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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by akooberz, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. akooberz

    akooberz New Member

    I've posted this in a lot of other forums--------but no one seems to want to talk about it but me. Please answer, or I'm gonna feel lonely.

    I just got the Two Towers DVD. Well, the movie was great, as usual. But the bonus disk was surprisingly dissapointing. It had the usual documentaries behind the movie, the trailers, TV spots, and preview for Return of the King. But it lacked what the first bonus disk had. It had only 2 of the original 3 documentaries. It had a music video like the previous bonus disk, but it was much worse than the first. This new video had a singer (very untalented in my opinion) sing Gollum's theme to clips from the movie. It was horrible.
    But if you look past all of those, you finaly find the rotten core of the DVD. Sean Astin (Sam), decided to make his own short movie with one of the extra cameras on set, and used about half the crew. What was the result? It was a combination of Toy Story meets old silent films that no one likes. And the worst part is, this film along with the making of it, takes up about an hour and a half of the 6 hours of extra material.

    What did everyone else think?

    And yes----------the extended version will be better, but I couldnt wait for 3 months. High school would have made me too depressed to enjoy it then.
  2. Sensei

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    Well,with all the things they put in the first set,how much do you think is left?Not to mention that they need some material to put in the extended version.

    I just rented it and watched the movie and a few of the bonus features(the extended version and the Return of the King previews).I for one can`t wait for the extended version.What I do is just rent the movie when it comes out and then buy the extended version in November.

    Less features?Yes,it`s nice to have more,but I can live with it until the 4 disc extended version comes out.

  3. Red5bv06

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    I think the Sean Astin short is great!
    In fact, I enjoy the theatrical edition just as much as the EE, because I like the features, Trailers, commercials, music video (i like the lyrics to the song), and of course ROTK PREVIEW!!!!!

    I can't wait for ROTK and that midnight showing!
    "It's better than 1 and 2 combined." --Elijah Wood

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