luxchomp (a deck for the ages)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by scizor123, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. scizor123

    scizor123 New Member

    2 Luxray GL
    2 Luxray GL Lv. X
    2 Garchomp C
    2 Garchomp C Lv. X
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Uxie Lv. X
    1 Azelf LA
    2 Crobat G
    1 Bronzong G
    1 Ambipom G
    1 Lucario GL
    1 Toxicroak G


    1 Psychic
    4 DCE
    4 Lightning
    4 Call

    3 Cyrus
    4 Roseanne's
    1 Luxury
    4 Turn
    1 Bebe's
    1 Premier Ball
    4 E-Gain
    3 SP Radar
    1 Aaron's
    1 Warp Point
    1 Palmer's
    1 Pokegear
    3 Spray

    strategy: the strategy is to try to donk with ambipom g or garchomp c otherwise just build everything up
  2. luxray626

    luxray626 New Member

    Roseanne's Research has been rotated out. take the out for 3 Pokemon Collectors and a Cyrus's.
  3. PrimeDelusion

    PrimeDelusion New Member

    Don't most LuxChomp builds have an Entei Raikou LEGEND in there somewhere?
  4. Dootar

    Dootar New Member

    I suggest you tech in a mewtwo counter.
    you can take out a lightning energy, pokegear, or a crobat for it
  5. scizor123

    scizor123 New Member

    ya i know i put in 4 colletor instead of roseanes
  6. ProfessorJacob7

    ProfessorJacob7 New Member

    yeah, -4 roseannes since they arent legal anymore, and +2 collectors +1 cyrus +1 VS seeker. then -1 pokegear +1 more bebes. trainer lock is going to be heavy this next season so 2 bebes will be very useful for getting out important while under trainer lock.
  7. scizor123

    scizor123 New Member

    ok thanks dude so i should put that in?
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