HGSS-on Lost Crisis

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by wolfroke, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    PKMN: 15
    4 Mime Jr.
    2-2 DCL
    3-3 Slowking (1x Prime)
    1 Rotom

    T/T/S: 35
    2x Prof. Elm
    4x Pokeball
    2x Seeker
    4x SSU
    4x PKMN Communication
    1x FSL
    1x Juniper
    2x Lost World
    4x PlusPower
    3x Switch
    3x PONT
    1x Interviewer's
    1x Alph #4
    3x PKMN Collector

    Energy: 10
    4x Special Darkness
    2x Basic Dark
    4x Basic Psychic

    Well its like this:
    start off with Mime Jr. and slowpoke on bench, find slowking to start disruption and Mime Jr. use. then continue untill setting up DCL with 2 Special darkness energy and use the basic energy to loose. 2 Darkness for 120, pplus for a ko on Reshiram/Zekrom if needed
  2. MachineMaster9613

    MachineMaster9613 New Member

    Gengar Prime is more consistent and easier to set up than DCL.

    Pokémon Collectors and Dual Balls over the PokéBalls.

    Double Colorless Energy if you ARE going to play DCL.
  3. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    this is cuz I don't have gengar prime and never will, too pricey.
    why collector/dual ball? I can't get DCL with them.
    DCE is one energy card, I can't waste special darkness energies. Read the attack, its not 2 energies, its 2 energy cards

    ALEXARD New Member

    I agree with the DCE, You need 2 Dark and 2 Colorless to perform the attack, is a 3 energy attachment instead of 4, you can also use it for Slowking.

    Judge helps you to keep hand control from your opponent, include Electrode prime for energy acceleration, since you are gonna win with lost world instead of prizes, include twins to help you look for it.

    Also Blackbelt, to help you take down ANYTHING and LZ the sixth pokemon for the victory.
  5. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    thats what I was thinking, but what could I take out?
  6. Autolycus

    Autolycus New Member

    I've been thinking of this deck and played with it a lil when C.O.L. came out, I was too noob to the TCG then to build it a good one.
    What is DCL?

    ALEXARD New Member

    Pokemon: 16

    4 Mime Jr.
    2-2 DCL
    3-3 Slowking (1x Prime)
    2-2 Electrode Prime

    T/T/S: 28
    3 Judge
    3 Twins
    3 PKMN Collector
    3 Black Belt
    2 PONT

    3 PKMN Communication
    3 Good Rod
    3 Switch
    3 Poke Gear

    2 Lost World

    Energy: 16
    4 Special Darkness
    5 Basic Darkness
    4 Basic Psychic
    3 Double Colorless

    Poke Gear prupose is to find the supporter you need in the right moment , good rod is to recover pokemon or trainers discarded by electrode, or to reuse another electrode.
  8. Lokey

    Lokey New Member

    Looks good so far.
    My suggestions though:

    -1 Slowking Prime +1 Normal? Prime is almost always a slap to your face.
    That or -1-1 Slowking Prime.
    -1 Black Belt
    -1 Switch
    -4 Psychic energy.

    +2 Dark Energy
    +2 Full Heal -> Normally no one ever uses full heal, but it's good to get Mime Jr awake.
    +4 Research Record -> Must whenever you use electrode prime.

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    Oh, and the only problem I see with your deck is getting both pieces of DCL out quickly. Twins is the only way atm. Why not try to fit in Pokemon communications or pokeballs like you suggested?
  9. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    I think I'd like just 2 twins and 2 Black Belts.
    the DCE is kinda iffy for me really
    I always max ot pkmn com.
    I'm really ehh about electrode prime though, its the trying to find it that might be tough
    I actually love the full heal idea actually, it saves me a switch.

    aand DCL is Darkrai Cresselia Legend.

    ALEXARD New Member

    Is not obligatory, for me DCE is a way to speed up your attack chances, but you are running electrode prime to do that as well, 2 blackbelts might be ok... but twins should remain in 3 as minimum.

    Trying to find it ? the physical card or the deck search ? I don`t think of Electrode prime as a most wanted card, you should be able to trade it during leagues.
  11. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    ehh kinda the problem with DCE is that loosing my special darkness.
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