT2 Eevee - 1st Edition
    DP6 Pichu - 1st Edition
    Base Squirtle


    1st Edition Great Crobat
    1st Edition Great Ursauring

    VS 1st Edition Cards

    Falkner's Togetic
    Falkner's Delibird
    Falkner's Fearow
    Falkner's Farfetch'd
    Whitney's Miltank
    Whitney's Wigglytuff
    Whitney's Furret
    Whitney's Lickitung
    Full heal
    Energy Search
    Warp Point
    Fire Energy

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  2. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    X1 Japanese Base Set Booster Pack - 200

    200 Bulk
    CML for more.

    I also have a Beckett graded 9 mint Kingdra ex from ex dragon. It is the only one ever graded for beckett. How many points do you value it?
  3. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    I'd like a breakdown of points values for bulk!

    LMK -PokemonTrader :D

    Since Im interested in your VS AND your booster packs
  4. Linux

    Linux New Member


    Sure PM me to confirm

    sorry not really interested in the kingdra ex


    i honestly have no clue when it comes to point except just commons and uncommons but il let go of all my VS cards for 250 commons/uncommons

  5. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    I'd really like point breakdowns cause it is expensive to ship 250 cards from canada
  6. Linux

    Linux New Member

    oh yea i forgot you live in canada

    honestly i dont even know how to break it down im sorry
  7. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    First I would like to know how many points you value the Kingdra.
  8. Linux

    Linux New Member

    if i had it on my list i would personally ask 350 for it

    if you are asking points as in holos, RH, ect.. i have no idea how to figure all that stuff out just commonc and uncommons
  9. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    Okay. I think that is too little sine it is graded 9 mint. Have you CML'ed?
  10. Linux

    Linux New Member

    yea im sorry but thats just me i know some people would be willing to give more so dont worry

    yea i chec but didnt see anything else im sorry unless yu have something on my specific want list that i missed
  11. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    I do have a Jungle holo Flareon unlisted. It is played condition though. Would you still want it?
  12. Linux

    Linux New Member

    no im sorry only near mint or better
  13. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    Okay then please PM me. Thanks.
  14. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    No problem!
    See anything on my list that you like?
  15. Linux

    Linux New Member


    ok great il PM you right away


    Sadly i didnt see anything im sorry let me know if you still want to work something out
  16. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    I would but until you get other values I don't think a deal can be made,,,
  17. Linux

    Linux New Member

    ok i figured out a points system

    Commons/Uncommons = 1 Point
    RH Commons/Uncommons = 2 Points
    Holo/RH Rares = 5 Points
    Holo Energies = 6 Points
    Anything on my "Specific Wants List" = Just Ask
  18. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    Can you give me a point value for a mint Japanese Dialga G LV.X?
  19. Linux

    Linux New Member

    actually for bulk im only taking english
  20. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    Would you want a Aipom staped with SDCC (SD Comic Con)?
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