Loser's first CC report. 1/5 and 1/6 - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Loser626, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Loser626

    Loser626 New Member

    Hey all,

    So being a new year, I thought it'd be nice to try something new... and guess what I picked. Anyways, I was able to attend two awesome tournaments this weekend.

    First tourney for the new year:
    January 5th - Tewksbury, Ma.

    Abridged decklist:

    Pokemon (18)
    4x Ralts (PK)
    2x Kirlia (SW)
    2x Gardevoir (SW)
    1x Gardevoir (PK)
    1x Gardevoir Lvl X (SW)
    1x Gallade (SW)
    2x Chansey (MT)
    2x Blissey (MT)
    3x Absol (SW)

    Trainers (27)
    Energy (15)

    Just something I'd like to mention to everyone whether you know me or not... I am not the type to copy full deck lists off of the boards. All of my decks are original to my own standards and will never be taken from another player.

    Section = # of Players = # of Rounds = Top cut
    Juniors = 16 = 4 = 4
    Seniors = 15 = 4 = 4
    Masters = 32 = 5 = 4
    Total 63 players

    Round 1 vs Tiffany Mays (Venusaur)
    Things start out with my Absol against her Bulbasaur. After a couple of Baleful Winds, I manage to pull up a Blissey a start attacking steadily while I power my benched Ralts. 10hp away, I pull a successful SSU on my Blissey and finish everything off with Gallade.


    Round 2 vs Andrew Cox (Magmortar)
    So my first thought was that I was already at a loss... as usual with Andrew. We start out Absol vs Absol but Andrew just couldn't find any energy and just kept getting nailed with Baleful Wind. I finish up with Blissey and Gallade. Terrible match IMO.


    Round 3 vs Ben Krupa (Magmortar)
    Great, now I'm screwed... or at least I thought. We started out with an Absol vs Absol start, but a discarded Mar's with Baleful Wind proved very bad for Ben. Gallade wipes out the rest FTW.


    Round 4 vs Brian Jessing (Gyarados/Blissey)
    I guess it's safe to say that I have zero faith in myself at this point... I had no thought that I even stood a chance. Match starts out with my Absol verse his Jolteon * (ouch). I manage to get a fast Gallade to KO a couple of his Pokemon before he finally knocked mine out. I Bring up my Blissey and begin chewing down his Pokemon from there. Down to the end he KOs my Blissey, but I bring up my Gardy X and put a successful SSU on my benched Absol to Bring Down the remaining Pokemon that I needed.


    Round 5 vs Con Le (Gardevoir/Gallade)
    So far, so good... but still no faith in myself. We started out Ralts vs Clinging. Con pulls a quick Gallade and starts to pound on me. A couple of misplays and a bunch of prizes given up afterwards, I try to pull my infamous ending play (Those of you that know me should know what I'm talking about :biggrin:)... but no go. Oh well, GG.


    So now the top cut looks like this:
    1st: Con Le
    2nd: Loser
    3rd: Brian Jessing
    4th: Andrew Cox

    Semi-Finals vs Brian Jessing

    Round 1
    For some reason, I failed to write down the specifics of all these battles... maybe my mind got too preoccupied. From what I remember... I was able to pull off a fast T2 Gallade and quickly finish the first round.


    Round 2
    Very close match, but in the end... I got my butt kicked.


    Round 3
    Another fast T2 Pokemon ending in a win for me due to time.

    2-1 on to the finals.

    Finals vs Andrew Cox

    Round 1
    According to Andrew, I was just killing him with my Absol and his discarded Mar's. Basically, he had no setup.


    Round 2
    What comes around, goes around. He nailed all my good cards with Baleful Wind and it was all downhill from there.


    Round 3
    Similar to round 2, but I was able to get somewhat a setup... no match for his Magmortar though. Oh well, GG Andrew.


    So I finish in second for the first time in...... years >.< but it was fun.

    The Dairy Barn next door for orchestrating one massive car movement.
    Ben, my partner in crime for discovering that Entei is actually the word 'ten' in piglatin :lol:.

    Andrew, for screwing up my 14 game winning streak of Rock, Paper, Scissors :biggrin:.

    1/6 Milford - Disgraceness at its fullest


    Well THATS JUST GREAT. I sit here for twenty minutes typing the rest of my report and what should happen... I don't know exactly, but it ended with the whole thing blinking and getting erased. Grrrrrrrrrr. Oh well, guess I'll start again... IN NOTEPAD!!!!

    :EDIT: x2

    Awww screw it, I'll do it tomorrow at work. I'm too tired now. Good night all. Stupid Gym with their temperamental boards and crappy website provider can shove it up their.. OH CRAP... the tape's still recording *CLICK*

    The next day... at work :biggrin:

    January 6th - Milford, Ma. TAKE TWO... *CLACK*

    Abridged decklist:

    Pokemon (19)
    4x Ralts (PK)
    2x Kirlia (SW)
    2x Gardevoir (SW)
    1x Gardevoir (PK)
    1x Gardevoir Lvl X (SW)
    2x Gallade (SW)
    2x Chansey (MT)
    2x Blissey (MT)
    3x Absol (SW)

    Trainers (26)
    Energy (15)

    Section = # of Players = # of Rounds = Top cut
    Juniors = 17 = 5 = 4
    Seniors = 23 = 5 = 4
    Masters = 43 = 6 = 4
    Total 83 players

    Few minor changes, new day. Let's see what happens.

