List of 2009-2010 league promos

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  1. gallade

    gallade New Member

    sorry, does anyone have the list of the league promos? i cannot remember them right now. thanks in advance.
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  2. level100

    level100 New Member

    Season 1: Rival
    Snorlax (Platinum—Rising Rivals, 33/117)
    Uxie (Diamond & Pearl—Legends Awakened, 43/146)
    Season 2: Cyrus
    Arcanine [G] (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 15/147)
    Dialga [G] (Platinum, 7/127)
    Season 3: Cynthia
    Milotic C (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 35/147)
    Claydol (Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters, 15/106)
    Season 4: Palmer
    Dragonite FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 56/147)
    Roseanne’s Research (Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders, 125/132)
    Season 5: Thorton
    Skarmory FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 83/147)
    Felicity’s Drawing (Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters, 98/106)
    Season 6: Dahlia
    Dusknoir FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 26/147)
    Bebe’s Search (Diamond & Pearl—Stormfront, 85/100)
    Season 7: Darach
    Empoleon FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 27/147)
    Underground Expedition (Platinum—Rising Rivals, 97/117)
    Season 8: Argenta
    Butterfree FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 17/147)
    Warp Point (Diamond & Pearl—Majestic Dawn, 88/100)
  3. bulbasnore

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    Moved to leagues and stickied. I could wish they had put Claydol in Season 2 for the sake of new players going to City Championships, but getting access to these cards is still good!
  4. GregWebster

    GregWebster New Member

    Do we know what the DS skins for each other Season will look like? I'd like to see the Palmer skins, but we haven't received them.
  5. lophocvuinhon

    lophocvuinhon New Member

    I'm sorry should not help you rùi the list that my friend had asked admin

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