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    xXx Cresselia Lv X (ENG or JPN is fine)
    x1 Gardevoir Lv X JPN
    x3 Gardevoir SW JPN
    x2 Gallade JPN HOLO VERSION
    xXx Rare Candy REVERSE or JPN
    x1 Magmortar Lv X JPN
    x3 Claydol GE REVERSE or JPN

    x1 Pikachu Star ENG
    x1 Mewtwo Star ENG
    x1 Regice Star ENG
    x1 Latias Star ENG


    x2 Infernape Lv X Promo
    x1 Infernape Lv X DP
    x2 Torterra Lv X DP
    x1 Empoleon Lv X DP
    x1 Lucario Lv X JPN
    x2 Electivire Lv X (one JPN)
    x1 Mint Lugia EX UF ENG
    x1 Delcatty Ex
    x1 Gardevoir Ex
    x1 Sceptile Ex
    x1 Crawdaunt Ex JPN
    x2 Latios Ex DF
    x1 Latias Ex DF
    x1 Altaria Ex DF
    x1 Claydol EX PK
    x1 Mew ex HP
    x1 Exploud Ex CG
    x1 Skarmory Ex
    x1 Steelix Ex
    x1 Kyogre Ex
    x1Mightyena EX

    x2 Charmeleon State Championships
    x1 Magneton PK
    x1 Nidoqueen DF
    x1 Raichu HP
    x1 Snorolax DF
    x6 Delcatty PK 4 HOLO
    x4 Rampardos
    x4 Banette SW
    x3 Ambipom
    x3 Dialga 1HOLO,1Reverse and 1 JPN HOLO
    x1 Palkia DP
    x1 Dusknoir DP
    x4 Infernape
    x3 Ampharos
    x2 Machamp REVERSE DP
    x1 Machamp PK National Championship
    x3 Meganium MT
    x4 Lucario, 3POP and 1 DP reverse
    x1 Rhyperior
    x1 Lumineon
    x4 Empoleon, 2 Reverse
    x9 Feraligart, 2JPN and 3Reverse
    x1 Shiftry DP
    x1 Nidoking
    x1 Blastoise SW
    x2 Swampert GE
    x1 Lugia SW
    x2 Raichu MT
    x1 Suicune SW
    x1 Tangroth
    x2 Alakazam
    x1 Ludicolo SW

    Complete SW set.

    And way more rares but not worth enough to mention, just ask.

    Trainers and Energies:

    Just ask.
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