    Round 1 vs Alex Eagleston (Mr. Mime, Manectric, Gengar)
    We start off slow with a Mr. Mime vs Ralts start. Best I can do is sleepy. Fortunately, I manage to pull a Gallade and KO everything he brings up.


    Round 2 vs Ben Krupa (Marmortar)
    Great... this guy again :biggrin:. Starts off with Ralts vs Magmar, but unlike yesterday, Ben managed to setup. The match ran steady for a while, then... crash and burn.


    Round 3 vs Alex Freeza (Gardevoir, Gallade, Furret)
    So, what happens when two Gardevoir decks which both run Team Galactic's Wager clash against one another? How about Rock, Paper, Scissors to the max! So we start out with a Ralts vs Ralts. We both evenually manage a Gardevoir on the bench and a Wager in the discard. Yup, that's grounds for disaster. For the next 12 turns, nothing but Rock, Paper, Scissors. After all the shuffling and throwing, we are down to a 4-2 prize match (Alex with 2). I finally pull a Gallade and manage to KO his Pokemon after watching an exciting Blissey vs Sableye match-up. I now have enough to make a comeback. It's now his turn and he plays a TSD... two head... then, TIME! Ack, so much for that comeback. I guess 15 games of Rock, Paper, Scissors takes a while. Oh well, I still won that match by killing him in the final 13 matchs of RPS.


    Round 4 vs Lisa Cox (Empoleon, Mantine, Sableye)
    At this point, I'm just playing for fun. I deal my seven cards and FINALLY... an Absol start.. Chansey on the bench. Lisa wins the toss and flips her active... UGH... another Sableye. So, after getting kicked in the shin for 10 for a few turns, Lisa switchs out her Sableye for Empoleon and smack. During the stall, I did manage to get a Blissey up with a Scramble... take the energy from the discard and hit Empoleon for 60... 70hp left. Lisa comes back with a 70 hit. I draw my next card hoping for an energy and... crap. No energy no draw. I hit again for 60 and Empoleon has 10hp left. She KOs my Blissey and up goes Ralts. Draw my card and... crap. What did the match look like for the rest of the battle? How about crap, crap, crap, crap, copy your Steven's for 5.. CRAP, crap. Lisa stood for 4turns straight with an Empoleon with 10hp left. Needless to say, I never took a prize.


    Round 5 vs Patrick Coutinho (Salamence Ex, Flygon Ex, Furret)
    If there is one thing I learned from the battle, it's that if you play Gardevoir, and your opponent only plays six supporters in their deck, you might as well get a sandwich because it's going to be a looooooong battle. We start off with Sentret vs Chansey. To make a long story short, most of the battle was spent figuring damage on a Flygon Ex with Weakness to Blissey, Psychic Protector, and Drake's Studium in play... WITH a DRE attached to Blissey to make things worse. Pat never got a prize.


    Round 6 vs Stephen Jessing (Honchkrow)
    We start with a Absol vs Ralts start, but a fast Gallade proved not very good for Stephen. Stephen was never able to get anything up.


    Final standing... 26th :biggrin:

    Tournament winner - Alex Freeza

    Oh well, at least my losses didn't outweight my wins. Whatever, I had a lot of fun. See you all again in states!!!

    To Tom - Our TO who was able to make it to the tourament to see us all despite a previous mishap.
    Alex Freeza - for being a good Rock, Paper, Scissors sport :biggrin:

    None here... one awesome tournament to remember.

    Have fun all.
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  2. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    GJ on winning with a nice twist on the normal absolade.
  3. ssj goten

    ssj goten New Member

    Nice job dude keep up the good work :thumb:
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Gj on being 2nd, Mr. Loser.
  5. Miss_Espy

    Miss_Espy New Member

    Good Job Loser!!!

  6. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    Loser, you're a winner in my book! Nice job on 2nd place! Thanks for the fun Eevee deck box, it is so cool!
    We can always count on you to have some kind of a kooky, creative, usually good deck.
  7. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    You needed the signed version of that card to nail it. :D haha, nice job dude. Wish I didn't have to see soo many stage 2 t2 agianst you though...X_x
  8. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    go loser,go loser , ah ah!

    or winner?
  9. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Congrats. Why do people call you Loser when you are clearly a winner. LOL
  10. Loser626

    Loser626 New Member

    NOOOOO... DON'T CALL ME WINNER.... I'M MELTING... MELting... melting....what a world, aarrrggggghhhh.... *fart*
  11. flariados

    flariados New Member

    lol nice job man. (winner)
  12. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    Hey Rob.....you know me from day 1, last year in Rochester NH when we first met.....I'll NEVER call you Loser! :wink:

    Great report!! Glad to see you playing recently! Congratulations on top cut and 2nd place in Tewksbury!
  13. Miss_Espy

    Miss_Espy New Member

    Do you know how long it actually was before I knew his real name?

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